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Survey Favorite Mineplex Game

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Vytas, Jan 3, 2020.

  1. CW and sw :D
    Posted Jan 7, 2020
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  2. Heyo!

    My top 3 current favorite games would be Cake Wars, Paintball, and Bridges.
    Cake Wars is a fantastic team game where you have to work around with your teammates to be everyone else, It can either be played very fast pace or be played out extremely slowly but best of all, I get to play with my friends and just have fun.
    Paintball is my go-to game for a quick pace game or my need for speed. Its fast, heavy reaction time reliant and you can also play really smart to pull off the sickest clutches in a matter of seconds.
    Bridges would be my opposite to Paintball, it's slow and relaxing at the beginning but gets extremely intense as the game progresses, the games are usually also pretty long and it relies not only on your pvp skills but also game knowledge and your patience and tolerance to long game times.

    I also sometimes play sg and sw but all these games vary depending on which friend is on and how many friends are on since I just go with the flow.
    Posted Jan 7, 2020
  3. The Bridges, nothing like normal Minecraft and fighting.
    Posted Jan 7, 2020
  4. Block hunt is the best game but sometimes i play other games like cw or sb when there are too many espers or good hunters
    Posted Jan 7, 2020
  5. 1.cake wars
    2.sky wars
    3.arcade(mainly one in the quiver)
    4.death tag
    Posted Jan 7, 2020
  6. Hey!

    To be honest, my choice of games vary a lot haha! But if I were to put them into a top 3, I would go:

    1: Cake Wars
    2: Survival Games
    3: Skywars

    As a few people have already mentioned, the game I pick usually depends on the party size. If there is only 2/3 of us, we usually go for survival games solos or skywars solos!

    - Tripsy
    Posted Jan 7, 2020
  7. Heyo!

    My favourite game to play is cake wars :P
    Speed builders can be fun as well and I sometimes play it

    ~ Zom
    Posted Jan 7, 2020
  8. Hey! Thanks for posting this thread, I’m sure similar threads to this one have already been posted, but I’ll reply to this anyway! My favorite game varies between CakeWars and MicroBattles, as I am good at both games, and extremely enjoy playing both of them. However, I believe my favorite game is MicroBattles. Although, I have been playing CakeWars for long enough to get full diamond on every kit, I don’t enjoy it as much as MicroBattles. MicroBattles was probably the first game I every played on Mineplex. I met a lot of the friends I have today there as well, I have met a few friends in CakeWars, but I believe I have met more in MicroBattles. MicroBattles is variously fast, however CakeWars can sometimes be fast, although if you rush correctly MicroBattles is faster then CakeWars. MicroBattles is a game I find myself choosing time and time again, and so is CakeWars. They are both awesome games, which bring me a lot of happiness to play (especially with friends) I’ll see you around!
    Posted Jan 7, 2020
  9. Hey! So I'm personally drawn to fast-paced games with lots of pvp. I just really love how different each game is from the last and how there's always a new strategy to be learned. That being said, my favorite game of all time has to be skywars. I just love how fast-paced and intense the game is, making every moment exciting, keeping you on the edge of your seat. My second favorite game by a very small margin is the first game I ever got into on Mineplex - survival games, I loved exploring the map and tracking down players. One of my most fond memories of Mineplex is my grind for the horse kit, it took me much longer than it should have but I had a really good time completing the achievements. I also really love cakewars, primarily when I'm in a party with friends. I enjoy the strategy aspect and working together with my teammates to come up with the best strategy for that specific game.
    Posted Jan 7, 2020
  10. Heyo!

    My top three are as followed:

    Sky Wars - Skywars is my number one as it was one of the first games I played on Mineplex. I use to play it a lot back in 2017 and really fell in love with Mineplex because of it. I really enjoy the quick pace of the game, I'm not a huge fan of games that go on a long time but I really enjoy Sky Wars.

    Cake Wars - Once again an incredibly fun game to play. I enjoy the teamwork that's involved and the funny memories that come with it (@xSalted screaming into his mic). Cake Wars if defiantly the game to go to when you have a party!

    Nano Games - Nano games is another one of my favourites because it's consistent. I really enjoy playing it on my own, mainly because the games are super fun and don't require a lot of teamwork.

    They're my top three, but I do have other games I like: SSM, DOM and Clans of course (clans is a game!)
    Posted Jan 7, 2020
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  11. Howdy!
    My favorite games used to be Runner and Sheep Quest, but I can rarely play them now. Currently, I play a lot of Survival Games and Cake Wars because I can get into games quicker. I do love a good game of Bridges too whenever I get the chance!

