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Fix Mineplex Java: a complete list

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by GlutenFreeCode, Jun 13, 2021.

  1. Even though Mineplex didn't hold a candle to H******'s player count before, they were still in the top 10 most popular servers, so complaining about Mineplex "dying" maybe two years ago was arguably correct if you compared it to 2015 numbers, but not incredibly accurate when comparing it to other 2018/19 servers, discounting the incredible popularity fluke that is H******.

    But now Mineplex is barely in the top 30 of servers and falling. While Minecraft is still one of the most popular games of all time, Mineplex is down on player count and it's continuing to fall. During active hours, breaking 1k concurrent players is not guaranteed anymore. Even with the already cut-down list of games to play (after the mixed arcade was compressed into a single NPC and multiple games were straight up removed like Gem Hunters and Heroes of Gwen), many will not start (take The Bridges for example), and after 5-10 minutes of waiting in lobby, you're pulled into a game filled with Tryhards that you can't dodge because you have no other lobbies to flee to.

    I'm not here to argue if Mineplex is declining in popularity. Despite whatever you say, the average player count proves that Mineplex is, in fact, "dying". This article accepts this as fact and will accept no opinions otherwise.

    The largest issue is almost certainly the high concentration of tryhards (I'll admit it, it's not fun to consistently play against people significantly better than you)... but you can't ban tryhards. So the only other solution is to bring in more average players. But average players don't play because of the tryhards so... catch 22.

    So what do you do? Here's a list that Mineplex admins can do TODAY to boost player count, solve the main issue (above) and increase popularity exponentially as newer users come back into the server.

    1) Giveaways

    While, as a consumer, I hate immortal because it's an intangible item that I don't even get to keep, it's actually a fantastic financial model for Minecraft servers. And Mineplex doesn't use it to its full potential.

    Immortal costs nothing for the server to give out. Immortal grants it's purchaser no goods that have any real cost to the server, besides development cost on the cosmetics, but even most cosmetics aren't given to immortals once they purchase the rank - it's earned through immortal points.

    One thing people love is to get things for "free". People will spend hours competing for a product they could earn in half the time by working a minimum wage job just to have it for "free".

    So the first thing Mineplex should focus on is Immortal giveaways. Make it a mix of both effort and random chance. Like "Win a game of cake wars to get a ticket in the raffle" or "kill hunters in Block Hunt to get a ticket in the raffle". This way, users will still spend time earning their chance, but won't feel excluded if they don't have the skills or time to participate as much as other players (people are famously terrible at realizing gambling odds). Do it as often as possible, so users keep coming back (think bi-weekly, or even daily. Depends on the user traffic. When user count scales up, give away more immortal - just enough to make it seem realistic to win)

    Give every user that joins one ticket in the raffle. That way you can put it in the MOTD ("Raffle for free rank drawn in xx:xx:xx") and everyone can earn their place by simply joining the server. By putting it in the MOTD, all users see the text when they select the multiplayer option from their Minecraft client. Current Mineplex MOTD is "CLASSIC MINI-GAMES". Who cares. If that message attracted even a single player, I would be absolutely dumbfounded and eat my hat.

    But you might need some help getting the word out.

    2) Allow profanity - as an option

    One of the most frustrating things that ABSOLUTELY drives users away is being muted for two months because you said something your 3rd grade teacher wouldn't even bat an eye at. Here's something that instantly kills a multiplayer experience: NOT BEING ABLE TO INTERACT WITH OTHER PLAYERS.

    Create an option for allowing profanity, turn it to the most strict mode by default so nothing changes for the average user. This solves a parallel problem: users won't need to bypass if their messages aren't censored. Allow "strict", "medium", and "none" options for your personal filter. I can't overstate how much of an improvement this would be.

    There you go. Average users are even safer (less bypassing = less exposure for those who genuinely shouldn't be learning new vocabulary), and mature users aren't buying alts or going to different servers just to talk.

    3) Sponsorships

    There are thousands of Minecraft YouTubers and Twitch streamers out there, and with Immortal revenue (don't get me started on the Immortal rank income math. It's a ton, at least; go to Lobby-1), you can afford at least some of them. Don't even tell me this isn't an option. You need your name and IP/domain in front of as many eyes as you can get. This the perfect way to get it there. Why do you think successful corporations spend so much of their budget on advertising? It's not because they like to waste money. Even Apple advertises their new iPhones... the most popular phone of all time...

