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Christmas Chaos Date

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by oFraz, Dec 1, 2020.

  1. If you're wondering why you're not able to play Christmas Chaos, you might not understand why it's not letting you on the game because maybe you didn't realise the date above the game title

    But if you're one of them people who are frustrated of why you can't joining that certain Christmas game and confused in mind.

    All I'm gonna say is that you're probably not the only one. And if other people having the same issue as you, you're not alone https://imgur.com/Zuv0ger

    But however, I'm not criticizing anyone for not seeing the date above the title because that would be disrespectful, foolish of me and it wouldn't be fair to you.

    But what I will say is when you check the title for the game, always look for a date of time above the titles to avoid further frustration

    I can understand that some people will be like "Oh, it's the first day of December, time to instantly do some Christmas Chaos"

    Unfortunately no, you cannot. You can only start to play Christmas Chaos when it's the seventh of December or December 7 (in America's case)

    I'm just saying I'm not American (lol)
    Posted Dec 1, 2020
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  2. Hey,

    I'm not too sure what the reason behind the thread is, but I'm glad that you're spreading awareness that Christmas Chaos is intentionally unable to be played. As Sam (one of our Java developers) said in the Mineplex Discord, "Christmas Chaos II, New Cosmetics in the Frozen Treasure, Treasure Hunt & more will be released throughout the week. Due to time limitations this year, I have not been able to get everything prepared in time.".

    This pretty much sums up anyone's concerns about why some features have not been released yet at the start of December, not everything had enough time to be prepared for the start of December so we should hopefully start to see more Christmas features released this week (including Christmas Chaos on the 7th).

    Thanks for spreading awareness about this, and to anyone wondering why Christmas Chaos isn't available yet.

    Posted Dec 1, 2020

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