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Does Clans need Undead city/Capture point as events?

Discussion in 'Clans' started by GAM, Aug 26, 2019.


Should Capture point/undead city be in clans?

  1. Take away Capture point but keep Undead city.

    7 vote(s)
  2. Take away Capture point and Undead city.

    4 vote(s)
  3. Take away only Undead city but keep Capture point.

    1 vote(s)
  4. Keep both, dont take either away.

    16 vote(s)
  1. Vote down below! Thanks!!
    Posted Aug 26, 2019
  2. I feel like the more events there are to do the more rares and items are put into the economy. Both of these do need to be fixed though, capture point moved to fields etc.
    Posted Aug 26, 2019
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  3. The events themselves need better designs as well as higher drop chances so more people actually go.
    Posted Aug 26, 2019
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  4. I feel like the capture point should function as a side event on a different timer with a fields boss perhaps.
    Posted Aug 26, 2019
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  5. what’s clans? I feel stupid I’m level 41 and I don’t know what it is. ☹️
    Posted Aug 26, 2019
  6. Well you've come to the right forums page, clans is basically mineplexes version of factions with kits from Champions games. Its fun, you should check it out.
    Posted Aug 26, 2019
  7. Ok thanks
    Posted Aug 26, 2019
  8. Keep both. Move KOTH(Cap point) to fields and make it give rares. Undead city is pretty decent, but buff drops.
    Welcome to clans. Be careful the In-Game community is rather toxic at times.
    Posted Aug 26, 2019
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  9. Hey everyone, the overall consensus is that they should be kept but buffed drops. What if for undead city very low chances to drop legendaries,but higher chance for rares/Gold tokens, etc? Also, for capture point set it on a different timer when it spawns. It looks as though Capture point needs better loot. I say that capture point rares,gold tokens, etc but no chance for legendaries. What do you all think? Thanks for the support on this post!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 26, 2019
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  10. The question isn't whether or not they should be removed, it's how they should be changed. They're not close enough to combat for them to be viable, which, I mean, a smaller map would fix, among other potential changes.
    Posted Aug 27, 2019
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  11. Capture point drops runes quite often. I usually get a rune every other time
    Posted Aug 28, 2019
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  12. if it doe give rares then ignore that, but more it to fields.
    Posted Aug 28, 2019
  13. To be honest I haven't really even tried clans out. It came out when I wasn't playing Mineplex for that long. Though judging from the comments above mine I guess a smaller map size would make it much easier for the events to take place.
    Posted Aug 29, 2019
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  14. I agree with a majority of everyone else, I don't believe they need to be removed. What do you think should be changed with these events? Loot changes? Legendary drops possible? Instead of requesting for things to be removed or asking if people want to keep something, things should be suggested alongside reasoning.

    I've taken feedback from this thread and forwarded it to CM, further responses will also been recognized.
    Posted Sep 18, 2019
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  15. They are both pretty underpowered in rewards.
    Capture point should have a higher chance of runes. I believe its at about 25% right now, i'd like to see that at 60 or 70, with a .5% chance for a legendary and 1% for runed pick
    Undead City is very op... if you are there for the emeralds. The chests are literally pointless and just filler. They should have about a 1/300 legendary chance, and a decent rune chance as well. As well as changing the drops from UC, the mechanic needs to be fixed where it only ends when the chests are opened and you don't know which chest will end it. Currently on C-7 there is only one chest that spawns and once you open it the event ends. If you dont, it proceeds for about another hour or more.
    Posted Sep 18, 2019
  16. I think capture point should only be able to drop armor, blocks of gems/ingots, low tier rares, and very rarely rune pickaxes. Legends should not be dropped.
    Posted Sep 18, 2019
  17. Both should stay so there is still a diversity of events. Although, their rewards should be buffed more because waiting for about 5 minutes on a Capture Point for a high chance of raw beef and a few weapons and a low chance for rares and legends at Undead City isn’t really worth an event to go to. Skeleton King and Iron Wizard have way better value than those two events. I know that capture point has been reworked a little bit for better rewards and I’ve noticed it. However, the chances for better drops should be higher so the event is more popular. Capture Points shouldn’t drop legends though because afking shouldn’t reward you a valuable drop. The Undead City’s legend and rare drop are too low for the risk it has. As an assassin you can get 4 tapped pretty fast from the undead. Undead City’s legend drop percentage should always stay below the two boss legend drop percentages because it’s an easier event.
    Posted Sep 20, 2019
  18. It's the chicken vs the egg. CM is in a position where they can't buff Cap Point, because it gives free rewards with little opposition due to its location, and terrible rewards. There's no precedent to give BETTER stuff in something that gets no attraction, because it's a breeding ground for people to farm it. The only way I could see a buff being viable is a map or capture point location where the point is closer "to the action", and where the point can only be activated as an event with over 60 people online.
    Posted Sep 21, 2019
  19. Move cap point to fields and make the loot scale with the player online.
    When very few people are online it'll drop food, gems/ingots, and power/booster weapons. When a medium amount are on it'll drop blocks of gems/ingots, emeralds, and rarely low tier rares. When many people are on it'll drop blocks of gems/ingots, blocks of emerald, armor, rarely low tier rares, and very rarely runes and rune pick.
    Posted Sep 21, 2019
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  20. This is something I can get behind, however it's not what CM wants. Borderlands are for events. Multiple attempts have been made to get cap point into fields, and multiple times it has failed. I don't remember why, as it's been a while since a suggestion like this one, however there was a good reason. Whatever the reason is, if you can't bring cap point to mid, the next best thing is to bring mid closer to the cap point, by making the map smaller.
    Posted Sep 21, 2019

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