    4) Horsepower in the dev department

    One front-end dev isn't enough. Two isn't enough. Your unmaintained, "classic" games aren't a selling point. They're a nostalgia hack at best, and a poor experience for new players at worst. You need to produce games people want to play, while also respectfully maintaining classics. Devs need to outnumber Admins. I really feel like Mineplex Admins have forgotten they are in the video game market. You make games. Act accordingly for God's sake. Large portions of the Mineplex budget should be spent on development.

    4.5/5) Utilize that horsepower effectively

    Don't pull a Skywars and fundamentally change one of your most popular games. If you want to experiment, do one of two things:
    - Make a new game entirely OR
    - Make a new variety of a classic game without changing the original;

    Think: H****** "lab" gamemodes, like lucky Skywars. They didn't replace Skywars with lucky Skywars. They didn't add lucky blocks to their base gamemode. They created a new gamemode alongside the classic, in the same category, and offered it as an option. Users can still play the game they like, and have a refreshing experience which keeps them logging in week after week.

    You used to do polls from Carl the Creeper. What happened to that? Why not poll your users on what developmental feature you should focus on. You need broad community insight, not just the few people that care enough to join game insights or whatever else teams you think represent players at large.

    6) Dedicate more time to GWEN

    Hacking has always been an issue. Play Skywars for 10 minutes and you'll understand why this made my list. I don't feel like I need to elaborate.

    7) Improve the experience past level 100

    Your most dedicated players reach level 100. Once they are completed, there's no progression left for them besides a bare-bones leaderboard system with no real rewards for being the very best. I have a couple million treasure shards I can't even spend because you haven't added anything to spend them on in years. If you want to please the demographic that is most likely to spend money on your products, this is it. Make something like a prestige system, where you can trade in your level 100 (be reset to level 1) and get a star for your "prestige level". Combine it with my earlier suggestion and award one month of immortal for each time you reach level 100. If you want player retention, that's how you get it. Maybe even every 10 levels (over level 50) receive immortal. Or even better, every x amount of XP. Immortal giveaway is seriously the way to go. Do something with it. For every purchase you lose by giving it away, you'll make 10x the amount of money from the increased customer base.

    Side note: cosmetics (at least the way you do them) are unmaintainable and cause burnout of your devs while simultaneously taking precious development time away from users that just want to play games. I'd bet my entire bank account that everyone involved in making new particles, morphs, taunts, etc. sees the job as a mindless chore to crunch through because the server needs revenue. Make a useful treasure shard shop. If you made an XP booster 150k shards, I guarantee you players would be grinding games like crazy. Whole forums dedicated to the math of "best treasure shard output / minute" (especially if coupled with point #7)

    8) Keep your branding

    Back in what, 2018?... you removed the sky-island style hub. Even though the sky-island hubs have changed over the years, they have always carried the branding of Mineplex, and gave it the special sauce that distinguishes this server from others. I think this is probably one of the most obviously wrong decisions Mineplex has ever made, and while it isn't an issue now, I'm afraid that if Mineplex undergoes major changes soon to salvage the Java community, you'll make the same mistake again. Don't remove the sky islands. Don't remove Carl the Creeper or Sam the Slime. Don't re-do the colors on ranks. Don't make ranked users first on the tab listing in lobbies but last in the tab listing in games (sigh). Don't remove the little stone-brick landing area with the stairs everyone runs along in when you spawn into a game waiting lobby. Keep on brand, don't abandon the identity you have.

    Honorable Mention) Remove gem booster for Immortal

    Didn't you guys almost get EULA'd by Mojang for making Mineplex pay-to-win years ago for the exact same reason? I know kits barely even matter but I hate pay to win models. Just a personal pet peeve.


    inb4 not a single admin ever reads this and the Java server is offline next year.
    Posted Jun 13, 2021
  2. You make some interesting points, I agree with most.

    The issue with new games: is it spreads players across game modes, and means we have to update 20-30 games at once, rather than having a few small focused games

    I don't think the arcade NPC having all games in one npc is the issue, I think the lack of advertising that these games are in one NPC is the issue: there's nothing to show that this NPC is any different from the others, and that results in new players thinking games like dragons, OITQ etc are removed.

