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Data Points

Discussion in 'Map Guidelines' started by Build Team, Feb 10, 2017.

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    Map Data Points

    On the Mineplex Build server, we use special combinations of wool and pressure plates called, “Data Points”. There are four types of Data Points:


    These data points are used to keep players inside of the map. If the player goes outside of these borders, they will instantly die. You need to have at least two on each map. This block is represented by a white wool block, with a gold pressure plate on top. Like so:​


    However; if you use more than 2 Data Points, it will ignore whatever border you make.

    In order to use the Border Data Point, you have to treat it like a WorldEdit selection.

    If the two Data Points are on two different “Y” levels, the border will become a cube. This will restrict players to only playing inside of cubes. Make sure to keep spectators in mind when using this.


    If the two Data Points are on the same “Y” levels, this will create a border from levels 0 to 256. Like so:​



    The next Data Point is called, “Spawns”. This Data Point is created by taking any coloured wool, and putting any gold pressure plates on it. As shown below:


    Specific spawn points are described in the specific game type guidelines. However; if the game does not have any teams, you will always use green wool.​

    Game Points:

    The next Data Point is called, “Game Points” (however, often just referred to as "data points" on guidelines). These points are always defined by coloured wool, with an iron pressure plate on top. Each coloured wool is represented by a different game type. Like this:


    Sponge Points:

    This type of Data Point is very specific to the game mode, so I will not go over it into detail here. What you should know is that these are just sponges with signs on it. For the most part, these types of Data Points represent specific things, such as; the name of points in Champions, which can be seen below:​


    However there are also generic Sponge Points that you can use on every gamemode:

    When you fall into water, you will take damage.


    Will turn the map to whatever time you set.
    (The number should be on the second line of the sign).​

    Specific Blocks

    Specific blocks such as chests and ores can also be used as data points. In game modes such as SG and Wizards, your supplies will spawn in regular chests. In game modes such as bridges, ores may be used as data points as well. These will be specified on the individual guidelines.​
    Posted Feb 10, 2017,
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