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In Discussion Clash of Kings

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by _Petty, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. Just a game idea that I have been thinking about, still needs a lot of tinkering and thought process but this is what I have for the basics of it. I need some kit ideas to go with this game Idea. Anyway, I have been thinking about a new competitive game with a different touch that has a mix of cake wars and castle siege to it and I am hoping that this can be added when there is time to develop it. I need some constructive criticism to make this better :P
    Basics of the Game

    There are 4 teams total





    Each team has a castle with the basic defense of a wooden gate and 2 guards at the castle gate door with the generic small castle structure based off of the map

    Each castle will be on its own side of the map whether it be separated by a body of water or some sky theme and there is void below - players will have to build across to get to their desired areas.

    There are upgrades to the castle

    Purchase more guards (x guards are the limit)

    Castle Door Upgrades (Wood - Stone - Iron - Obsidian)

    Castle Structure Upgrades

    Walls and Towers

    4 Towers

    60 gold for all 4 towers

    Wall around the castle

    Start out at small size

    10 gold

    Next upgrade (taller wall)

    30 gold

    Next Upgrade (tallest wall)

    45 gold

    The height of the wall will make it harder for players to scale the enemy wall

    King armor upgrades (leather - gold - iron - diamond)

    Starts out wearing leather

    Gold Armor

    Gives the king x amount of health

    10 gold

    Iron Armor

    Gives king x amount of health

    30 gold

    Diamond Armor

    Gives King x amount of health

    45 gold

    There are 4 side beacons (much like cake wars) that will be called mines

    Each of these mines will bring up gold (gold mines)

    With one captured gold will begin to appear on the gen

    There is then the center beacon which is a diamond mine

    The goal is to be the better kingdom and kill the other players kings (like castle siege)

    Once the king is dead the team members will not be able to respawn but can still continue to play in the game as long as they live



    Starts with leather armor

    Upgrade to gold (15 brick)

    Upgrade to iron (20 gold)

    Upgrade to diamond (30 gold)

    Castle Gate

    Starts with Wood

    Upgrade to stone (30 brick)

    Upgrade to iron (20 gold)

    Upgrade to obsidian (30 Gold)


    Start at a default of 2 guards

    Purchase each guard for 10 gold

    The Maximum amount of guards will be 8

    Guards are npcs designed to help defend the castle if someone successfully infiltrates the castle - however once dead they can not respawn or be bought again

    Normal Cake Wars Upgrades

    Haste 1 and 2

    Protection 1 and 2

    Sharpness 1 and 2

    Healing pool 1 and 2 (around shop area/gate of king)

    Resource Generator 1 and 2

    Power 1 and 2


    There will be a total of 5 players per team

    Each player has to protect their king as best they can while branching out to the diamond mine and the gold mines

    Their goal is to be the last team standing by taking out the other teams kings and the teams themselves

    Gate Details

    For the gates, because they will be hard to get into,the player will have to hit the gate a certain amount of times with a tool depending on the tool material

    Wooden Gate

    Wood Tool

    10 hits

    Stone Tool

    7 hits

    Iron Tool

    5 hits

    Diamond Tool

    3 hits

    Stone Gate

    Wood Tool

    12 hits

    Stone Tool

    10 hits

    Iron Tool

    7 hits

    Diamond Tool

    5 hits

    Iron Gate

    Wood Tool

    15 hits

    Stone Tool

    13 hits

    Iron Tool

    10 hits

    Diamond Tool

    8 hits

    Obsidian Gate

    Wood Tool


    Stone Tool

    15 hits

    Iron Tool

    13 hits

    Diamond Tool

    10 hits

    As for gate repairs

    To fix a wooden gate

    15 Gold

    To fix a stone gate

    25 Gold

    To fix a iron gate

    30 Gold

    To fix an obsidian gate

    40 Gold

    The gate can only be fixed once as a iron+ gate as well as you can not downgrade the gate to keep the game going at a faster pace (and to keep similar game play to cake wars (can’t fix a cake))

    This will hopefully allow for strategizing

    Sudden Death

    Kings basically die of old age and leave the teams to fight

    Last team is the victor (obviously)

    Purchasable Items

    This will just be the default items that are purchasable in cake wars unless if someone wants to put a spin on things and add some new stuff

    Castle Layout

    Map Layout
    The map can be changed up to whatever is wanted, for example, a version of the map in the sky where the teams are seperated by void or a hell realm where the teams are separated by rivers of lava
    Posted Apr 7, 2019,
    Last edited Apr 7, 2019
  2. Heyo!

    I really like your idea, and it sounds like a very interesting game. My issue with the game is that it sounds extremely similar to Cake Wars, which we have. Except for the gates, the game is almost exactly the same but replacing cakes with kings. What else could happen in the game? What would make this game feel different, and not feel like a copy of the game to the player?

    -1 for now, but I'm excited to see where you go with this!
    Posted Apr 7, 2019
    _Petty and pzazz like this.
  3. yeah true, it does need a lot more pzazz to it xD im sure there are many things out there that can be added to make it different, which is why this forum is here :3
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 7, 2019
  4. The game Idea overall sounds good, but its (like said above) too close to be a Cake Wars clone with elements from Castle Siege/Assault.

    Maybe with this concept, we can make another game. I know some ppl wanted Mob Arena from Bedrock to Java, but ig the way its there would be boring, so why dont we mix those Ideas together!

    Speaking of a game, where maybe 4-8 players have a castle with a King. Mobs will come around the castle, trying to kill the king. It will be wave based.
    You can upgrade stuff like u said with Towers/Walls/Gates. Resources comes by Mob drops. There will be different kinds of drops that come randomly.
    Towers could be used to auto-shoot the Mobs. Higher Upgrades make more dmg and faster shoots.
    Maybe also some more upgrades/Items, that will fight the mobs too.
    Armor/Sword starts with leather/wood and can be upgraded on the shop.
    Mobs start weak, but get stronger over waves. Also they can be able to destroy/climb walls or even blow them up. The hit points that you said can be used for the tools zombies can hold. Players also get a warning, if the wall broke at a spot. Repairing will be automatic by the shop, but there will be a guard going around and place the blocks slowly back (can be done faster with upgrades)
    Players have a map to see, where mobs are attacking.
    Death: If some1 die, he will respawn back the next wave, but will lose some gear (like downgrade Armor/Weapon and lose resources)
    Game ends, if every player died (Mobs took over the castle) or the king got killed (Mods killed the King)
    You earn gems by survived waves and killed mobs.

    This is some different way to go into this, but it would be something new too.
    Posted Apr 8, 2019
  5. Posted Apr 10, 2019

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