    Posted Jan 7, 2020
  12. Super paintball all the way. I absolutely love this fast paced game and I'm pretty good at it to. Honestly for me the best part of mineplex is when I can clutch up and 1v8 and win, the best part about the game is that if you have skill its totally possible and it's so fun to do that. Another game I ljme is monster maze because its just plain fun and dosnt take to much effort to be good at. Just a nice game to play
    Posted Jan 7, 2020
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  13. Hello!

    I’m mostly a Bedrock player, and I’ve been on Bedrock for the longest, so I’ll just put my favorite Bedrock games here. I’ve always been more into the PvP type games, and less of the building-type games. Cake Wars has been an everlasting favorite of mine from the beginning. I remember when I first played it on mobile... I was trash xD. But that didn’t stop me; as I wanted to get full diamond. And when I switched over to Xbox, I became better at the game, achieving full diamond. I’ve loved Cake Wars ever since and I can’t believe I’m on the leaderboard. I truly enjoy playing the game and I’ve become even better now that I’m on PC. I think that no matter what happens, I’ll always love Cake Wars. A close second would have to be Micro Battles; as it’s more PvP type as well. I’ve met some great friends on there and it’s fun as well. The campers can get annoying though xD. My third would have to be Mixed Arcade, which I have taken a great interest in. I love to play One In The Quiver, as I’m rest good at it, and I enjoy Gladiators as well. As for Java, I’m taking more interest in the non-PvP games, as I still have to adapt to the PvP style. I stick to more of the Draw My Thing and Super Paintball type. Thanks for posting this thread; it’s been fun hearing all of the answers! :3

    Posted Jan 7, 2020
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  14. Recently, I've been playing Capture The Flag, a game that I've had many fond memories of from several years back. Even though I'm not great at PvP, I enjoy the thrilling experience that comes with entering the opposing team's territory and running all the way back to score points. The unique style of Champions kits and skills are also fun to use. It would be nice if CTF can reach the popularity it once had several years ago so that the game can remain alive and well.
    Posted Jan 7, 2020
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  15. Hey!
    My favorite Mineplex mini game would definitely have to be Bridges. When I first started playing Mineplex it was because of Bridges because I likes the concept more then how other servers had done it. I played the game for hours and hours grinding to get to destructor. I also love it because it's a longer game and requires a lot of strategy to win games. My close second favorite would have to be Skywars or Sg because I love how fast paced they are and how you have to think really quickly about your next moves. I also like how those games take a little less time and I can play more rounds in the same amount of time as maybe 1 Bridges game.
    Posted Jan 7, 2020
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  16. Hello!

    I'd have to say that my favorite game on Mineplex is SSM. I'm saying this because I like the strategy it requires to do well in the game and get wins and kills, and I like all of the variety the kits have to offer. As of late, I've been getting into this game a lot more and recently hit 100 wins which is epic! I find the game to be a ton of fun and it never fails to provide me with seemingly hours of enjoyment!
    Posted Jan 7, 2020
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  17. Yo!

    My answer to this question seems to change a lot over time, and recently I've been branching out to different games so I wouldn't say I have one "favourite game". I used to love Survival Games, so much that I have thousands of games played from when I first joined the server and learnt how to play Minecraft on my laptop. I then got really into Skywars, and that is my all time favourite game if I really had to choose one. It's a fast paced, fun but challenging sky battle where anything can happen. Nowadays, I play a fair bit of Cake Wars, which is a pretty fun game as well. It's in the sky which is similar to Skywars, I guess I'm interested in those kinds of games. I like that this is a team game as well, so you get to have some fun with your friends too!
    Posted Jan 8, 2020
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  18. Hey!

    My favorite game by far is Super Smash Mobs. Ever since I joined mineplex, Super Smash Mobs was the game to appeal to me in-game and somehow in real life. Let's start with how it appealed to me in-game. First of all, I'm a player of strategy and skill. That's why the squid kit had appealed to me. I was able to time my super squid to take the damage from the opponent's main ability then follow up with an ink shotgun and melee combo. Now the reason it appealed to me In real life was because I rarely visit my cousins and they have Super Smash Bros. on their Wii. When I was young, my little brother and I would always go to our cousins and ask them about the Wii. Then, it became something we did every time we visited. Now, any game related to Super Smash Bros. attracts me and I instantly love it. There we go, that's how Super Smash Mobs appeals to me In real life and in-game including why It's my favorite game. Thank you for making this thread and everyone else who responded to it. It was fun reading your favorite games.
    Posted Jan 8, 2020
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  19. I'm in love with Cake Wars. xD
    What really drives me to play it is how competitive, fast-paced, and strategic it can be. I've always been in love with strategy games and with different playstyles and advantages of each kit, I think that every game of Cake Wars is unique and can be challenging if played incorrectly.
    Posted Jan 9, 2020
  20. 1. Snake
    2. Skywars
    Posted Jan 10, 2020

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