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Clans Neglected For Years

Discussion in 'Clans' started by ProMaster_, Aug 1, 2020.


Petition to reset to Clans season 7

  1. Yes

    60 vote(s)
  2. no

    5 vote(s)
  1. I mean, how did this even happen? We were supposed to have a map reset every three months to prevent super long seasons with no resets, and somehow we didn't even get one of those three months into this map. I could see how if content isn't ready, a full season reset can't take place, but a map reset?
    Posted Aug 2, 2020
  2. Idk man. I think its' time to say goodbye to clans and start playing cake wars. I mean BetterPVP already beat us right? @Flaym @Strutt20 I think its time to call it quits. Its time to say goodbye, because all things must end. Clans just isn't it anymore. Instead of coding clans, I say the developers make a ranked cake wars mode because that'd be way more fun. Another thing you guys should fix in clans is the fact that you can't multiaura in a MPS, but you can multiaura in clans. Really Mineplex? Or like how you can teleport behind somebody with certain clients. Mineplex guys, come on. I know all your devs are part time workers and stuff but why don't you guys just fix stuff like that.

    I don't know anymore. Grandpa was the only Clans Admin in a year and a half to actually do anything. I mean Flaym only IP checks the people who have positives on Undefine. I mean I'm starting to get GWEN figured out dude. I been banned so many damn times I literally know what you can get away with. Like all these skills/items that create bypasses for fly, nuker, EXTENSIVE multiaura, and TELEPORTATION, literally are the reason nobody plays the game. Instead of keeping them in for the playerbase, take them out. Take them out. Flash is only used by blatant hackers to either fly or flashstab with some insane aura/hitboxes or something. Buff leap in the way it's used on BetterPVP. Runed pickaxe nukering? Come on bro, how in the hell does that even bypass GWEN. Multiaura and teleportation. Who knows dude.

    Even if all these updates were to come out, mutliaura and flashstabbing would still be a thing. You don't need to add new content to clans. If it was in a reasonable and acceptable state, nobody would want updates. Nobody was begging for updates in Season 3, because it was pretty good back then. Now, everybody knows about the glitches, the bad things, the exploits.

    I mean at least Sobki has been working on GWEN. Sobki has been doing a good job though, I gotta say. Maybe it's time to kiss clans good night.
    Posted Aug 2, 2020
  3. #ForThePeopleByThePeople
    Posted Aug 2, 2020
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  4. I loved season 6 although illusion glitching was annoying
    Posted Aug 2, 2020
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  5. It is the best lol
    Posted Aug 2, 2020
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  6. If their were 2 words I could use to describe clans in the last 3 maps, I wouldn't use the words "dying game." I'd use the words, Epic Failure. I know why Flaym can't push for Dev time. He probably'd just get fired. I mean here on Mineplex, moderators are just probably just as important to the owners as the players are. Flaym only got a step up because they made Grandpa leave. The only ones really in charge at Mineplex are defek, wanderer, strut, emmalie, dean, and Toki. Say anything they don't like as a staff member and the next week your name is on the list of "Departing Staff Members"

    If I'm not "respected" here on the Forums, then not many other people are? How many of these threads aren't even replied to by Staff Members? Have you ever wondered why all the Staff only post in #Off-Topic? Because they can't post anywhere else! They literally can't do anything the big 6 don't agree with. Here is a logical argument to prove my point.

    The Big 6 do not like clans, because they do not believe it brings them significant cash flow or new players.
    The Big 6 only direct developers to update and work on games they believe to bring them either cash flow or player counts.

    Therefore, Clans will never be significantly updated.

    Everybody knows this, but refuses to believe it. I'd tag every single moderator who appreciated clans in this post and not a SINGLE one of them would respond. And it isn't because they are "Too busy." If I was in their position, I wouldn't respond either. I'd probably enjoy being a staff member on Mineplex too, but I know and understand what happens behind the red curtains. Why do you think so many staff resign for the same reason?

    I don't think 12 year olds like Ashton can understand, but I'm sure the more intelligent members of the community can. I'm sure Jarif understands. I'm sure Maxaye understands. I'm sure that any friends of the moderators Chron, Busjack, and Adrianna understand. The developers aren't in charge. Mineplex is just a huge chess game with 6 queens, hundreds of pawns, and thousands of spectators.
    Posted Aug 2, 2020
  7. clans stinky. season 4 was the best thing that ever happened to mineplex. my profile picture says it all
    Posted Aug 2, 2020
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  8. I get where everyone on here is coming from, but at the end of the day, it's really up to Flaym and our Developers on what happens with Clans. There isn't a Clans Developer anymore so the development on Clans is going to be even more slow than ever at the moment.
    Posted Aug 2, 2020
  9. There was never a Clans Developer(Alpha and beta basically only).. Alex hated to code the game and the latest map resets weren't even done by him.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 2, 2020
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  10. Every single gamemode that isn't called Cake Wars is severely neglected. The only game updates that pop up nowadays are to games that don't need them, and usually the updates are miniscule, negative or both.
    Posted Aug 3, 2020
  11. Why you on this forums if it’s a epic failure dude your literally the biggest squeaker and I’m 16 but ok atleast I can play Minecraft legit get a life
    Posted Aug 3, 2020,
    Last edited Aug 3, 2020
  12. t
    Posted Aug 4, 2020,
    Last edited Aug 5, 2020
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  13. We say soontm because we don't know the date, or because the date is tentative --meaning it isn't final. The season release date only gets released when it's final, to minimize complaints.

