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In Discussion Cog Jumpers

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by IntoRainbows, May 7, 2019.

  1. Cog Jumpers

    Players battle GWEN inside a machine to try and fix her system from a major system glitch (or virus).

    To make it different from the holiday events, you’d break the levels up like Gladiators so two players battle certain sections at once in different quadrants (the same for each) so the 16 players in 8 sections for example have the same task per team and as you get closer and people die it gets harder. It is timed, I'll explain that though don't worry. I just want players to not stall games, so timers are put into place which also allows for faster rounds so more people can enjoy the minigame!

    Teammates are random, it's not teams against other teams - I'll add this. If you are in a party, you'll be in a team with party members. Keep in mind that after the first round of 2 players, it goes into 4. This is random, you won't always be with your party but you can stay with your original partner. It's more of a partner than teammate later in the grand scheme because they can turn on you if you both reach the final. If everyone dies, the last person to die will get a piece of the bonus but not the full win. It does count as winning, because unlike the holiday events you don't need to finish the challenge to win the actual game.

    Whoever wins gets the “key” to fix GWEN’s system. There would be 16 players broke into an 8 section "first-round". This is different from a multiplayer Gladiators combined with Christmas Chaos - the difference comes in at the final battle where players are able to kill one another while doing the round. Players are not able to kill teammates in any round until this final battle. I have explained rounds further below:

    If one player in section 1 dies for example, there is one person who goes on to the next round. If both die, the section is X'd out and is unused. If all players die before the final round, there is no winner.

    My idea for the different rounds, where "x" represents players left:
    -Begins with a total of 16 players-
    (8 sections of 2 players) = This is the easy round. Round 1 would start simple, with a timer set (as mentioned earlier, each round is timed). The 2 players per section work together and grab an item which I'll discuss. It could even be like the Wizard of Oz where each character got a part of the whole. Round one would be a parkour to reach GWEN's "mind orb" (magma cream) which is at the top of this parkour (these items cannot be used, dropped or thrown in any way). It's trapped in a rock (iron block or something) which can be mined out with a pickaxe inside the two ghasts floating around shooting fireballs every now and then. As long as they are coded (?) to not float outside a radius or go too high, this would work pretty well for an entry round. Each ghast has a pickaxe so players have options for both to get a chance or have two options. There is a 2 minute time limit, if you don't make it your team/you die immediately.
    (4 sections of x players) = In round two, you have to get GWEN's "heart orb" (red dye). This is inside a red sheep being guarded by three iron golems. Getting close to the golems (and the sheep which is inside a wooden fence, with a gate of course to get through) will make them attack. You're doing this while the system "glitches". Inside this area, blocks "corrupt" and the ground ripples or bursts up (similar to the rainbow game that was in BBB at one point, it's a wave which can be done as a cone or a sine). Besides this danger, the iron golems will chase you when you get near them and can hit you (which causes great damage). Like I said, this is in sections so up to 4 players can be in this round. There is a 1 1/2 minute time limit.
    (2 sections of x players) = In round three, the last round before the final, which has up to 8 players. You are trying to grab the "soul orb" (an ender pearl) which is stuck inside a crystal (stained glass) in the center of the map. There are ledges to jump on to possibly get the orb from above, but watch out for zombies and skeletons which can hurt you! There is a certain amount at the start. They don't appear, from inside the crystal's "danger area" (a small radius) until the timer begins. To add into the danger, lava pits are present and pressure plates are in certain areas which triggers the player to be launched in the area (not enough to kill, but enough to add variety, give some damage, and pose a risk). There is a 1 minute time limit.
    (Final battle, 1 section of x players) = As many players left can be in this, up to 16, but only when there are two left then the key is able to be grabbed from the person who loses. Grabbing the key does not fix the GWEN system, it goes until you put the key in the slot and disable the virus (I don't know all the terminology, it's been a while). When you do this, fireworks come up and there would be visual changes showing that GWEN is now "fixed" (maybe red for evil and green for good, I feel like that's pretty straightforward here). Any of the previous three "orbs" (items) that were obtained, are put into play. There are 3 slots in a controller (grid/machine of GWEN's core) to put in the mind, heart and soul orbs. I am aware that several may exist from previous players, but by the time there are two left, they'd both have many of each item. To stop this, items stack into one - so if I had for example five mind orbs, three heart orbs and two soul orbs they would combine into one of each. Their usage is only triggered when clicking on these special containers (they can be labelled with the item inside frames or if that's difficult then it doesn't matter which item goes into one of the three, as long as all three are in a slot). These three items enable GWEN to possibly work BUT they only work and you ONLY win when the key is placed into the system above those three orb slots. Dangers in this final battle include crystal beams aiming for you, which causes damage. There are also tnt cannons (set to not grief/cause blocks to go away) that explode in a splash radius. Wither skeletons could shoot poison arrows or something, that'd be pretty fun honestly. Keep in mind you're also fighting the other players! Mobs don't re-spawn though, so you're not completely overwhelmed hopefully! There is no timer, but the dangers are meant to to keep games from lasting too long or players to troll and stall games.

