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In Discussion Game Idea (Vampires)

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Atom1c_Kitten, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. So I was just playing on the server and the idea came to me
    ~How to play~
    You will need 15 or more players in the lobby (21 max) you will be randomly selected, Human or Vampire. If you are selected vampire you will be wearing a special vampire (Male or female) skin you have to try to kill all the humans in 11 minutes or under if you fail the humans win. The human class you will try to survive the longest by finding ancient spells (to weaken the vampire) if you all work together you can kill the demon and prevail!
    ** Human**
    *Thrust* you right-click to chare 10 blocks at the vampire to stun him or her with your knife (cooldown 10 seconds)
    *Bat form* sneak to fly as a bat for 8 seconds (cooldown 5.5 seconds)
    *blood suck* When you attack a human you can drink their blood to gain hp when your XP bar goes to 0 you have killed the human (cooldown 1 second) you both spam "J" key vamp you try to keep them from escaping you Human if you win the spam war you get speed II and R U N!!!
    Posted Aug 12, 2019
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  2. This isn't a bad idea, I think it is really unique and definitely haven't heard of it before. However, I would like to clarify a few things first:

    - When you are referring to the Human's Knife, is this a sword? If so what type of sword is it?
    - What type of armour do the human's and vampire get?
    - What type of 'ancient spells' can you locate to use against the vampire? What do they do?

    Otherwise, I think this is a great idea. My favourite part is the whole 'blood suck' ability and if you are trapped you spam a key to try and escape. Good luck with the idea being accepted.
    Posted Aug 12, 2019
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  3. This is a cool game idea, however, I think it sounds too much like wither assault. For that reason I couldn't see this game being added to Mineplex. But I do think this version is a bit more creative, and it would be cool if they updated wither assault to be more like this.
    Posted Aug 12, 2019
  4. Whiteo yes by knife i mean sword and i guess it does sound like wither assault but remember they removed it :0/ ;-;
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 12, 2019
  5. 1+
    Seems like a cool game, but kind of coping another server's game
    Posted Aug 12, 2019
  6. It's still in the mixed arcade rotation
    Posted Aug 13, 2019

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