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Clans Highlights Video

Discussion in 'YouTube Video Showcase' started by ErikDaJuan, Apr 6, 2020.


What do you think about that clip where the player walked through a bar? Is it a visual glitch?

  1. Yes, simply a glitch!

  2. Nope! I don't think it was!

  3. Not Sure.

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  1. Hey everyone! I recently made a new channel on YouTube and with that channel a new video. It took many hours to put together the clips and edit the effects, but I have come to a finished product that I am proud of! As this is a new channel, it would mean a lot for you to check it out and if you enjoy, leave a like and subscribe! In addition, I would gratefully accept any constructive criticism or suggestions for upcoming content!


    My Channel:

    p.s. Despite my clan name in some of the clips nobody was insided in the making of this video!
    Posted Apr 6, 2020

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