    Feedback notes:
    With ghasts, you can hit their fireballs back. That's the main tactic in general when fighting them. For the other ones, using the special kits help. So the strength potion one (Mechanic) pretty much would kill a mob quicker. The knockback one (Inventor) can knock them into lava or away from you and other players (or toward them if the final round happens). The healing one (Botanist) protects you from danger and lets you outlast. It's like in Dragons where the jumper and pyrotechnician kits are more about evading and therefore bringing attention to other players for the dragons to target.

    Kit ideas:
    I don't know the currency and so-on, but I do know my thoughts on fun concepts. These are used as teams, until the final battle, so there really isn't a major advantage. Think of dragons and how those kits all differentiate but have their perks.
    Option 1 = Mechanic, which has a toolkit (shears) that when clicked give the player the potion of strength status effect (allowing them to be stronger for a short period of time!)
    Option 2 = Inventor, which has a light stone (gold nugget) that gives knock back damage to mobs (but not players until the last round, which can be mentioned creatively somehow).
    Option 3 = Botanist , which has a magic plant (flower, the blue one look extra magical) that will heal the player 2 hearts when clicked. You can't heal other players.

    Map ideas:
    This is up to the build team. In my opinion, the standard "test" map would be steampunk or machine based. Something industrial to fit the theme. Similar to the first map in Wizards (library!) which was an arena. I won't elaborate here, creativity on this is left to builders but if anyone from the BT sees this and has a question then go for it!

    Let me know what you think!
    I'm not adding achievements quite yet, but will take suggestions for now!
    Posted May 7, 2019,
    Last edited May 8, 2019
  2. I’m not bothering to be too formal on this and I’ll get straight to my points.


    How do you die? Is it if you fall off parkour or don’t get there in time? How can you kill other players? Who are your teammates and who isn’t (is there special game mode for teams?) What happens if everyone dies, is the winner whoever made it the farthest?

    You mentioned things to pick up at the beginning; what was that and what are the uses? How do you fight off the different creatures, using those items? If you get to the end first, would the other player be eliminated? Or would my time suggestion take place and they would be fine?

    This seems like parkour then PvP; I find it interesting, really, a nice twist that I would find pretty fun.

    When you mention sections I'm guessing different map parts you move onto when you get the orb(whatever is at the end) and can continue, or that's what I read into it. Could I get more information on this

    I'm not sure what section this would go in; would it be fast paced arcade game or a drawn out skill game? Sounds like right now you can go both ways.

    The hiding of the wool/key needs a bit more explaining. Is it just a platform with creatures around it you have to beat and then collect the item

    Wrapping this all up, after people get good at this, what is an efficient way to keep people playing even after beating? They need new competitions and goals to reach

    If it was Parkour and then pvp, I doubt people would game stall. The time seems really small for Parkour, even if it's small. I suggest a longer time period. Maybe the players would be teleported to the new section once they finished and its a time race instead? Would make it more competitive.

    If this gets thought through I’d love to suggest achievements

    Not much more, i’ll Respond when my questions are assessed

    1- Not sure what Strength potion does lol. Would this be the starter kit?
    2- I like this one! Helps when trying to get the final thing
    3- this one is good too. I’d suggest 1 minute or 45 second cool down so that players aren’t pvping and just regenerating all the time

    I suck at maps but the design would have to correlate with the gameplay and not have any bugs. Parkour if done would need to be tested and the length of it concerning the time would have to be taken in mind

    Oh man. I wrote a lot. If this isn’t implemented I still congratulate you for your idea and hard work
    Posted May 7, 2019
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  3. --- Post updated ---
    Thread has been updated to include notes from feedback as well as edits to certain values, such as the timing of rounds and [removing] the amounts for kits because I'm still thinking on those. Enjoy!
    --- Post updated ---
    I'd love some feedback please! I put a lot of thought into this :)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 17, 2019

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