    With new devs around the corner, I'm hopeful mineplex can get 3k+ players again. But players need to understand that difficult changes need to be made to make the server more modern & ensure that the server is easy for new players.

    A new lobby, but keeping "Mineplex style" is needed. The 2018 hub was awful, but we cannot keep the awful 2015 hub, which confuses new players: the 2016 hub was close to really good (not really good, as it was a btec hypixel hub): but it worked to make things easier(ish) & keep mineplex's style (however: I agree waiting lobbies being changed was ehh).
    Posted Jun 13, 2021,
    Last edited Jun 13, 2021
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  3. I am not going to quote your ideas because it would make my reply way too long and hard to read

    1. Immortal giveaways
    - I actually really enjoy this idea, and I think it would actually increase the playerbase a lot without costing mineplex much at all. The only argument I can see against this idea is that the player might have purchased immortal themselves, however, I thinkt hat a possible 7$ loss at a time is absolutely worth it compared to the increase in players that I think implementing this would make. This kind of reminds me of the time when players were able to get the TITAN and ETERNAL rank in pumpkins or chickens (It was along time ago, I don't remember exactly) that they would find randomly in games. Both your idea and bringing back something like this would inrease the player count and motivate more players to play games and become a part of the community.
    +1 for this one.

    2. Optionally allow profanity
    - This is actually a tricky one. Mineplex has always been a family friendly server and giving users a chance to cuss in chat doesn't seem right to me. You could argue that putting this in /prefs and making it optional protects users from being exposed to it, however, I do not see this option on any other servers as of right now anyway.
    Every single server mutes players for profanity, and I just do not see mineplex being different than this. It simply doesn't promote positive environment and I do not think that something like this would ever be implemented.
    I agree that the filter could use some sort of a rework in order to not censor certain words in usernames, however, keep in mind that mineplex is a company and you don't see cussing being allowed or supported in schools, workplaces or any other form of business.
    -1 for this one.

    3. Sponsorships
    - I absolutely agree, back in the day there were a lot of youtubers playing on Mineplex and promoting it, such as ParkerGames, SallyGreen and others, and I think that Mineplex's playerbase would increase drastically if a big youtuber uploaded a vide or two on it. In my opinion, this might be one of the, if not the best, solutions when it comes to increasing the playerbase.
    Major +1 for this one.

    4. Horsepower in the dev department
    - AlexTheCoder has mentioned recently that he's been interviewing developers and that there should be a few more developers for both bedrock and java Mineplex, so we cannot do much other than wait for him to hire appropriate candidates. I agree with the reasoning behind this suggestion though.
    +1 for this one.

    5. Utilize that horsepower effectively
    - I agree that removing a gamemode in order to create a new one might cause frustration amongst the playerbase, especially around the community of the game that was removed. However, Mineplex's playerbase currently isn't significant enough to support multiple gamemodes that work a similar way. There are barely any SG2 lobbies starting for example. I agree with this idea and I think that gamemodes should be kept since there is always a community of players that likes the game, however, I would much rather see an increase in the playercount first and I think that the said increase would support this idea.
    +1 for this one, once the playercount increases.

    6. Dedicate more time to GWEN
    - Gwen v2 was introduced not too long ago and is being worked on. Unfortunately, we will not be told when the Gwen v2 is implemented but it was said multiple times that it is being worked on.
    I agree with this idea, and I cannot wait to see the way that Gwen v2 works when it is released.
    +1 for this one, I look forward to seeing Gwen v2 in action.

    7. Improve the experience past level 100
    - I have been level 100 since february 2017, and I do agree with you that getting level 100 is kind of demotivating and that it can cause some players to lose interest in the server and play less or stop playing at all. I like the prestige system idea, and I think that it would motivate the most dedicated players to stay a part of the community and continue playing.
    +1 for this one.

    8. Keep your branding
    - This one is a very nostalgic one, just yesterday I was looking at the game lobby in one of the games and I noticed that the sign that used to say soonTM. I'm pretty sure the full sign used to say "Parkour soonTM" but it's been a while and I forgot. I have also been seeing threads that suggest removing the Nether Portals, which have always been a part of the Mineplex lobby.
    I absoutely agree, I think that the main elements that have always made Mineplex what it is should stay there and be cherished rather than emoved/updated.
    +1 for this one.

