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draw my Thing changes

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by badgamer119, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. hello before any of you say anythng I have gotten Permission from @Amg to make this Thread so no it is not rbreaking rules
    my old Thread was here but it get lock
    there are many Hackers in draw my thing gamemode and many are on the leaderboard as well

    some of these people Even have ranks so it is a Big problem because they know they will NOT get Banned and are willing to spend money on a server they are Hacking on.
    i can confirm they are Teaming or Hacking because they guess the word Two seconds after the round start. I start to think They teaming with everyone except ME but they even guess MINE. it is simply Unbeliavable.
    since the gamemode being unplayable due to these People this is a big problem!!!

    Here are some things I have Thought of to FIx this problem being a new Player in draw my thing gamemode

    1. mineplex Moderators should moderate this game better and Be able to ban Teamers and Hackers. Yes there is forums Reports but my Friends says they all get denied because it is Insufficient, well then Moderators should look at it themselves and see how Obvious it is.
    2. wiping Stats and Banning hacking people is important because they couldhve Hacked their way onto the Leaderboard and that is not Fair to the people who worked hard!
    3. add New words so that new Players can guess them too before the Hackers or the people who have a list of Words do

    please do not Lock this thread I had to take so many Messages to persuade amg to unlock and It didn't even work in the end
    Posted Jan 27, 2021
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  2. DMT is an underrated paragon of creative thought. I can not allow for such a beacon of inspiration to be sullied by filthy degenerates. I demand a call to action to cleanse this impurity from the most exceptional game Mineplex has produced to date.
    Posted Jan 27, 2021
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  3. It does not matter if a player has a rank or not - if they are caught hacking or breaking the rules, no one will question banning them.
    I agree that there should be more staff members on the server that play DMT - it's a really fun game and does lack moderation. However there isn't really a way to hack. As I mentioned on your previous thread, many DMT veterans have the word list memorised and can easily guess seeing how many letters are in the next word. However there are teamers. Blatant teaming is usually sufficient for a report. However you should always get multiple clear instances for the report to be accepted.
    Unless you can prove with sufficient evidence that a player is stat-boosting (the only rule that results in having your stats wiped once caught), this will not happen. You can read more about this rule at mineplex.com/rules
    I always support adding new words, there is already hundreds but more would never hurt. You should come up with new word ideas and create a new thread with them.
    Your previous post was locked because you were voicing a concern that didn't promote discussion. This thread, however, does promote discussion as it's filled with ideas. I wouldn't worry about it getting locked anytime soon. :)
    Posted Jan 27, 2021
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  4. I know, I'm very bad ): I do know the game though, and have come across this
    Posted Jan 27, 2021
  5. -Thread Moved to Idea Section under Game Alterations-
    I feel that @maevestarbaby has provided a very well written response that I agree with. As previously stated by Mae above, it does not matter if someone has a rank or not. If you are violating the rules regardless, an appropriate and according punishment will follow the actions made by the player who violated the rules.

    As far as Moderation in Draw My Thing, I would agree that it does lack. However, some quick solutions to this issue is joining the Staff Request community, as I suggested in your previous thread. This community is solely used for requesting moderation and asking questions that are related to the server. Although it is not guaranteed that you will get a response from a Staff Member who may be busy, it is a quick and efficient way of requesting Moderation in said game. Most of the time, if a Staff Member is not busy and in the community, they're more than willing to help.

    This is quoted from @maevestarbaby, which can be found in your previous thread. I feel that this response to the ongoing concern you're experiencing is accurate and applies to most situations. There are a handful of experienced players who have played the game for years and have memorized the words. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do about this, as the veterans are just playing the game like you. I think a solution to this issue would be adding in new themes/words consistently, which I am pretty sure has been suggested. Another solution to this issue is as suggested above, you can skip lobbies and avoid the players who are extremely experienced in the game.

    As said above by Mae, unless there is sufficient evidence against a player for Stat Boosting, the stats will not be wiped. It is also notable that this offense is only punishable by our Rules Committee team, and the wiping of a player(s) stats would require it to be the player(s) second offense as stated in the rules.

    I agree. Adding new words consistently would mix up the words and create a challenge for both new players and returning players who play Draw My Thing. As Mae has addressed above, you're more than welcome to create a thread suggesting new words. Please keep in mind that the words must be appropriate. If you do chose to create a thread, be sure to either post the thread in Casual Games Sub-forum under Draw My Thing, or in Ideas Section under Game Alterations.

    To add what was said above by Mae, this thread will not be locked at this time, as it promotes discussion.
    Posted Jan 27, 2021,
    Last edited Jan 27, 2021
  6. yea same I also think okayandy is a hacker I saw him the other day and he guesses it way to fast
    Did you know Robot is like the 5 letter draw my thing word Robot
    Posted Jan 27, 2021
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  7. I recently started playing DMT, and I can understand your frustration with players who use websites to figure out the words. That being said, there are plenty of players who simply have the word list memorized due to playing so often, and I've even started to memorize some myself since I started to play.

    The good thing is, teamers in DMT are pretty blatant compared to other game modes, usually not drawing until a player (presumably their friend) has guessed the word, then proceeding to draw. After a few rounds, this grows painfully obvious, and it should be sufficient for a report here. However, someone guessing the word quickly is not a sign of hacking, and if a player is using a program to type guesses, there is sadly no way to prove this (I asked a mod in StaffRequest). You can always switch lobbies to avoid them, though, since DMT lobbies don't require many players to start compared to other games.

    As for how to improve your own chances of winning, I recommend to just GUESS! Guess lots of words that fit the letter count and include the letters provided to you in the hint. This is a more casual strategy than memorizing the word list, and it's worked for me so far.

    I know the GI team is working on updates for the DMT word list, and there are planned removals, but I'm sure GI members would be happy to add more words too (as long as they aren't too similar to existing ones). You can join the Mineplex Game Insights Discord to discuss changes to DMT in the #draw-my-thing channel under the "Arcade" category.

    You can try to DM any of these people for an invite to the GI Discord:
    VEANS_ , dutty , rosmeme , Fallen , or Adam.
    Posted Jan 27, 2021,
    Last edited Jan 27, 2021
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  8. I am very seriously discussioning becuz I hate when people statboosting unfairly! :point_up: there is a very prominent star booster in draw my thing but they are still top 10 in wins! not cool if you ask me
    Posted Jan 27, 2021
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  9. stat* booster
    Posted Jan 27, 2021
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  10. OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 27, 2021
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