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Implemented Clans Stats

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Tqbin, Mar 24, 2019.

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  1. Hello Mineplex.

    I had the idea of making ClansStats. with the command /cstats (name) it shows the player his Kills/Deaths. Playing Time, Clans History, total raid atempts, failed/completed raids on hardcore servers is may show total gained warpoints or total amount of lost warpoints.
    I know that idea was already posted but that was in September 2018 and been a while.

    Posted Mar 24, 2019,
    Last edited Mar 24, 2019
  2. This seems like a good idea and could work well coupled with specific clans achievements.
    BTW this should be moved into the clans sections of the forums.
    Posted Mar 24, 2019
  3. Hey there!

    Sorry for the late reply, but you can actually now see Clans stats just by doing /stats and clicking on the iron door. If you want to know your clans time, you can always do /clanstime in any Clans server. Personally, I really like this idea, as its already here for basically every other game, and Clans is essentially just a really big game that can last for months on-end. It takes a lot of skill to become a great Clan inside the game, so I think that adding it to /stats was the least we could do. Because of that, I'll be marking this as "implemented," but please message me if you have any further questions or concerns! If you have any further ideas, feel free to create a new thread!
    Posted Dec 5, 2019
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