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Processed create a warning when using inapp words/phrases (in pm's)

Discussion in 'Website Feedback' started by anna., Dec 23, 2020.

  1. hihi guys
    i meant to make this a few weeks ago but kinda forgot.

    anyways, just a small suggestion but i think there should be some kind of warning when u send a pm w a normally filtered word in it. ik it isn't filtered in pm's so if u have a question for a mod about a punishment or inapp name or smth they can say what it was without being limited.
    idk the exact wording but i remember getting a warning message on like a help thread a few times for the post being rather short, so maybe they could do something like that but instead do "the message you are about to send contains a filtered word! are you sure you want to continue?" or whatever is decided by the higher ups.

    also for the people who are already aware of the rule and don't want a warning there could potentially be an option in user preferences to turn that off? i'm not entirely sure on that part.

    main reason i'm suggesting this is bc i recently got punished for that and i had no clue it wasn't allowed.
    i mean, i should've just assumed the rules were the same everywhere but i feel like i'm not the only one who was a bit confused. it does say in the rules not to use any inapp language, but i technically didn't use the word in an inapp way so i figured i'd be safe. totally understand why i got punished now tho, and i would like to see others be able to avoid making the same mistake in the future.

    any feedback is appreciated as i don't believe this has ever been mentioned (:
    Posted Dec 23, 2020
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  2. "The rules are confusing"
    The rules:




    How do you do in school, when you struggle on this Minecraft server? Because these rules seem pretty clear to me. There's even a list of filtered words! That's crazy. I suggest you read them instead of being sarcastic on a post with a genuine, good suggestion.
    Mineplex is advertised as a family-friendly server, so don't get so upset over its rules. If you don't like it, you can leave, you know! You're giving them more money by sitting and complaining. And usually, if the filter is disabled (I assume you mean in-game), staff think you have at least a hint of common sense to know that bypassing the filter which is simply down is still an offense. Nothing is stopping you from using an x-ray texture pack on the server either - so should it not be an offense?
    Posted Dec 24, 2020
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  3. How did you get punished if the word should be filtered?
    Posted Dec 24, 2020
  4. I don't think they can make filters on the website. After all, whenever somebody says something inappropriate, Moderators have to manually snip it out
    Posted Dec 24, 2020
  5. There is a profanity filter. If it's been removed recently, it's still mentioned in the rules.
    Posted Dec 24, 2020
  6. Ah I see. There doesn't seem to be one in private messages, though?
    Posted Dec 24, 2020
  7. this is true, there is no filter in private messages

    hello ned!
    did i not say in the original post that i understood why i was punished? maybe you should read the entire thread before replying!!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 24, 2020,
    Last edited Dec 24, 2020
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  8. Alright, I somehow misunderstood the entire post as a suggestion to receive a PM if a post you're about to publish has a filtered word. My bad. In that case, I don't think anything should be changed, as using profanity where the filter is disabled can only be justified in a few situations, such as providing the translation for a filter bypass in another language in a report. On the other hand, when I was on Reports Patrol, I once reported a more or less troll report for profanity, but it was denied with the reasoning that there is no filter to be bypassed so it was allowed. With that said, the rule could use some clarification.
    Posted Dec 24, 2020
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  9. tfw you get punished for PMs without a filter lmao
    Posted Dec 24, 2020
  10. Hey,

    Firstly, I don't see the point of trolling on the forums. If you want to make random comments about something or troll, you should post it on your own wall, not on other people's threads with real ideas.

    As for the idea itself, I highly suggest adding a warning system or just replacing a "filtered word" with -snip-. It would definitely be confusing if you get punished for something that you didn't know about, and yes, it's on the rules page but I would hope that a filtered word bypass punishment would need the user to bypass a filter, which the website (in PMs) doesn't have. If the rule is to not bypass the filter, it's technically not being broken as there is no filter.

    I hope that Marzie/Wanderer take this idea into consideration, as it's not very fair to the people who are punished for "filter bypass" in PMs to be given warning points for something that isn't very clear to the public. A warning message or a snip would be a great addition to have.

    Posted Dec 24, 2020
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  11. I was unaware that only kindergarteners were children and fell under family-friendly. All family-friendly means is, well, suitable for any ages. No cursing/inappropriate content suits every age content and understanding-wise. If these rules weren't so strict, then maybe they would be favourable towards edgy teens like you, but it wouldn't be appropriate for younger kids. It's not a secret the common age around the server changed along the years. I'd say on the Java server it is approximately 14+. But regardless, it will stay as is.

    The Bedrock server also has much more kids than the Java server, and rules are kept pretty much the same between both servers for less confusion as it seems to be an issue for some people like you.
    Once again since you ignored what I said - staff hope players have a hint of common sense and understand that even if there is no filter or it's down or whatever else, they still won't break the rules. Would you allow hacked clients since anybody can use them regardless? No, because they ruin players' games. And maybe it's not a problem for you, but not everybody wants to be surrounded with swearing, abusive language, inappropriate content/discussions and whatnot. The world is full of it already; just allow a calm space in between all of it.

    I do agree that there should be a warning though for things like this. Especially for new players, it would be discouraging to get randomly punished for something you didn't know was the case. A filter is really vivid in-game given the censoring but that doesn't exist in PMs so not everybody knows.
    Posted Dec 24, 2020
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  12. FMAs/FMs can only punish for conversation messages if that message has been reported or the offender directly started or added them to it, so your post must have been reported or you started a conversation with someone who's part of the forum team. Generally speaking, the staff team should show leniency for people who bypass the filter but are confused if the said word is actually a bypass or not. If you didn't use the word with any malicious intent then I'd message a forum manager and talk to them about it.

    For the actual suggestion, I don't really mind seeing it get added or not. Again, you should not be warned if you're just asking if the word that's filtered is considered as inappropriate, and if you're actually using it to attack or insult others then other people can report you and have the forums team deal with you.
    Posted Dec 24, 2020
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  13. I think this is a great idea, especially since we strive to provide a similar experience in-game, so I don't see why this isn't implemented on forums to be able to avoid players being warned or punished for a mistake or genuine question.

    I like the idea proposed by @andr3w of having it -snip- out, or similar be starred out like it is in the game. Besides that, not much to add here, hope to see it implemented. Thanks for your suggestion!
    Posted Dec 24, 2020
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  14. Can't recall if there ever was a filter in PMs. If there was, it hasn't been there for a while and is therefore broken. That would then make this a bug. We don't have a filter in PMs likely because of our rules where you can send some things via PMs that would not be allowed anywhere else on our forums.

    Funny enough, I'm pretty sure I was the one that handled the report you're talking about. What I said above ties into this. For things such as any application or things found in "application hub" - we never warn or snip off of these. This is because it's only seen by staff members and not publicly on the forums + it would be very bothersome to have to whitelist links and try to fix/uldate that constantly. If it was something more severe on our rules for the forums, we'll then take action if applicable.

    Instead of a warning message, I talked with wand a bit and we're just going to look into adding a filter to filter out bad words that would normally be filtered here on the forums along with potentially having it filter out unapproved links [blacklisted links] too. It wouldnt filter things that are allowed in PMs via our rules like server IPs that are mutually agreed upon. If everyone thinks a pop-up warning would be better, we can try to look into that too. If we also find that adding a filter may be too hard the way I described, then we will probably just go ahead and add a pop-up if that's a better route to go. I'll be leaving this thread open for the time being to discuss this if anyone feels the need to, but I will be having this marked as processed.

    Any typos you can thank my phone for. <o
    Posted Jan 10, 2021

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