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Event Ideas

Discussion in 'Events' started by Danese, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. Hello,
    The following are some, erm, "ideas" that I had regarding random event games that the event team might be able to make use of.
    Note: These are completely ludicrous ideas and are meant for fun. There is a 99.99999...% chance that these will not be used. That being said, they could be pretty funny to actually do on the event server (/server EVENT-1). Enjoy!

    Survival Games but every time a player is killed by another player, an ender dragon is spawned.

    Dragon Escape except all players are given a sharpness 5 diamond sword and are tasked with killing Douglas.

    Dragons except for every Ender Dragon, there are 2 withers.

    Survival Games except instead of a PVP-based round, all players must unite to defeat hordes of the undead.

    Bridges except players are only given loads of TNT to defeat the other teams (PVP is disabled, so is mining. Players get a few stacks of steak and, I don't know, 2 or 3 Notch apples to make the game more interesting!)

    Runner except all players are given speed 2 and jump boost 2.

    Bacon Brawl except all players are given Knock Back 1,000,000 cooked pork chops.

    Micro battles, except all the players are given obsidian blocks, Efficiency 10 diamond pickaxes, and, oh I don't know, strength 100.

    Castle Siege but the undead are accompanied by extra mobs (Skeletons) while the defenders are accompanied by hundreds of wolves. No, they are not tamed. Be careful what you hit!

    Snow Fight, but everyone gets unlimited snowballs!

    Halloween Havoc (Challenger) but with however many players are in the event server!

    Bomb Lobbers but everyone gets 64x TNT right off the bat!

    Bridges, but the Event Squad is in Creative mode and drops TNT onto all of the players 60 seconds after bridges fall!

    Super Smash Mobs but everyone is given one smash crystal! (LMFAO this would likely break the server, but I thought I would include this as I remember being in an event at one point many years ago where somebody actually did this. The entire map was obliterated. It was hilarious).

    Cake Wars except you fight against Ender Dragons and Withers! (PVP is disabled, and everyone is given 2 stacks of nether stars and emeralds, as well as 8 stacks of bricks. Cakes are NOT eaten).

    Death Tag but the survivors are given resistance 10 while the undead players are given strength 2 and speed 2.

    Survival Games, but everyone is given strength 100.

    These ideas are ridiculous and are just meant to start spreading ideas around. The Event Squad does a fantastic job with their events, and I greatly enjoy being able to participate in them!

    Posted Jan 5, 2020
  2. Lol
    Posted Jan 5, 2020
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  3. Hey!

    I actually really like some of the ideas you have come up with! We always try to make each event unique and different, so it's nice to see some fresh ideas especially from someone in the community. I enjoyed reading the list, and although we have done a few of these before, there are still some that would be fun to try out. There are also a few that may lag the server too much, like with spawning in dragons after each kill, so ones like that may not be possible but there are others worth a shot! Thanks for suggesting these, they're very creative and sound fun! :D
    Posted Jan 5, 2020
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  4. Some of these ideas are pretty cool but some of them I just don't see working. Strength 100 just doesn't seem logical in some games and seems like it'd just make it end far too quick. I feel like instead it'd be better to just have one tap SG (or other games). I really like the idea of ender dragons as well as withers I just think that'd it put a large amount of strain on the server. I really like some of the concepts of them, such as getting sharpness 5 diamond swords and having to slay Douglas. As well as Survival Games but the players have to defeat hordes of the undead, it reminds me a bit of Mob Arena on bedrock but with chests instead of a gold system.

    Overall, I don't see some of the ideas working but I do like the concept of some of them. So I'll give the idea a 0.
    Posted Jan 5, 2020
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  5. Could end up being very laggy. We would have to increase the number of player to dragon ratio. Example being 3 players per 1 dragon.

    We've done this before already where players had to kill Douglas with either melee or bows.

    The withers will just chase around the ender dragons and theres no way we can stop the dragons from spawning, even if we killed the dragons. So unfortunetly, we won't do this.

    This is just mob arena (which we already do on a custom map and have more commands at our desposal because it's an event gamemode). We might be able to do this one, but I'm unsure because again, we do use event gamemode specific commands for mob arena and some of those commands don't work on normal games. Example being able to edit the scoreboard for event specific games, but not normal games because they all use the scoreboard already.

    We can do this for our Australia events since they're so small. If we really wanted to for EU/AU we would need a lot of hosts hosting that event so we can change everyone's kit. It's a very tedious task to change kits, so it would ultimately be up to whoever is hosting if they want to go through with that.

    We already do many variations of speed and jump. Sometimes it's just speed, others it's jump and then sometimes it's mixed.

    Just like runner, we've already done variations of more KB on BB.

    Strength 100 is just our 1 tap game at that point with a sharpness 200+ item. We already do this basically, just with different blocks and tools.

    The extra mobs would attack the undead too. The most we've done is ender dragons on this game because it'll attack both players and destroy the map / spook some people. Way better than mobs on ground specifically targetting players.

    Already do this.

    Already do this.

    Already do this. I specifically do this game more than others and just give a giant number of tnt (unlimited tnt - full inventory).

    Seems unfair. I feel a lot of people would get upset over this. Reason it's unfair is because it's really hard to throw it at "all" players and not target someone.

    We still do this.

    Again, withers like to follow ender dragons and attack them instead. They have been thrown into CW games randomly though for players to fight and start fighting each other for deathmatches. As for items, we usually just do Sugar Rush CW and don't give out items as they're super easy to obtain. And as for cakes being eaten; if we have a large amount of people like at EU/US events, we will eat the cakes to speed things up and we aren't using 1/4th of the event playing CW.

    We are unable to give specific potions to specific teams (undead/survivors). Even if we could, we would have to keep re-applying the potion effects. So we won't be able to do this really. We do give out jump/speed to everyone at the start sometimes though and just keep re-applying that over time.

    Again, this is just one tap. We already do this just with sharpness items.
    Posted Jan 5, 2020
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  6. Hello!

    I think those are really decent, hopefully they could possibly be seen by a staff member, and possibly be added :D
    Posted Jan 5, 2020
  7. they have done this somewhat recently, and it isn't as laggy as you think.
    Posted Jan 5, 2020
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  8. instead of have dragons and withers, just do withers (for dragons)
    Posted Jan 5, 2020
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  9. What a creative post! I’ve already seen some of these being done like Marzie mentioned above but asides from that some ideas seem really fun and i could see the events team being inspired by them. Im always happy to participate in events (even though i can’t join most of the time outside of holidays) and it would definitely be fun to play some new game variations.
    Posted Jan 6, 2020
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  10. Already seen, read my reply above on all suggestions.

    Read my apply above for that specific suggestion. We'd have to spam the kill mob command for dragons and they would never stop spawning. We cannot turn them off.
    Posted Jan 6, 2020
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  11. What happened to the eternal tag? OwO
    Posted Jan 6, 2020
  12. Ooh some of these sound quite fun. I like the idea of adding mobs or dragons whenever someone dies in SG. Maybe it could be a combination - Everytime someone dies from the beginning, we spawn one mob (ie zombie) and as more people perish the mobs get harder, up until dragon level maybe? Otherwise a pretty cool bunch of ideas you brought up!
    Posted Jan 7, 2020
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