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Processed Dominate, the highly interactive mini game that was removed.

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Skyler0x, Dec 30, 2018.


After reading this post or watching one of the videos, should this game added back to mineplex?

  1. Heck Ya!

  2. No Way!

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  1. Dominate did exist in the early years of Mineplex, but was removed for some unknown reason. I really think this removal was uncalled for because of its popularity. Aside from that, Dominate is a mini game that has two teams where the goal is to capture a small 4x4 section for as long as that team can. The longer the team holds on to the section the more points that team gets. Moreover, Dominate has special kits that allows you to express certain abilities. For example, the Mage kit allows a person to throw ice or fire when right clicking with a sword.

    Here is some footage of the game from the perceptive of Parker Games while he is prank calling people.

    Posted Dec 30, 2018
  2. Dominate is still very much a game on Mineplex. You can find it in the hub to the right with the hardcore games in the "Champions" npc and in the compass also under "Champions" (the gold sword at the bottom right). Once you click on the npc or the compass it is the game with the beacon. Since this is still a feature of Mineplex I will be processing and locking this thread. If you have any more ideas feel free to post another thread,
    Posted Dec 30, 2018
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