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Clickable links for staff members

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Bubi, Jul 4, 2022.

  1. Hello everybody, I wanted to make this thread asap. While playing CW with Splendida, I noticed that he is not allowed to send clickable mineplex-related links in chat, which doesn't make sense. I am not sure if other staff members can send clickable links.
    Posted Jul 4, 2022
  2. You can send clickable links in /a but not in public chat. Personally I would like to keep it that way as it can minimize any damage should a staff member be comped, for example, and would be spamming the public chat with different links/ips etc.

    Clickable mineplex-related links though in public chat by staff (or even the community) is a good idea imo, and has been brought up before. At least we can do so in /a already no matter the link though, so it's not a pressing issue. This implementation I assume would cover website links, such as mineplex.com/reports for example, and maybe the discord link which is discord.mineplex.com.

    There are a few other Mineplex-related links a staff member may want to send a player such as the mentee distribution document which is a google doc which probably would not be clickable unless we whitelist it specifically, but in the event it ever moves to a different url I'd probably just keep it out and leave it only clickable if said in /a.
    Posted Jul 4, 2022
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  3. As mentioned before, clickable links can only be clickable in /a and also via /m. If clickable links would also available within the public chat, there would be a higher potential risk of succeeding unapproved/unclarified links, which aren't allowed.

    I prefer to use shortened links (e.g. mineplex.com/reports or mineplex.com/application), which is easier in public chat, although clickable links via /a are faster.
    Posted Jul 4, 2022

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