    Overall, a really thoughtful thread and I hope that at least some of the ideas are made into reality as I believe that it would make a significant difference in the server as a whole.
    Posted Jun 13, 2021
  4. First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to make this thread! This is certainly not one of the first type of threads that discuss player count and "how to fix it." I'd certainly agree with @CookieBilly, you make some very interesting points. I respectfully agree with some points you made, but not with all of them.

    Tryhards or better yet, experienced players:
    On this point that you made, I can agree to a certain extent. From a new player's perspective, I could completely understand how it could be demotivating to play up against "tryhards," or as I like to call them, experienced players. Newer players who are trying to adapt to the game could easily experience difficulty while playing with more experienced players. Although, I also feel like on the other side of things, they could also learn a thing or two from the experienced players. (Whether that be about PvP, playstyle or about the game in general) - Unfortunately, nothing can be done about this because these so called "tryhards," are players who are just trying to play the game just as anyone else. There are always going to be experienced players, no matter what server you play. I do agree with you that having an increase in newer players would also respectfully create a more broad spectrum in terms of skill gap. This could potentially help reduce the amount of "tryhards," any player plays up against. I don't agree in the sense that this is one of the biggest "issues" on Mineplex, but that's just my 2 cents.

    As you've already pointed out, this has proven to be an excellent marketing decision in which has generated tons of revenue for the server. Although you don't keep this monthly subscription, you do keep most items that you purchase in the immortal shop as far as cosmetics, gadgets or features. (Meaning most items would be reusable at a later date (Not all items however)) - For example, if you purchased the /disguise feature, the mps extension pack, or something as simple as a cosmetic in the Immortal Shop, you'd be able to use that even after your subscription ends. Generally, I don't think there'd be harm in hosting giveaways, but not to where it's an often occurrence. Over doing it would cause a decrease in overall revenue being generated from Immortal and additionally, with more Immortal ranks being given out, there'd be a decline in the number of players purchasing it. Immortal is also advertised as a monthly subscription, so I can understand why there hasn't really been any "Official" Mineplex rank based Giveaways. There are however, plenty of Giveaways hosted here on the Website in the Giveaway Sub-Forum by our lovely community members.

    I feel that it's also important to mention Immortal Points are an incentive to keep your Immortal Subscription. While it may be seen as annoying, it's honestly a really smart marketing tactic. With all things considered, I understand where you're coming from; Give away ranks to attract players. While this isn't necessarily something I'm against, if it's done through an Official Mineplex Giveaway, it should again, be done periodically and not as an often occurrence. (Maybe something every 2-3 months) - The only flaw with this idea of grand giveaways is if done so often, the server ends up losing revenue.

    I feel that @MarkTheNub. has summed this topic up extremely well in his post above, but to quickly touch back base on this topic; Mineplex has been, and will always be a family-friendly server. I personally feel that your argument about being muted for "something your 3rd grade teacher wouldn't even bat an eye at," is a bit exaggerated. By playing our server, all players come to an accordance with our rules, and should you violate any of our rules, there are following consequences. Our rules aren't too hard to follow. I'm not exactly sure why not being able to use profanity would "drive away players." Furthermore, I don't really understand why you would need to use profanity to "interact with other players" in the first place.

    As far as creating a preference to allow profanity, I don't think that's something Mineplex would consider doing, given that the server again is, and will always be a family-friendly server. While adding a feature to your preferences may seem like a good idea, I would only see it going against what Mineplex advocates for. You can talk to and interact with other players without using profanity.

    I absolutely agree with this and what was said above. I would love to see more influencers on the server! There used to be several bigger Content Creators on the server that generated huge audiences of players who were interested in seeing more Mineplex content. I think by having more of these bigger Content Creators who are passionate about creating Minepelx content, it would drastically help build more interest, bring more players and it would generally help advertise the server.

    More of recently, there has unfortunately been a significant decrease in the amount of Developers we have on the team. Although there's been a decrease, it has been confirmed by Alex, our Developer Lead, that he is in the process of hiring more Developers. As far as producing new games, I feel that @CookieBilly has done a good job of summing up the main issues with producing a huge amount of new games. It would be significantly harder to fix and improve the games we have now with newer games being pushed out. I personally feel that focusing on fixing what we have now, and maybe adding in one new game is more important then pushing out a couple new games.

