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In Discussion Gadgets in Staff Build Area - A Better Solution

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Wiz, May 31, 2020.

  1. Hello,

    Recently I heard that gadgets had been disabled in the staff build area. Now, my sources have told me this was "staff suggested". I disagree with this change. Gadgets were always a key part of the staff build area experience. Staff would spend hours making cool rollercoasters only accessed via the minecart cosmetic and so much more.

    This is an easy example of a solution from Mineplex that benefits one party, but disadvantages another. We've seen many ideas from Mineplex that haven't had much thought put into them and highly disadvantages one party while giving little advantage to the other (remember when they removed like every game??? highly disadvantages the playerbase, but a small advantage to the LT who don't have to think about ignoring the games).

    For the longest time, Mineplex has had a hub shield implemented into their system. This has been historically for Admin+ so they aren't super crowded by players. Today, my fellow Mineplexians, I propose we add an option that uses existing code (omg almost 0 dev time that needs to be spent on this???). We can easily take that command and make a new preference in the Exclusive Preferences tab that staff have and add "Enable Radius in Build Island". Then, if players are being annoying with their gadgets and stuff, they'll just get bounced back.

    See folks. I call that a solution that benefits both parties: staff and members. Staff gets to quietly build when they want and players can still use gadgets to interact, but if they're being annoying, they'll just be bounced back.


    Posted May 31, 2020
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  2. I feel like the current system is adequate enough for both parties. You bring up the point that:

    And yet players are still able to access minecarts in the staff build area. Requiring dev time to go back and find preexisting code and replacing another portion of code doesn't seem necessary. If staff don't mind players using gadgets on them, they can easily move to another section of the lobby where players can use gadgets. Overall, I give this idea a -1.
    Posted Oct 18, 2020
  3. Hey!

    I agree that a change to the system should be implemented, however, I think a more simpler technique would be to use the command which disables gadgets in certain areas, such as that of the admin build spot, while the staff are building, and then when the staff are done building, they usher the command again to turn it off so that players can use their gadgets again when the staff are finished. I hope that makes sense.

    I am currently not aware if this is already something staff can do, however, if they can, I'd say just use this technique instead as it would benefit both staff and players, and you wouldn't have to write a new set of coding for a new command.
    Posted Oct 18, 2020
  4. Building on the staff island was a huge problem for a lot of us because of players using gadgets. The staff island is there just for fun, but the gadgets just ruin it for those who actually want to build for a bit. It was extremely frustrating and not fun at all. There are so many other places to use gadgets and as mentioned above, it's still possible to use minecarts in the build area. I love @OnGodItsEric's idea above to have a togglable feature to allow when or when not to allow gadgets on there. Completely allowing gadgets on the build island at all times is something I personally am not a fan of.
    Posted Oct 18, 2020
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  5. Though I definitely see the standpoint from the staff perspective, I also agree with implementing something based on this idea, preferable @OnGodItsEric's idea. Having people bombard you with Gadgets or Mounts can be annoying when you are just trying to have a good time and build, but I also believe it is unfair to people that have spent time to obtain gadgets that can only really be used in Lobbies to have that ability taken away from them. I understand gadgets are not super hard to obtain in most cases, but it still wouldn't be right to have it taken away when normal players are still subject to them as well.

    Thus, having an idea where the island has a togglable feature instead would be more beneficial in the long run, and allow both parties to be satisfied to a greater extent. Great suggestion, though I do not agree with your personal implementation and rather a revised one along Eric's idea.
    Posted Oct 18, 2020
  6. I disagree with a few points brought up in the original post. I don't think this disproportionately affect one party over the other. Your only example of negative player impacts was not being able to use roller coasters that are built on the islands. I don't really see roller coasters being that popular of a choice when building on the island, and if it's starting from the ground, you should be able to use your minecart gadget anyway (I believe, and others mentioned). This player negative is quite small in comparison to the staff positive of being able to complete builds in an enjoyable manner for the community to enjoy.

    Even if it doesn't take much development time to change to a proposed new system, it's not worth it (in my opinion) to return to something we already made a QoL update on. I would rather see one of the many other QoL small changes implemented, because I don't think this issue is something pervasive that needs attention.

    I would rather keep the current system. If it were to change to a different system, I wouldn't mind at all, but I don't think it needs changing any time soon.
    Posted Oct 27, 2020
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  7. Hey,

    As a non-staff member, I can assure you that it was incredibly frustrating for staff members who were trying to build to only be able to smack players off of their builds with fishing rods. in 2018, when the staff island was first introduced, I remember enabling either my slime or my ghast morph and just casually sitting on top of whatever the staff member was trying to build (I was younger, okay?).

    Although the current "solution" is not ideal, I would much rather have that 0 dev time put into fixing game-breaking issues that already exist rather than trying to fix relatively minor issues just to potentially cause more game-breaking issues (I'm looking at you, "fixed" immortal first-person spectator mode that now allows players in Minestrike to become invisibly flying Jesus with an Ak-47!). In all seriousness though, that is one fine example of developer time being placed into fixing a relatively minor issue which, as a result, resulted in the creation of a game-breaking issue that players can be banned for using after discovering it unintentionally...

    Posted Oct 28, 2020

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