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In Discussion Creative Mode with build cosmetics (DONT MOVE THIS)

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by cupojoedgfndiditlydobgdf, Apr 19, 2019.


Should this be added

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  1. Dont move this cause general idea is the most popular


    I want creative mode, but you can make claims, teleporting claims, and player tp.

    These can be cosmetics

    Empire State Building
    Taj Mahal
    Eiffel Tower


    Skin Imprinter (makes a statue of your skin, hopefully this is possible).
    Arctic Palace
    Nether Dungeon

    Shoutout for best improvements:

    @Heliology for suggesting to have the choice to make your own private world to yourself, or it will be open to public, but if it’s open to public, you can still make claims, but it CANNOT be inappropriate.
    Posted Apr 19, 2019,
    Last edited by a Moderator Apr 20, 2019
  2. Hello. This is a neat idea, however I do not think adding creative plots to Mineplex would improve the server at all or bring in any new players. Sure, it would be fun and cool to see but I do not feel the developers are willing to take the risk of investing so much time into something that may not be that popular. However, creative housing does exist on Bedrock which can be used as a creativity outlet for players. -1
    Posted Apr 19, 2019
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  3. I'm not completely opposed to a creative mode. However, I was a staff member on another server before I came to Mineplex that had one and it was extremely hard to maintain. There are lots of issues with players building inappropriate things. If you clear their claims, then they get upset and cause disruptions in the community. Players also build lag machines that cause the servers to lag or even break in some cases. I also know a lot of servers with creative modes usually experience corrupted chunks and players lose the progress that they made in those areas. I just don't know if Mineplex has the resources to be able to properly upkeep a creative server like this. If it is like my previous experience, I would rather not see this come to our server.
    Posted Apr 19, 2019
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  4. Make the worlds private and allow people to build in their own separate claims that no one else can see without invite. If you want to fix the problem of lag machines just disallow redstone or other items/blocks that people use to make them, not too hard lol
    Posted Apr 19, 2019
  5. For inappropriate builds, they should get a warning, otherwise they're banned.


    1 offense : 1 day ban from creative mode
    2 offenses : 1 week ban
    3 offenses: 1 month ban
    4 offenses: 6 month ban
    5 offenses: 1 year ban
    6 offenses: Permanent ban

    For Alts: You can replicate this to them.


    --- Post updated ---
    shouldn't creative mode be easy to make? You just make a creative world, and share it, then bam!
    --- Post updated ---
    THANKS FOR SAYING THIS, I WILL GIVE A SHOUTOUT IN MY ORIGINAL POST!!! Also, can you rate this creative mode idea?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 19, 2019
  6. Well it doesn’t have to bring new players or improve the server. You could pretty much say the same thing to games like factions
    Posted Apr 19, 2019
  7. Mineplex is a primarily minigames server and I don't see this being added, but it would be easy to get some plug-ins and make a creative plot server. +0.5
    Posted Apr 19, 2019
    If it was primarily mini games, then why does survival mode exist? Or what about Factions? Or Creative Housing?

    But at least someone didn't give -1
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 19, 2019
  9. Survival mode is a bedrock only thing...I think developers are taking a risk with it because there are more online players on bedrock.
    Posted Apr 19, 2019
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  10. how is it risky?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 19, 2019
  11. trying something new and completely different than what you are known for is risky
    Posted Apr 19, 2019
  12. Or maybe they can split into classes, like the Nano Games, the Mini Games, and I dunno what you call this class with Survival Mode, Creative Mode, Creative Housing, and Factions.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 19, 2019
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  13. I feel like this is to similar to survival and housing?
    Posted Apr 19, 2019
  14. yes
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 19, 2019
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  15. Yo,

    Firstly, a new game idea goes into its dedicated section and just because General Idea Discussion has more people looking through it, doesn't mean your posts in the other parts of the ideas hub won't get looked at, so please put your ideas in their corresponding section (which I know you know about since you mention it in your post).

    Secondly, not a terrible idea, although it seems a lot like Creative Housing, just a larger plot. Issues of lag have been solved with what they do in Creative Housing already, so that shouldn't be an issue. Although I personally like what they did with Creative Housing better, adding in furniture and etc.
    Posted Apr 20, 2019
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  16. Hey there!

    The addition of Creative Housing was brought up in the past, and I believe this idea has major downsides. First, it would be hard to moderate since there will be rule-breakers. Yes, you can report them, but the damage would already have been inflicted and it will only inflate the number of reports that staff members must process.

    Second, as mentioned above, there could be lag machines. However, if you turn off the option for redstone, some players may be deterred by that as they won't be able to build cool machines and contraptions.

    Finally, this is already featured in other servers, so Mineplex might be accused of copying others.

    I mean, I'd like to see Creative Housing on the server, but there are major issues to this idea that must be resolved first.
    Posted Apr 20, 2019

  17. 1. Look what I said after Helioligy on the bottom. It showed an offense list + Banned redstone.

    2. If someone accused us of copying, I added cosmetics, and creative mode is one of the most popular games in servers.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 20, 2019
  18. Yeah no that's not right, just disallow the things that cause the server to lag, such as redstone so that people can't actually use the stuff that makes it lag, it's really simple when you think about it.

    For inappropriate builds, not sure if anyone would care as long as they are private, just make the worlds private and make sure that players can't go to other peoples worlds/claims unless the person that owns the claim is online and they are invited, that way you don't have to put a lot of restrictions on it and staff won't have to moderate it 24/7
    Posted Apr 20, 2019
  19. Disabled Redstone but there will be an option for if you want to make a private world, otherwise, it’s open to public, but there will be claims.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 20, 2019
  20. So with our little amount of staff and thousands of players how is this going to be moderated for inappropriate builds if the claims are publicly able to be viewed by everyone :shrug:
    Posted Apr 20, 2019

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