    Carl Polls: I'm not sure if I was around when this was a thing, but there are now various ways in which we collect ideas and feedback from the community.

    • Discord
    • Forums
    Both platforms are notably great places to exert your feedback and ideas. Whether it be a simple idea suggestion or something as crazy as a new game concept, you're always more than welcome to share your ideas/feedbacks on both platforms! Our Community Management Team/Community Council Team manage the Mineplex Community Center discord where there is tons of community interaction and daily idea discussions. Then of course the forums is also a great place to interact with other community members.

    There's not much I can share on this topic, but as confirmed publicly and by Mark in his post above, GWEN V2 has been introduced and it's something that's in the works. Unfortunately there's no ETA on when it will be released, but I'm excited to see how it functions and how much more effective it'll be.

    Level 100’s:
    This is something that I have discussed with my level 100 friends, and it's definitely something that I would like to see! Adding something like a prestige system would be neat to see and I personally feel that it would give a lot of the current and future level 100's something to work on. I like the idea of trading in for a star, but I'm personally not too fond of your other suggestions, which was giving Immortal after each time you reach level 100/after a certain amount of XP. While I do agree that these players should be recognized for their dedication, I don't think giving out Immortal for free should be one the ways to do it. I think we could perhaps add more cosmetics/perks for level 100s, but as far as specifics for those cosmetics/perks I'm not sure.

    I 100% agree here. As said by @CookieBilly I personally think that we need to revamp of the current Lobby. I personally find it hard to navigate around, especially for newer players. I always get questions on where to find things. I do think that we need a new hub design but something that screams Mineplex!

    With everything being covered, I do think that you have some very valid points here and I want to thank you again for making this thread! I'm interested in what others may have to say in regards to this.
    Posted Jun 13, 2021
  5. A bunch of great suggestions you have here, Mineplex definitely has to do something or else they will completely cease to exist. The player count is dropping even more and can't even hit 1000 players over 90% of the time. Not only many of the things you talked about, but the constant server downtime definitely contributes to that a ton too, sometimes the alternate IPs work sometimes they don't but even if they do I don't think most people know there are alternate IPs.

    I hate to see the server like this because I started playing on this server almost since it started, around March or April 2014 I joined.
    Posted Jun 15, 2021,
    Last edited Jun 15, 2021
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  6. Already happens on the forums, you can see one in the recent tab
    This is genuinely the worst idea I have ever heard about Mineplex

    Much better idea, I agree
    More devs got hired
    Posted Jun 15, 2021
  7. Yeah, apparently the Java anticheat hasn't received a public update in 2nyears, so it absolutely sucks. This is a rather large issue that mineplex should get around to dealing with at some point.
    Most people don't even get to that level, and if they do they are highly devoted to mineplex. Even so, I think that there should be something else special that goes along with it.
    I dont remember a sky island map, ut when I first started playing it, they had a really cool hub that looked like a castle, and there were decorations portals, and stuff. I guess the npcs make it a little more beginner-friendly, and the city map is 0tay, I guess, but I still kinda miss that.

    I wouldn't be entirely surprised if that happened, although it would be disappointing. =/
    Posted Jun 15, 2021
  8. This was pretty interesting to read for sure. Great points were also made, from which, I mostly agree with.
    As for the "beta" games, I think it could also work. Even with the current player count. Just make it similar to mixed arcade or NANO for example. Make it run different BETA games (if there are multiple) in one game lobby. It's genius. People could choose which beta games they like or dislike, then you could vote for the best ones via Carl the Creeper!

    Chat profanity filters is a bit more controversial. I personally think it could work quite well if you make a few changes to the base idea of just toggling it off, here's my thought;
    Have the filtered words ranked to different levels, and make it so that the "level 1" (We'll use level 1 to describe the words that tend to be fine in most cases, but are still filtered in Mineplex chat) are able to be enabled from preference settings ingame, after linking an account to the forums account and meeting a certain age requirement. That way we could keep the game (at least more) family friendly, and those who themselves are fine with more "bad" words, could enable at least some of them.

