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Everything Wrong with Mineplex (How I Went From a Fan to a Non-Fan)

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by BluePikmin*, Jul 29, 2021.

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  1. I used to love Mineplex! CaptainSparklez introduced me to this server when I watched his videos, and I instantly fell in love with it. But nowadays, not only does everyone else hate it, I have also grown to hate it as time went on. I went from enjoying every bit of it to hating every moment of it and wishing that I could just erase my memories of this. Mineplex have done some things right, but most of it is overshadowed by the sheer amount of flaws. Here is the long list of everything wrong and why I stopped playing.

    1) This flaw is not exclusive to this game as a lot of multiplayer games have this flaw. There is no system where the noobs can go against the noobs and the pros can go against the pros. This is a balance of difficulty to make sure that one person isn't winning ALL THE TIME. It is a mystery why most multiplayer games don't have this, and this is no exception.

    2) This server is FULL TO THE BRIM with hackers. Every game I play on the server, there is at least one hacker. And the report system for reporting them doesn't even work half the time. Sometimes the reports come back as "Expired". Why do the reports EXPIRE after some time?! What planet would anyone want to do that?!

    3) There is so much lag that the games are sometimes borderline unplayable. Keep in mind that Mineplex has WAY LESS players than Hypixel and Hypixel has little to no lag problems whatsoever. Think about that. A very small server is MORE laggy than a gigantic server. Do you get the logic behind that?

    4) The moderators only hang out in one place which is Lobby-1. No one is monitoring the games for hackers which means that a bot named Gwen is having to monitor the situation. A BOT. Because none of the moderators give a darn about anything to take care of it themselves. That takes laziness to a whole new level.

    5) This server is so small now that a single game can take an eternity to start because the required number of players isn't matched. That means LONG waiting times and constantly being stuck in the lobby trying to get into ONE GAME.

    6) Speaking of lobbies, the navigation to other lobbies is HORRENDOUS AT BEST. If you want to leave a game, you type /hub or right-click the clock. However sometimes, it doesn't even work at all and you are stuck in the game unless you completely disconnect from the server. Sometimes you have to do it TWICE for the thing to take you back to the main lobby. I'm getting a headache now thinking about this.

    7) Some games are completely abandoned because no one ever plays them. UHC Remastered is one of them, and honestly it's amazing they haven't taken it down because of how abandoned it is. Some games have so many players while others have little to 0 players. Why have those games if no one plays them?

    8) Some achievements are so ridiculously hard even a completionist like myself would NOPE the heck out. Copy Kitty is one of them because I have only seen 1-2 players EVER get that achievement. Reminds me of when I tried to beat Outlast 2 on Insane Mode for an achievement (Hint: IT WAS AGONY).

    9) There is no way to just upload images directly to the site for reporting players. I had to create an entire Imgur account that I will never use just to report 3 players.

    10) They censor many words that are unnecessary to censor. But what triggers me the most is that they censored the word "Hypixel". HYPIXEL. Mineplex's reputation was already damaged and they want to damage it even more? Why? Are they masochists or something?

    11) That reminds me: the mods know that their reputation is damaged, but instead of improving their flaws, they don't change at all, damaging their reputation even more, causing a downward spiral of irrelevance, negligence, and disappointment.

    12) The chickens in the Nano Game called Chicken Shoot have horrible hitboxes. When you hit them, most of the time the arrows will bounce backward back to you. This means there is 0 way to win that game.

    13) The morphs you earn are almost completely useless because you can be an Enderman and others will see you as one, but you won't be able to see yourself as an Enderman. So the other players can see me as an Enderman while I myself can't which is one of the MAIN POINTS of me having it. After spending 30,000 treasure shards from intense grinding after grinding. No I'm not crying, you're crying.

    I didn't even have to post this detailed post complaining about this because there is an Urban Dictionary definition for the word Mineplex that sums up everything I just said. If you are curious, look it up.

    Now that I am finally done with this essay of a post, I may never play Mineplex again. No wonder why Hypixel is way more popular than this one because at least Hypixel doesn't have these issues I mentioned. I wanted to like this server, I REALLY DID. But at the end of the day, I ended up hating it.

    The only way of convincing me to come back to this server is to prove me WITH EVIDENCE that you have turned it all around and have made it better. You have to be absolutely sure that the server is better than it is currently for me to even think about coming back. Goodbye Mineplex. Goodbye for a very long time.