    The current aim is for a map reset with small changes to enhance and refresh gameplay to make it feel like a new season without actually being one, this lets us get a fresh start with the little developer time being offered.

    While I do indeed agree with many things listed here, there are some things I particularly noticed that I disagreed with. Flaym IP checks a lot of people, but unlike Grandpa, he doesn't check every person that logs in the server, which is fine to me. He doesn't have as much free time as the previous admin had. Flash is not only used by blatant cheaters, that's a far stretch. Also, flash stabbing isn't always cheating. Other class buffs can be discussed in the Champions forums or in the Game Insights discord. (The fact that nuker has been using the same settings with 0 patches for the past 4+ years worries me too)

    Honestly, I can't say I've been too satisfied with the recent order of updates. An entire category got updated while leaving popular games in my category like SSM or Champions neglected for 2 years. I digress, while this disappoints me, the particular mistreatment of this game on the network is what really confuses me. Clans easily has potential to be the objectively best game on Mineplex, but it's being neglected and literally hated. Like OP said, if you say "I play clans," most of the time people will be like "ew clans" for seemingly no good reason. #StopClansPlayerAbuse

    The best thing that can happen to clans at the moment is a full recode. The full recode would also include a full recode of Champions. This would make it easier to update the two games, (which have to be done together as they are linked) and would be 100% worth it in the future. "Why?" you may ask:
    Assuming a full recode happens while Clans Map 4 launches with value changes designed by the Clans Insights team to keep the game fresh,

    1.) A full recode would mean that spaghetti code is absent. This makes it easier to collaborate on the project meaning other developers besides the originals can feasibly work on the code. (Developers would stop hating the game.)
    2.) Faster updates = Better, more updates
    3.) Better and quicker updates = More players returning or coming (Keep in mind that the S6 SOTW had 600+ players on AT ONCE, and if news comes that Clans will be getting a constant stream of updates, then ->
    4.) More players = More competition = More people buying from the shop to get ahead in the competition($$$ from recode is earned back through the update that follows)
    5.) More $$$ = Possibility of a Clans Developer = Even more updates = Even more $$$ + player satisfaction.

    Also consider that with more players means bigger queues, meaning more people buying Immortal. thats even more $$$

    It seems easy, but it could be more difficult than we think. Whatever we know, what we currently see is admittedly very disappointing and it seems like a loss of what could have been one of the best games in Mineplex. Too many games to update, not enough qualified developers to update all of them. It's a sad story, truly.
    Posted Aug 5, 2020
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  14. hate to be that guy but these posts do nothing it's become a lost cause
    Posted Aug 11, 2020
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  15. I think something that should also be talked about alongside a potential map reset or new season is the toxicity of the clans community too. I have been witness to staff and community members alike being relentlessly harassed for no apparent reason.

    A map reset/a new season is a great start. But we also need to look inwards on how we are treating one another and how it may discourage members from playing Clans and being invested in its gameplay for months at a time.
    Posted Aug 11, 2020
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  16. I'd love to hear how you suggest this is done, as I've had posts locked and deleted for bringing issues up and not "proposing solutions".
    Posted Aug 11, 2020
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  17. I think the petition should be to remove Clans in general
    Posted Aug 11, 2020
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  18. That's an awesome question. I would say stricter rules and punishments are probably something that could help curve it. The solutions department rests with CM on how they want to address the toxicity in the Clans community.
    Posted Aug 11, 2020
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  19. This will just further increase the toxicity, players are already complaining about strict rules and staff members being "snowflakes." The primary issue that leads to toxicity is closet cheating, then comes the lack of updates. You can't directly reduce toxicity, consequentially you have to do so by other means. Cutting down on closet cheating with stricter rules against that wouldn't hurt (however I'm not sure how you could really do that, it's hard enough to catch them as is.), but the lack of updates clearly sticks out and frankly cannot be helped. Our posts will clearly not make them suddenly want to update Clans or do anything I or others have mentioned in this thread, so what can we really do at this point besides wait.
    Posted Aug 12, 2020
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  20. The audacity. Clans has been the single most mismanaged game on this server for at least the past 4 years. The community, or what's left of it, has proposed thousands of solutions and additions to improve gameplay. I couldn't tell you the last time I've seen any of them implemented. The issue is not "toxicity" and to suggest it is is to lie in an attempt to excuse the professional joke that has been put in charge controlling clans. Focus on the real issues.
    Posted Aug 12, 2020

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