    Then things get a bit more interesting and riskier. In the end of the day, Mineplex is a business, is it not? Businesses have to invest, to earn. Same applies to Mineplex. Hypothetically speaking, let's say Mineplex was to launch a major update, they're planning on releasing "GWEN 2.0" and other major updates that change several aspects of the game, they'd need to hire more developers. They'd need to put more money in (unless they can somehow manage to find skilled developers who would be willing to do the work for free.) They'd need to invest money to launch a major update that would attract new players, and make them stay, who would later buy ranks and other cosmetics, and Mineplex would make back the money the invested, and also make profit, which would allow to keep on investing more and more, thus leading to a snowball effect, bam. Mineplex is now back in the 2015 player numbers.

    This of course is the best-case scenario. If they opted to make some moves (similar as to what was mentioned above) they'd also need to make a plan B, and prepare for the worst. But that's not necessarily our responsibility, as players. That is a responsibility left to the admins, in the end of the day, they're the ones who make the calls.

    And this was my take on it. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
    Posted Jun 16, 2021
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  9. Nice ideas but the Allow profanity is a no for me lol I already get insulted enough
    On Java and on bedrock from people bypassing chat
    Posted Jun 16, 2021
  10. The giveaways is a good idea, yes. The allow profanity thing is... funny. I think that it's not a good idea though, small children can probably figure out how to change the filter, which would be bad. I think that some parts of the chat filter should be changed, but I don't think it's a good idea to allow players to use profanity or really bad insults whenever they want.

    The sponsorship thing I agree with its something I mentioned in the past so Yeah, I still agree with it. About the devs, they are interviewing new ones, so hopefully that problem will be less bad. Oh and they're working on gwen 2.0.

    The xp past lvl 100 is good for keeping long time players, since I planned on quitting after I got that high. Actually some lvl100s made alt accounts so they can get to 100 twice. Also yes Mineplex, please keep the tree hub, it's a classic. And speaking of classic, please go back to the old queuing system instead of this god awful one we've had for the last 3 years
    Posted Jun 16, 2021
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  11. A lot has been discussed around your ideas and I agree with a lot of what Amg and CookieBilly said, however, I figured I'd put in my two cents here.
    As has been mentioned more than once, I entirely agree with you on this point. For me personally, I really don't enjoy playing extremely competitive tryhard types of games. I used to enjoy it with competitive dominate, and if I'm in the mood I'll play CW and you're bound to find this problem there, however, I usually just play Nano now since it seems to be the most casual gamemode available. With that said, it gets very frustrating trying to play a game solo and running into a team of extremely experienced players, and it honestly puts me off of the gamemodes for a bit. But as Amg mentioned, they're doing nothing wrong, they're playing the game like everyone else, they've just gotten experienced with it, and have a good strategy, which may come off as sweaty or tryhard-like, but they're just good at the game, and obviously, there's nothing wrong with that, and nothing that can be done about that. However, as you mentioned, it can most likely come across as frustrating, demoralizing, and just not enjoyable to new players trying to try out the server for the first time, and that would probably result in them quitting. With all of that said, an increase in player count is the only way to really allow this to be attempted, and that'll come from external forces such as a new gamemode, an update, or an increase in advertising, and for now, I don't see this as a major issue that can be resolved.

    Entirely agree. Giveaways really take no effort from the higherups to manage, and yet it allows the community to have a chance at something free such as an Immortal Giveaway. From a financial standpoint, players cannot use Immortal Points if they don't have Immortal active, so if you giveaway a month free of Immortal, it may allow those players to purchase it on their own to utilize the unique shop option they have, and if they have points remaining from their free giveaway month, it may allow them to purchase Immortal just for the purchase of using them. Which, would be financially smart on Mineplex's part, as well as fun and interactive for the community.

    I like this idea a lot. Mineplex has the giveaways section of the forums which is great for stuff like this, however, utilizing the idea you suggested here would make it much more interactive, and would hopefully bring more people to the network testing their luck of winning the free month. I really love the idea of having casual raffles like this where you can enter simply by winning a game, or by getting a certain number of kills, something similar to The Slime when it comes to challenges, but with giveaways. As mentioned, you'd obviously have to make sure this wasn't overdone, sort of desensitizing the idea of giveaways. Making this unique throughout the year and having occasional raffles should allow it to be spread out enough to make it not dry for the community, and also financially smart for Mineplex from a business standpoint. However, I love the idea and I really hope they implement something along these lines in the future.

