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Champions - Dominate/Team Deathmatch

Discussion in 'Map Guidelines' started by Build Team, Feb 14, 2017.

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    The following guidelines reference 'Data Points'. If you would like to learn more about these, please click here.

    Dominate and TDM are the two most popular champions gamemodes on mineplex and they both have a huge following within the community. This means that you have to pay a lot of attention to detail if you decide to make a map for them. Here are some guidelines to follow:

    Maps are either in both Dominate and TDM or in neither - There can’t be maps built specifically for one of the two gamemodes.

    Gems have to be balanced - This means that the center gem has to be exactly in the center of the map is it is present, and that side gems must be even and equally spaced and accessible from their respective spawns.

    No unnecessary or excessive amount of vines - In certain cases, such as climbing up small ledges, vines are useful and are totally fine. However, they can be horrible for gameplay as it makes pvp very difficult and can block some abilities.

    No more than 3 gems (Min 2) and 4 resupplies (Max 4 Min 2)- Although the amount of resupplies and gems varies on the map’s size and style, there should really never be anymore than 3 gems and 4 resupplies. There also should should never be any less than 2 of each.

    Make sure there are archer spots - Archers needs a place on each side of the map (that is somewhat easily accessible) that they can shoot at least two other capture points.

    The center gem should be accessible to all kits, but not too easily accessible - The gem at the center of the map (if present) shouldn't be assassin dependent like the one on gulley. However, it shouldn't be completely open and just a “walk-on.” This one is tricky and varies case-by-case so just use your best judgement.

    Don't make capture points too closed-in - In most cases, small capture points are bad in pvp situations, especially when there are more than 2 people fighting. When in doubt, open it up.

    Do not use any TNT in maps - TNT can be ignited with Napalm shot, making it possible to blow up the map.

    Do not use slabs as ground- Slabs can mess with certain skills, making it unplayable.

    Make water one block deep- This is less of a guideline, more of a suggestion. GI have stated that they prefer the water to be one block deep, to prevent Arctic Armour trapping. To give the effect of water being deeper, you could put one block deep water on stained blue glass.

    Capture points that are opposite to each other must be balanced - This is very vague, but try your best to make each capture point as equally accessible and as equally spaced as possible to its opposing capture point on the other side. This means rocky peak and mountain camp, forest and aqua station, watchtower and lava tower, etc. An example of two capture points that are not balanced are hilltop and crater on amazon, as it is much easier to defend on a hill looking down than in a crater.

    You should not be able to easily walk into the spawns - Spawns should be a place where the player can safely enter the game and pick their kit, and it is very annoying when you have people in your spawn killing you. It’s almost impossible to avoid having them be accessible through skills, but don’t make it them easily accessible like twin peaks.

    No holes in the trees - Trees are commonly used by Rangers either as a point to shoot arrows from or as a stepping stone to get to another area. We’ve noticed that a lot of trees are filled with holes which you can easily fall through. Please make sure the top of the tree is hole-free and you can safely stand on it.

    Make sure there is enough movement area - In champions you will get tossed about a lot and the space players use to fight is usually pretty large. Be careful with the placement of structures, although they may make the map look better, they can be in the way of the fight. Take for example Jungle Ruins, there are a lot of pointless structures and leaves lying around which are a nuisance for the gameplay. Feel free to build structures, but don’t go overboard with the amount.[

    Map Equivalence - All maps must be even. Neither team should have even a block advantage over the other. The easiest way to do this is to make half of the map, and copy it over.

    No Snow - It would be best not to create any maps for Champions that revolve around a snow theme. These are typically never accepted since they just do not work well with the game type.

    No Buttons on the ground- You can use buttons on the map, but not on the ground (1.8+). This can screw up a few Mage skills.

    Data Points

    Build Selector

    Build selectors are very important for the champions game type. Build selectors are created by either using Dark Blue or Red wool with Iron Pressure Plates on top. There must be 5 selectors as shown below:


    Player Spawns

    Player Spawns are crucial in the creation of any champions map. They are created by either using Dark Blue or Red wool with Gold Pressure Plates on top. Example here:


    Central Locations

    Central locations are used as capture points in Dominate. These are created by building a 5x5 area of glass with White wool underneath. Be sure to include a built beacon in the center of the wool. Then, place a sponge block on the top with a sign stating the name of the capture point. As for the corners, place the wool 4 blocks high. Example here:


    Gem Locations

    Gem locations are what produce gems at points throughout a Dominate game. These Gem producers are created by placing a Light Green wool on top of an Emerald Block topped with an Iron Pressure Plate. Example here:


    Refill Stations

    Refill Stations are used to refill supplies in a Dominate game. To create a refill station, you will need to first place a Yellow wool on top of a Gold Block and then top it with an Iron Pressure Plate. Example here:

    Posted Feb 14, 2017
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