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In Discussion [ Game/Minigame Idea ] Gem Drop (Old Idea)

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by ICauseDarkDays, Jan 6, 2019.


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  1. Information

    The gist of this game is to go around and collect Gems that fall from the ceiling. The more valuable the Gem, the more points you earn! This is a fairly short game with a very easy objective. The first player to 1000 Points, wins! (You can also play for 3-5 minutes, and whoever has the most points, wins!) The Points are also transferred to Gems and Treasure Shards!



    "Coming Through!"

    Free Kit (Default)

    This kit gets 5 "Boost Feathers". Boost Feathers give you a 5 second boost. This kit also has a permanent Speed 1 effect.


    "Your Pickpocketing Skill Has Increased"

    7000 Gems

    This kit gets a Stick that, when you hit other players, can steal up to 75 Points off of them. This stick can only be used every 8 seconds. This kit does not have any effects.

    Gem Cutter

    ”Master Of Deception"

    2000 Gems

    Every 7 seconds, you send out a random Gem at your location. These Gems cannot be picked up, and can easily fool players. This kit does not have any effects.


    "Light's Out!"

    5000 Gems

    Get a Rabbit's Foot that, when you hit other players, you blind them for 2-3 seconds. This stick can only be used every 6 seconds. This kit does not have any effects.


    "And The Earth Shattered As The Mighty Hammer Struck"

    5000 Gems

    This kit gets an Iron Axe that, when right-clicked, can send players flying up to 3 blocks high! This Axe can only be used every 6 seconds. This kit has a permanent Speed 1 effect.


    "The Force Is Strong With This One"

    Achievement Unlock!

    This Kit has a Magnet that only picks up Gold and Iron (metals) and the Magnet lasts the whole game. it's sort of like an effect. If you get hit by a Destructor, you will be blasted 6 blocks in the air instead of the usual 3. If you get hit by a Thief, the Thief will steal 50% more points than it would originally give them.

    Gems And Values

    Coal - 5 Points

    Iron - 10 Points

    Gold - 20 Points

    Diamond - 50 Points

    Emerald - 100 Points

    Every 25 points you get is equal to 2 Gems and 2 Treasure Shards



    Collect 10,000 Points Worth Of Gems

    I Could Do This With My Eyes Closed!

    Collect 1,000 Points Worth Of Gems While Standing Still

    Incognito Villager

    Collect 5 Emeralds In One Game

    Losing Is The Only Way To Win.. Or Not

    Lose A Game By Collecting 0 Points

    Nighty-Night Time!

    Knock Out 20 Players With The Bouncer Kit

    World-Renowned Thief

    Steal A Total Of 2,000 Points With The Thief Kit

    They Call Me The Flash

    Use Your Booster A Total Of 75 Times

    Videos And Pictures

    No Videos Or Pictures Yet! Coming Soon!

    Map Ideas





    Any Open Fields (Such as Football Stadiums, Parking Lots, etc...)

    I'm open to suggestions!


    This game could be a teams game, too. Instead of having the 1000 point limit, increase it to 10,000! Red and Blue team would battle for the win!
    Posted Jan 6, 2019
  2. Needs a twist to it if it would be successful as an arcade game, it seems alright for nano tho.
    Posted Jan 6, 2019
  3. This idea is a great starting point on creating an interesting gameplay toward arcade games. Some tips I would like to give would be obstacles besides collecting gems in an easy matter depending on the difficulty finding them on the map you create. Will there be teams? Will they have a different goal than each other? Would this be better as solo or team? There should be more obstacles than just collecting and gaining something because this seems it should be in nano because it is so small and not very interesting as the time range it looks like it would have. +1, if you could think out this idea more and give it a twist and originality :)!
    Posted Jan 10, 2019

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