    I'm personally against this. I'm 19 years old, I use profanity in my regular day life, but there's no reason to bring this here. Mineplex has been and always will be family-friendly, and there's really no benefit towards allowing players to have a toggleable option to bypass the filter for profanity. When it comes down to it, it really isn't that hard to not swear, and it really shouldn't be enough of an issue to the point where changes have to be made. I personally like the system how it is and I definitely don't think muting profanity blocks people from "Interacting with other players"

    Love this idea as well. I've personally believed for a while that Mineplex needs to put in more of an effort when it comes to Sponsorships/Content Creators/Advertisements. I believe this is a huge area that could bring players back to Mineplex, because well the player count has fallen, a lot of that can be due to the fact that you really don't see this server advertised anywhere. Hopefully with new updates, they can advertise those specific updates in a more effective way than they have in the past.

    Absolutely been the thing that's frustrated me the most in the past, and something I entirely agree with the point you're making with this. How is a server supposed to be sustainable when you have 1-2 devs working on an entire network? Never mind sustainability, how do you expect to bring a larger community to the network if its hard enough maintaining the community you already have? I personally feel like the Development Team is the backbone of a successful Mineplex Server, and when you think about it, there are other networks that have a Developer per gamemode, we have 1-2 for the entire network. I'm not trying to hate on the Developers themselves because they've done a ton for what's been asked of them, and for the workload that's been put in front of them. But I personally have believed for months that the best way this server was gonna get back to how it was, is by hiring a larger team of devs to push out more updates much more frequently and consistently, work towards unique game modes to advertise, and work towards fixing some of the bugs that the community has been complaining about lately. Anyways, enough with the negativity, a bright spot is that we should be getting new Developers in the near future, and as almost everyone has mentioned, hiring is currently in progress, which is great to hear.

    Lastly, I entirely agree about the Lobby. This one is "Nostalgic" but is borderline a mess in a lot of ways. I really feel like good changes could be made while keeping the "Mineplex Brand" and I really hope something is done about this in the future.

    All in all, I agree with a lot of what you said and really did appreciate that instead of seeing a "Mineplex is dying" thread, this was a, "This is how Mineplex can improve" type of thread. I appreciate the constructive criticism and have agreed with a lot of what you've said for the last few months. Changes are being attempted, and hopefully, the future of the server will be looking brighter than it does now.
    Posted Jun 17, 2021,
    Last edited Jun 17, 2021
  12. Just to put something on the profanity, I think there should be an option to have it on in party and msgs only that can be turned on and off. The rest of the suggestions I agree with :)
    Posted Jun 17, 2021
  13. The profanity option I actually agree with and have agreed with for a while. Hypixel does it and it’s working out great for them. The average age of the playerbase on java has increased over the years, so I feel having a toggleable option would be beneficial. Bedrock I get since the age range is younger, but for Java, with the older playerbase, I see no reason not to add it.
    Posted Jun 17, 2021
  14. Thanks for making this thread! I agree with most of the points you suggested. Regarding what you said about Mineplex's declining player count, I just wanted to say that I think the main issue is that even if the player count were to increase, Mineplex wouldn't even be able to handle it. Based on the last few days, it appears that the player count on MP had reached its cap when hypixel has been undergoing maintenance. It seems like the server was not prepared for this, but I hope someone is working on this issue and a higher player cap will be present for summertime because I expect a lot of players to return for summer break. Otherwise, even if Mineplex gains popularity again, the server will keep going down

    Also I completely agree with allowing profanity, but obviously not everyone will agree with this. I think there should be an optional filter in preferences for players to decide if they want to use/view current filtered words
    Posted Jun 17, 2021
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  15. @AlexTheCoder bestie r u gonna ignore this :sob: during pride month ???????? :(
    Posted Jun 17, 2021
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  16. With the idea that the player might have already purchased immortal, it can instead be turned into a giftable immortal rank, either that or have it be an additional month on top of your subscription.
    Posted Jun 17, 2021
  17. get this guy an award, he singlehandedly fixed mineplex
    Posted Jun 18, 2021
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  18. This is something i can strongly agree for. Since @GlutenFreeCode has explained about this i won't be going deep into it.
    Posted Jun 19, 2021
    Posted Jun 20, 2021
  20. Mineplex could be getting devs if they advertised for it, which they have made 0 effort in doing so
    Posted Jun 20, 2021
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