    -Colin H. Davis

    PS: For everyone on the server that thought I was a 12 year old or something stupid like that, I am actually 18 years of age and am in enrollment in University of North Georgia. My birthdate was November 5, 2002. So no, I am not who y'all thought I was. Just had to make that clear.
    Posted Jul 29, 2021,
    Last edited Jul 29, 2021
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  2. Hi there,
    Although you have made this post to appear something like a leaving post, and with the possibility that a Forums management team member closing it if they believe that, I would like to address some of the points you have made. I'll try to break them down in the order you have made your arguments:

    1. I agree, many good players, which players often consider "tryhards", often win games over and over, however when they're not on that is a good time to try to win the game, and experienced players are still beatable without hacking. Every game is possible to win on the network, if you're willing to put in the effort.

    2. The player base and staff team is well aware of the hacker issue. The main games I notice hackers in are Cake wars, Skywars, Mixed arcade, Block Hunt, and Minestrike. If your /reports are expiring I would strongly recommend joining staff request by doing /com request staffrequest, and then you can say who is hacking and where and usually staff will join the game and ban the hacker. If you are having trouble getting a hacker banned you can always go mineplex.com/reports, and if you read through the guide in order to make your reports formatted and organized correctly there is a high chance of them being accepted. If you are just patient enough for your reports to be accepted, the hackers will be dealt with. Often the hackers are banned, via gwen or a staff member in game, before the forum reports are accepted anyway.

    3. A theme that you seem to have incorporated into this thread is to compare Mineplex to Hypixel. I don't believe this a great way to promote a lot of discussion as Hypixel is a just one server, and there are many other servers you could compare Mineplex to. Yes, there are times where the lag can be really bad, but I would say most of the time the lag isn't too bad. This can also be impacted by your ping, fps, type of computer, internet and provider, etc.

    4. The moderators care about this server, there is no way they don't. Every moderator listed at mineplex.com/staff, all care about this server a lot. That's why they became moderators in the first place. Sometimes, I do see Moderators hanging out in Lobby 1, or other lobbies, but I also see trainees, mods, and sr.mods playing games somewhat frequently. Also, (just an idea) they could be waiting in the lobby just to hear questions, or look for requests from the staffrequest community.

    5. This is unfortunately true for java. However, I don't believe any of your points really show a reason as for why java struggles to a get a higher player count/get the games to start faster. Some games most likely can start more easily when you don't get on.

    6. This point about navigation is related to the lag obviously, and I agree the situation isn't great. Sometimes, it takes a long time to leave a game and go to the lobby, but you can always leave the server and rejoin if you want to get to the lobby (although I know you probably don't want to do this). There are times when this isn't an issue fortunately enough though. If you try to be more patient, I'm sure you won't mind this so much.

    7. Like I said above, some games will start when you are not on. I am somewhat on your side that since UHC struggles to get players so frequently I am somewhat unsure why is was added back, but I can assure you, UHC does start. Almost all games start, some just more often than others. However, if UHC was removed a new game might have to be put in its place. That would most likely be up to the Dev team, so I'm not sure exactly how they would handle that.

    8. Some achievements are very hard to get. Thats why they're called achievements. Some take longer to get than others. I believe that the rewards might need a re work, but thats not what you are bringing up. Copy Kitty is one of the harder achievements to get, but I have seen more than 2 people/and have friends that have gotten the achievement. I don't think this achievement is supposed to be easy to get. I believe it's more important to enjoy the game than be upset about not being able to get the achievements.

    9. This is true... I don't see why this an issue. Everyone else has had to make an imgur account or use another screenshot site. I don't see why this an issue. If someone puts something like 8 images in a thread, and another person puts 10 images in a response on that thread, all of a sudden that the website has to load 18 images? Does that mean it takes it longer to load? I don't code the website so obviously I don't know, but that would be my thoughts on that.

    10. Hypixel was indeed censored years ago. It is no longer censored, and it hasn't been censored for a while (a few years maybe). So, this point is false information.

    11. The mods to their best to improve the server. I don't know if you think the mods can develop a new game in a week, or decide to instantly join a certain sub team in a day, but they are tryin their best. Certain responsibilities are regulated to devs, Leadership team, and owners. The job of moderators is to moderate the server, not to fix the servers reputation over the course of a few months. I don't believe this "downward spiral" exists or that mods are to blame for anything you have accused them for. Mods can be demoted for bad behavior, based off of tickets (mineplex.com/tickets), which you can say it is in the "other" category, and you can talk about if a certain staff member has had bad behavior/treated you poorly for a while.

