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Not Planned Demolition of "E-girl Mountain"

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Hatti, Mar 15, 2021.


Do you think the "E-girl Mountain" should be demolished?

  1. Yes.

  2. Yes!

  3. Absolutely!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hello!

    I have come to the official Mineplex forums to DEMAND the demolition of the hill located at around -34,76,41 (X,Y,Z) known as the "E-girl Hill"! From now on, I will be referring to it as the E-girl Mountain due to it being known for E-girls, E-boys and E-dating.

    Ever since I started playing on Mineplex back in the day (2014?), I felt as if there was a strange negative aura in every lobby. For the longest time, I just could not figure out where the negative aura was radiating from. In recent times, I have figured out that the source of this negative aura is the infamous E-girl Hill. Every time I go near the E-girl Hill, I feel as if a part of me just ceased to exist. I have spoken to many other players on the server and they agree with me, the E-girl Hill HAS to go! I have written this demand in order to protect the sanity and overall wellbeing of my fellow Mineplexers.

    My theory (DISCLAIMER: My own opinion):
    I believe that the negative aura comes from the fact that in almost every lobby you go to (not as much these days), you will find many "E-girls" and/or "E-boys" sitting AFK(Away From Keyboard) either on top of the hill, or around the general area. Around 99% of these people have ranks on the server and as an unranked person, I find it very intimidating. I do not believe that their ranks cause the negative aura though, as some of my high-ranked friends have also felt the negative aura, despite having ranks themselves. I believe that the negative aura comes from the fact that they are AFK(Away From Keyboard) and it creates this feeling that the players are not actually human, but just some ornaments on a hill. To me, the hill represents the real world, the AFK(Away From Keyboard) "ornaments" represent individuals who are considered inhuman due to the promotion of the ideologies of the patriarchy. I have complete faith that the server does not wish to push these oppressive views forward, and so I am certain that you can see too how this would benefit the impressionable player base and also the overall community.

    (But that's just my opinion, I cannot speak for other people on this, because I do not know what their reasoning for feeling the negative aura may be.)

    Pros of demolishing the hill:
    - No more negative aura
    - Players would be more social
    - Players would be overall happier
    - No more promotion of unregulated risky E-dating
    - It would decrease the density of players, thus decreasing lag for some players

    Cons of demolishing the mountain:

    Demolish the entire E-girl Hill to free the server lobbies of this negative aura that plagues them to protect the sanity and overall wellbeing of the players. I think you can build something non-mountainy and make it a less AFK(Away From Keyboard) tempting area.

    Thank you for reading! :)

    EDIT: (Obviously I mean the Java server.)
    EDIT 2: (Changed "Mountain" to "Hill" in order to cause less confusion.)
    Posted Mar 15, 2021,
    Last edited Mar 15, 2021
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  2. e-girl mountain is the capitol of mineplex. if we remove e-girl mountain, mineplex will be removed as a whole.

    -1 :crazysigils:
    Posted Mar 15, 2021
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  3. agree

    ey e ah ey e ah oh e ah oh e ah e oo ey e ah oh ey e ah ey e ah ohe ah ah e oo
    Posted Mar 15, 2021,
    Last edited Mar 16, 2021
  4. I am jesus and I support this message
    Posted Mar 15, 2021
    Posted Mar 15, 2021
  6. idk man sounds like a you problem
    Posted Mar 15, 2021
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  7. I agree, the hill creates a negative aura and should be removed because it is bad. Removing it will save the server from this negativity and will (probably) encourage new players since the hill really repels those new players away from the server and gives it a bad look. +1
    Posted Mar 15, 2021
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  8. not trying to get warned xo +1 from me
    Posted Mar 15, 2021,
    Last edited Mar 15, 2021
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  9. Hey i love egirls and you Guys are being rude and dont be rude to women. Do not remove this mountain it is cool like a fountain because it rhymes so Thanks
    Posted Mar 15, 2021
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  10. hypothetically, for the sake of the argument, would like to know what conclusive evidence you have to support these claims? How exactly does it “create a negative aura?”
    Posted Mar 15, 2021
  11. I am against this movement, purely because I know this hill as "staff hill". Instead of demolishing it, I propose we just rename it back to its former name, "staff hill".
    Posted Mar 15, 2021
  12. Unfortunately, even if the name was to be changed back, it would not fix the bigger issues. I do remember the good old days when it used to be called "staff hill", but those days are gone.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 15, 2021
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  13. 100% support, either change the name or make a new mountain at a different spot.

    Posted Mar 15, 2021
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  14. there goes walter. it was well worth it to the 6? people who saw his post before it got deleted :willy:

    (filler to make this post useful to the thread:)
    I believe e-girl mountain is better referred to as e-girl hill, just some constructive criticism.
    Posted Mar 15, 2021
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  15. I shall change it, I have realized that more people know it as the "E-girl Hill" and not "Mountain".
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 15, 2021
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  16. -snip-

    to make my post useful and cOnTrIbUtIng vv

    I think the map should just be a flat green land you know like how Lobby-25 used to be

    also free walt

    hello moderator I did not appreciate your edit. wondering if that's dulciloquy as well
    Posted Mar 15, 2021,
    Last edited Mar 15, 2021
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  17. if we remove egirl mountain mineplex as we know it will disappear
    Posted Mar 15, 2021
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  18. I've got nothing to say... but why did I post this if I've got nothing to say? Surely what I've just typed is something said, right? But I've absolutely have nothing to say. Like I don't even understand why I'm taking it this far. Seriously. I've actually got nothing to say, promise. But... that's something said already... and I've got nothing to say. I've proved my point that I've nothing to say, I don't know why what I've just said is taking this long. But seriously, I've got nothing to say.

    Also, I believe that e-girl hill is very important to not only players but staff too! Many staff members are here for the e-dating experience, and removing it would cause many staff members to resign.

    note for forum staff: this is a serious opinion, not a joke
    Posted Mar 15, 2021,
    Last edited by a Moderator Mar 15, 2021
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  19. Nope
    Posted Mar 15, 2021
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