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In Discussion Champions Rules Alterations

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by Shunorim, Jul 7, 2020.

  1. The Champions Community Is Allowed To Be TOXIC:
    To kick-off this forum post I wanted to mention what I believe is the main reason for the Champions community gradually dying out and why the rules should be altered. I have played Mineplex Champions for practically my entire High School Experience; I've seen many people come and go and I've endured enough to be some of the money veterans to remain because we simply enjoy the game. A lot of us have stressed the idea that our treasured game is losing fanbase and I say this is due to the community being allowed toxicity. Why do I say this? Well here are a few things: Cross-Teaming is allowed (Read my Parties and Cross-Teaming/Truces in Champions post), Spawn Killing/Camping is allowed, and there isn't enough moderation for the game. So in essence, these three major points allow the Champions Community to be TOXIC.

    Cross-Teaming (Read my Parties and Cross-Teaming/Truces in Champions post)

    Spawn Killing/Camping:
    So, of all the games that allow this, Champions should not. Many of the spawns are either too small or don't provide the victim with a survivable exit strategy. Especially if the enemy is a veteran party or is trucing with their teammates obviously giving an unfair advantage.
    This also doesn't encourage new players who, not only don't understand the game but, are trying to read and edit abilities they've never heard of to remain in the lobby! It kills growth for people who seriously consider this a fun game but the hassle of learning is too difficult and frustrating for them. I know, this could be avoided if they either went to an MPS or, even better, if Champions had a proper tutorial for the game! To be quite frank, however, I don't see that happening anytime soon but, who knows?!
    Spawn Killing/Camping is often seen alongside people who truce. Say one person on blue team is allowed to roam around the map while all of the red team kills off the four people in spawn. This, in essence, is the blue team player letting all of the red stat-boost, which many people say is the root cause for a lot of the community dying.

    Lack Of Moderation:
    Before I begin writing this portion, I just wanted to say that I really do appreciate all the work and dedication that goes on behind the scenes for the Mineplex Community, I understand that a lot of the staff are given a lot of responsibility and have many tasks to attend to, on top of their real-life problems. However, what I am about to say is my honest opinion about what has happened to the community over the years.

    In my years of playing, I haven't seen many moderators actually play Champions publicly. I know Flaym plays here and there on occasion, he's active in the few Champions Community Channels that we have such as KOTH and CTF1 (Do /sv join KOTH or /sv join CTF1 if you'd like to stay updated on Champions games ;D), and Im_Ken has been active here and there and has even joined the CTF/Champions discord that we have. SamitoD was also a largely renowned Moderator and even considered a Legend in the Champions community, with his loss of activity it only made the hole of absence even greater. Other than those two I cannot think of any other moderators who notice the Champions community, sorry if I left out any names, they are just the ones that I know personally.
    I suggest that Mineplex have mods focused on specific games, although I know that they would need an immense staff team to accomplish this, it could be a correct step in reviving a lot of the community. This wouldn't just help Champions but it would help all of the games I imagine. Players knowing that they have a moderator assigned specifically for them and their favorite game would develop a sense of trust and appreciation on a larger scale. Even I MYSELF would love to help moderate if this were the case. If the community heard about the opening of Game-Exclusive Moderators I think many would sign-up, filling the demand that not only Mineplex Staff Team needs but what the Community wants for their games.

    Please, if you read this far, comment any and all ideas or suggestions you think could be added or altered in any shape or form. I am always open to opinions and corrections where it is called for. To sum this up in the best way possible because of allowing both cross-teaming/truce and allowing spawn killing/camping not only has made stat-boosting, as well as the player base, die down over time but, the lack of moderation just lets people take these unfair advantages to an entirely different level and change needs to happen.
    Posted Jul 7, 2020
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  2. A much simpler way to fix spawn camping would be to not let the enemy team use the kit NPCs in spawn. I like the moderation idea though!
    Posted Jul 7, 2020
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  3. Oh, that's a great suggestion!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 7, 2020

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