    12. If the arrow bounces back at you this may be a bug or lag on your part, because this game works fine for me. You can also turn on hit boxes, as you may have already known, if you believe it would help with the game.

    13. You said you used to like the sever and now you don't. From my memory, as long as morphs have ever been a thing on the server you can't see what you've morphed into. I don't see why this would be changed. I know you think this is one of the main points of the morph, but I'm not sure I agree. You have the ability of what you morph into which I believe is the main point.

    Once again I am sorry you are leaving / have had a bad experience, but you seem somewhat misinformed about some of the points you presented. I hope you can understand where I am coming from since I disagree with you on some of these points. As, for the points I have agreed upon, some change on Mineplex just changes far more gradually. It is unfortunate that you have had a bad experience, but I assure you, the community and staff team genuinely wanted the best for you and for you to have a good time, so I am sorry if you felt that did not happen.
    Posted Jul 29, 2021
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  3. It's time for Mineplex to either get a big change or die and become history. Only time will tell.
    Posted Jul 29, 2021
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  4. Hi there @BluePikmin*,

    First and foremost, I'm sorry to read that your experience here on the server hasn't been great. That's something we really dislike reading, because we always hope that everyone has a positive experience here on the server. While I completely understand where your frustration comes from, there are some things that you brought up in your post that I would like to personally address.

    Ranked Games/Level based games:
    This idea itself has been heavily discussed by the community for competitive games here on Mineplex. If you're interested in reading some of the feedback left on threads that suggest a ranked system based off skill level, here are a couple of threads:
    While I agree it would be nice to see a more competitive aspect added to the current games here on Mineplex, we do not have the player base at this time to support a level-based matchmaking/ranked system. In addition, the idea as a whole has seemed to be denied in the past/recently due to a fear of splitting player base in each individual gamemode. Another point I would like to make is, how does a player get better with no competition? If level-based matchmaking was a thing where less experienced players play against those who matched in skill level, how would they better/improve their skill level? I do understand that adding a level-based/ranked system would help create a lot more competition between more experienced players, but I personally find that less experienced players going up against more experienced players helps further improve a players skill set. It may be annoying that one team wins all the time, sure, but I think that you could learn a lot from an experienced player(s). Going up against an experienced player is also great for practice. Not sure - If you would like to suggest this idea and elaborate more on points why you think this feature should be added, by all means, I would suggest making a thread encompassing the idea of ranked games/game modes.

    Unfortunately, every server has hackers, not just Mineplex... It's an inevitable issue that cannot be avoided completely, but moderated. We, as a Staff Team, do our absolute best to moderate whenever we can tend to the server, but unfortunately we cannot moderate 24/7. We do have lives outside of Mineplex, and sometimes we're unable to get online due to irl circumstances. As far as the reporting system, I do agree in the sense that I would like to see an improvement to the current in-game reporting system. As of right now, chat reports are the most frequently answered via /report, whereas the other two offenses are a bit harder to answer at times due to the reported user logging off. To answer your question, a Report is marked as 'Expired,' when a Moderator is evaluating the report and the reported user is offline. Additionally a report can be marked as 'Expired,' if it's not answered in a certain amount of time. This is just because hacking/gameplay offense heavily depend on the player being online. We, as Moderators, have to observe all hacking/gameplay offenses, and if the report hasn't been answered for some time, it only makes sense that the report is marked as 'expired' because more than likely the player logged off. I would again, like to see improvements made to the in-game reporting system, but the current one we have now works decently. I personally find collecting video evidence of a hacker and reporting them at Mineplex.com/reports, is the most efficient way of reporting hackers. We also have our Community Discord where you can report players in the #Report-players channel.

    I very much agree with what @Pangaea_ has said above in their response. You have seemed to incorporate a lot comparison between Mineplex and Hypixel in your response. There are days that the server is laggy, but for the most part I don't think it's too bad. I believe this would be more of a client side issue if it's a consistent issue that you experience. This can include, but not limited to, ping, fps, internet, and device (computer/pc).

