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In Discussion [Exclusive Staff Titles]

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by TeaSpiller, Sep 16, 2019.


Should This Be Added?

  1. Love it!

  2. Not a fan

  1. awesome ideas, a already think the titles for mods and stuff are awesome but these are even better and super creative. Maybe we could also get titles for Developers and Leaders. I can't think of anything off the top of my head but those would be cool too! That's a +1 for me!
    Posted Sep 17, 2019
  2. Hey TeaSpiller,

    I think the current titles are awesome, but you just made a whole new idea! I think this will look great on Senior Mods, and can help them show their senior team pride. Also, it will allow players to see what team the Sr. Mod is on, without having to ask. In general, I like the idea and the execution. I hope this gets added in the near future.

    Have a good day,

    Posted Sep 17, 2019
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  3. Hey,

    I feel like this would be a wonderful thing to add! I love the idea of adding titles to teams like Event Management, Forums Ninja, etc. I love the enthusiasm that this forum has. My personal favorite is Community Management as it's so beautiful and I love how the color looks! Definitely a +1
    Posted Sep 17, 2019
  4. I'm biased but I think the CoM/ES titles are the best. Really cute idea and honestly I'd love to see something like this added for our wonderful sr.mods. They do so much for us outside of moderation and would be great to see our sr.mods flaunt and be proud of their teams. Will keep this in mind for a staff appreciation thing since I'm not sure where this ranks on the priorities list.
    Posted Sep 20, 2019
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  5. I also may be totally biased that the FN one is my favorite... but really, I absolutely love puns, so it's a win win. I love these ideas and I'd like to see them implemented in the future. Having individual team titles would take it a step further than the current ones that we have that are staff exclusive. The Sr. Mod tag right now is great, but these would be nice as further options to support the team that everyone is on.
    Posted Sep 24, 2019
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