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In Discussion Different servers for Pc

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by thedeadarrow, Feb 25, 2021.

  1. Since it’s possible to register what form of bedrock people are playing we should have a system where pc are set up with other pc players in pvp based games as cake wars and skywars. This allow for the game to be fun since it allow the player to fight on the skill level and limit movement patterns.
    Posted Feb 25, 2021
  2. theres a hack that lets you spoof your device for some reason idk why but it would be used in this situation
    Posted Feb 25, 2021
  3. No what I mean by this Is when a pc player decides to play a pvp based games they are sent a server(game) that is filled with other pc players. So that the games will be more fair.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 25, 2021
  4. Im confused about this. are you talking about java or bedrock. Pc can play both bedrock/java, so a certain server won't really help this
    Posted Feb 25, 2021
  5. @Hypickel im pretty sure he means bedrock because this is in MCO Bedrock Games and he said “it’s possible to register what form of bedrock people are playing”
    Posted Feb 25, 2021
  6. @Hypickel What i’m talking about is pc players who prefer bedrock or play on aren’t sent “different parts” of the server which is filled with other pc players. It would be on the same server but when playing a game they would sent to a different location(server) than mobile/console players.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 25, 2021
  7. He means that console players should be matched with console players, pc players with other pc players, and so on. But the problem is that you can you controller on PC, keyboard mouse on Xbox, and both on PE, and it would be impossible to detect those players. For example, I play on Xbox with keyboard and mouse, so I would be matched with other Xbox players. But not everyone has a keyboard and mouse lying around, so others would have a huge disadvantage with this idea. I’m mixed with this idea.
    Posted Feb 25, 2021
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  8. This is true and Is a possibility I didn’t really considered but overall it would be more of fair games as you said not everyone has a controller or mouse keyboard lying around so the majority of mobile and console players will be against others on the same playground. Truthfully it won’t fix all issues with disadvantages of mobile vs pc but it would make the experience a more pleasure time.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 25, 2021
  9. -Thread Moved to Bedrock Ideas-

    Hey there @thedeadarrow!

    First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to make this thread and suggest this idea! I am personally on the fence about this idea, but I think that it’s a really good idea suggestion. I can definitely understand how much of an advantage Bedrock players who play with a keyboard/mouse could have over console/mobile players without a keyboard/mouse. I’ve been on both ends, so I can definitely understand where you’re coming from and the difference in performance/mobility. As many others have noted in their responses above, I personally agree that it would be hard to accurately determine what device someone is playing on. Even if it were possible, I don’t think it would be beneficial to divide the player base between PC/Console/Mobile players. A good point was made by GetVoided above - Although everyone may not have access to a Keyboard/Mouse, a variety of devices have compatibility to use them. This would defeat the purpose of matching players in PvP based games in my personal opinion. With that being said, it would almost be impossible to accurately match players according to what they’re using. I am unfortunately leaning more towards respectfully disagreeing with this idea, but it was definitely a unique and great idea suggestion! I’m interested in what others have to say.
    Posted Feb 25, 2021
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  10. Thank you for taking the time to look at my suggestion. I knew it was along shot from the beginning and wanted to share my voice because you never something could’ve of been changed but I understand completely that it would be too difficult to properly match players based on platform. Once I thank you for your time and making understand with excellent response.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 25, 2021
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  11. I concur with Amg. Bedrock is not only made up of PC and Console players. We have Mobile players too, and they have a much greater disadvantage. The PVP would be unbalanced, and it is possible to make everything even, however it isn't something we should prioritize developer resources towards.
    Posted Feb 25, 2021
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  12. While I do thank you for this idea, I don't think I really agree with it. Yeah, it's probably frustrating for PE players to go up against Windows 10 players, but I really do not think we should be dividing the community.

    As someone who plays Bedrock on a computer, I have friends who play console. One of the great things about Bedrock is being able to play with people who use different devices, which is something Java doesn't have. Would implementing something like this mean I'm no longer able to play with my friends?

    Plus, there are other factors that go into this. What about PE players that have a keyboard and mouse connected to their device? Same with console players, I know players who use a console but have a keyboard and mouse connected to it, making it function like a computer. Or Mac players that use Android phone emulators which give them the ability to play Bedrock? Would they register as a mobile phone user?
    Posted Feb 26, 2021
  13. I think this would be a good idea for pvp gamemodes, specifically cake wars and skywars as you mentioned. Cake wars and skywars are pvp focused and have large player counts so games would still fill up with the two different queues. While it would be nice to also have this queue system on micro battles or maybe turf wars, those games don't have enough players so the games wouldn't fill fast enough.

    The other bedrock servers that have implemented platform based queue systems have divided it up into 3 different queues: touch screen, console, and keyboard & mouse. I think this would also work well on Mineplex. If the games started taking too long to fill, the touchscreen queue could be merged with the console queue, or the console queue could be merged with the PC queue.

    If there is a party of people on multiple platforms the party could be put in a queue based on who is playing on the best platform in that party. For example if there is a party with someone on PC, that party will be put in the PC queue even if other people in the party are on console or mobile. If the party consists of only mobile and console players then the party will be put in the console queue, and so on. This will enable people on different platforms to continue to play with each other.

    I know there are ways to trick the system into thinking you are on a different platform than you actually are on, and there are ways for mobile players to use a keyboard and mouse or console. This would mean some people would be able to exploit the system but there wouldn't be many of those people and hopefully as time went on the system could be optimized to prevent that. Either way i think the benefits of a platform based queue system outweigh those downsides.

    Overall i give this a +1.
    Posted Feb 26, 2021,
    Last edited Feb 26, 2021
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  14. I don't support this idea. A major pillar of Minecraft Bedrock is the cross-platform compatibility introduced in the Better Together update. As many people have mentioned before me, you can use different types of controls on each platform. Moreover, correcting for different platforms won't correct for the different levels of skill different players have. I, personally, have been frequently beaten by players using Xbox controllers (even on mobile) when playing on Windows 10 Edition.

    Splitting the player population could also be a generally unpleasant experience. By dispersing the number of players on Mineplex across different servers sorted by platform, it would be harder to get games to start.

    Overall I see what you're going for but I'm not sure it's a very good idea.
    Posted Feb 26, 2021
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