    We "hang out" in lobbies to help players with questions and/or concerns they may have. Sure, it may look like we're just "hanging out," but at most times we are, answering questions and/or responding to reports made in /a or Staff Request. Like every other servers, we have an anti-cheat, yes. The anti-cheat helps us moderate on a much closer level because Gwen is always watching, but we do not rely on it all the time. If we did rely on Gwen all the time, there wouldn't be moderators. We do moderate games whenever we can, but again, while moderation may be a big responsibility that we have, we do have other responsibilities outside of just banning hackers. This includes helping players across the network. I would also like to point out that although Mineplex is averaging about 700-800 players as of right now, that's still a big amount of ground to cover. We do our best, but we can't be in all places at once. Furthermore, to say that none of the Moderators care, is just inaccurate and untrue. All of the Trainees/Moderators/Sr.Mods volunteer to help players across the network in their free time. We aren't paid for our positions as Moderators, but we do it because we genuinely enjoy helping players across the Network, that's why we applied for this position. I can't speak for all Staff Members, but I wholeheartedly know that one of the biggest reasons I applied for this position was because of my passion for helping others and the enjoyment I find in it. As far as "laziness" - While you may view the Staff Team to hold the trait of "being lazy" there are several internal quotas that essentially prevent us from being "lazy." A lot of the work that we do goes unseen, as a good majority of it tends to behind the scenes. Just because you don't see it, does not mean we're lazy or undeserving of being Staff.

    Yes, queing times have unfortunately increased due to the decrease of players playing certain games. I do agree that there should be a change to the starting player amount in some games to help them start. There have been ideas discussed in regards to lowering the starting player amount.

    As explained above by @Pangaea_, I think this issue is more directly related to lag at times more than anything else. Unfortunately there are times where I even experience this and I can understand where your frustration comes from. When this issue occurs, if the clock or /hub do not work, I try using a specific lobby such as /server Lobby-3, and that sometimes works for me. You could always disconnect and reconnect, but I could see where that becomes an inconvenience. Fortunately, I don't find this to be a consistent issue, but it does happen sometimes.

    UHC was reintroduced during the holidays last year. To my knowledge it was brought back because it was highly requested throughout the community. In its return, a lot of hype surrounded the game because it was significantly different from the older version of UHC. Right now, the game does still occasionally start, but for the most part, its playerbase is small. Whether it should be removed or not, is not entirely the Staff Team's decision.

    I again, agree with what Pangaea said above. Achievements are meant to be challenging to obtain. Some do indeed take longer than others, and that's the unique thing about achievements; they all differ in difficulty and achievement time. Achievements are supposed to give players another aspect to work towards aside from statistics alone, and I don't think they were intended to be made easy to obtain.

    I'm not sure why the Website is coded that way, but it's not hard to upload images to Imgur. In fact, you don't even need to make an account to upload images. From that point, you just copy and paste the link in the report. Seems simple enough.

    Most words that are currently censored such as the filtered words, are censored for a reason. As Pangaea pointed out the word "Hypixel," is no longer filtered and here's proof:
    Hypixel was never filtered because it was Mineplex's competitor, but more so because players would mass advertise the server frequently. Although this seems to be an issue sometimes even in present day Mineplex, it's seen a lot less than what it was in the past.

    In my own personal opinion, our reputation seems to come more from generalization, which is clearly proven by the way you worded some points in your post. You made is seem like all staff do not care, which is again, not true. We're not perfect, because we're human too, but I'm not sure what exactly you're accusing us for. Moderation and helping players across the network is our primary responsibility, and if you feel that a particular Staff Member is not carrying out their duties and/or responsibilities as a Staff Member, you're more than welcome to make a support ticket at Mineplex.com/support. Additionally, you may notify their Mentor/Admin to voice your concerns about that particular Staff member.

    The main point of being able to morph into something is to gain the unique abilities of the entity you're morphing into. It's never been about self observation, but more so the features that come with the morph.

    I again apologize that your experience here on Mineplex has not been enjoyable, but a lot of the issues that you have brought up I unfortunately disagree with. We do dislike to read that someone is not enjoying their time here on the server, and it's sad to see you leaving. We do genuinely hope the best for all of our community members, and I hope to see you return at some point! If not, I wish you the best of luck with anything outside of Mineplex. If you ever need anything, you're more than welcome to message me! I will be locking the thread, as it is written as a "quit/leaving," thread, and it does not promote constructive discussion.

    Thread Locked | Quit/Leaving Thread.
    Posted Jul 29, 2021
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