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General Tips for Cake Wars?

Discussion in 'Cake Wars' started by Gendo, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. My friend and I wanna get on the Cake Wars Duo daily wins leaderboard and we could use some tips
    Posted Apr 2, 2020
  2. I've been playing for a little while, and I think I could help you with some things;

    GET FROSTING!!! I can't stress this enough. Unless you're not good at projectiles (Fishing Rod, Snowballs, Eggs, etc, which is really good to learn), this is KEY. You will be amazed by the difference this makes.

    Surround yourself with good players. I know you guys said you're working in Duos, but I recommend going into the Standard community to find some really good players that'll help you in getting frosting and win-streaks. The chances of you getting a win in a minute in Duos is really really low, unless you have 14 other people in on it, which would be super difficult.

    Don't join random people's parties. unless it is a group of Level 100 Immortals with a 483 win-streak, don't join random parties. They'll most likely cripple your win-streak and your W/L ratio. Even if it's just one person, don't do it.

    That's all I've got. Have fun!
    Posted Apr 2, 2020
  3. About this, my friend and I have already been grinding for frosting! We only have to get the wins now (about 30 left). I'll try to find some better players tho
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 2, 2020
  4. 1. Abuse frosting before it is nerfed
    2. Find group of lvl 100 immortal with an edater skin who spams frosting and could have reach as your team
    3. /hub in games with high ranking players
    Posted Apr 2, 2020
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  5. thanks lol
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 2, 2020
  6. My advice is to always upgrade resources before upgrading anything else, increased amount of resources will help you to build supper cool Cake defense, buy armor in a shorter period of time and you will also receive more stars.

    Another advise is to use sheep bombs or TNT Polly, they deal a lot of damage to the players and they can destroy anything except the obsidian.
    Posted Apr 2, 2020
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  7. BRO: Use the builder suffocation(deploy platform) trick.
    Posted Apr 3, 2020
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  8. Its hard to find a good team. Most know each other pretty well they make their own jokes and stuff.. if you go against them you are basically dead they spam frosting and they take your cake in the first 15s of the game.
    Posted Apr 3, 2020
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  9. dont get a good team, dont get frosting

    improve at pvp. solo players ftw
    Posted Apr 3, 2020
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  10. I'm a big CW fan (particularly duos) and a lot of what's already in this thread seems to be based around kits and just "improving at pvp" which I think doesn't encompass a full understanding of the game. In every current (as of 4/3/2020) iteration of the game, Cake Wars is a team game, and that fact cannot be forgotten.

    In my opinion, the most important thing to improving your skill at Cake Wars is to improve your communicative skill. I really stand by the idea that almost any teammate can be a good teammate as long as you are able to create an effective communicative environment with them. Communication starts from the very beginning of the game. The first thing you need to figure out is who will be covering the cake, and who will be rushing. This honestly depends on your PvP skill who should be protecting or rushing if you're with people who you know, but if you are playing with strangers you really should be the one to cover the cake. Here's why:

    Players who have a lesser understanding of CW mechanics have a tendency to over-cover their cakes. Over-covering your cake (placing any blocks at Height-3 besides the center block above the cake) is a major security risk because it allows enemy players to burrow in your cake defenses, covering their tracks and making it so that even if you manage to realize that they're there... it's too late. In the event that you are playing with strangers, you should immediately say in teamchat ( # ) "I will cover the cake, you guys rush beacons." Even if they cannot out-pvp the enemy rushers, after you cover the cake (in endstone) you can use the bridges that they built to immediately cap beacons. In duos, the rush should be to the emerald beacon, and in squads, one player should go to mid, and one player should go to the two side emerald beacons each.

    After initial control of the beacons and covering of the cake is established, the importance of communication does not diminish. Every CW player knows that the middle beacon is extremely important to success. A large amount of fighting will occur at mid throughout the game, and you won't always be prepared (in terms of gear) to participate. By communicating with your teammate(s) (and essentially taking alternate turns either obtaining or guarding mid) you can more effectively control mid and gain team buffs. Not to mention, you need that open line of communication to effectively share and use resources, particularly nether stars.

    Said communication is also needed to successfully either split (one/some players defend while one/some players go on the offense) and successfully protect the cake.

    In terms of other general tips, I disagree with a few that have been given in this thread.

    In my opinion, Resource Generator should not be the first upgrade made. The first upgrade to make is Protection I, which can give you a huge edge in PvP given that you're maintaining control of mid. It can also help you keep control of mid. From there, what you get depends on whether mid is being contested at a low or high degree. If mid continuously is shifting control, your next purchase should be Sharpness. Not only will this help you get mid once more, but it is more beneficial in the event that you no longer have any control over mid. It will also help you kill other teams who are contesting mid more. If you have total (or near-total) control of mid, that's when you go for Resource Gen. There's no point in having Resource Gen instead of sharpness if you're not getting any stars as benefit, but if you are getting Nether Stars from your Resource Gen, you're in a really good spot.

    "Sheep bombs" (Pollys) are very useful, but they actually can go through obsidian-- it's just a very rare chance. I do recommend using them, as Cardyceps said, but it's important to know that they can be an invaluable resource against both non-obsidian and obsidian defenses. Particularly I'd like to recommend placing your Polly down on a wool structure above the cake defense you wish to target, then gently pushing it off right before it explodes. This is a good strategy to prevent the death of Polly, as the sheep can be killed before it explodes.

    I also disagree with the sentiment that you should avoid high level players as opponents (as mab8400 stated), as I think that's a great opportunity to learn their tricks and grow as a player!

    Here are a few more general tips:

    Diamond Armor/Items Purchasing Order:

    Diamond Sword -> Diamond Chestplate -> Rune of Holding -> Diamond Hat -> Diamond Boots -> Diamond Pants
    Diamond pants only do +.5 armor, which is the same as a hat and as boots. It's a waste of emeralds to purchase it before the cheaper pieces!

    Never use a Knockback-Enchant Diamond Sword (found in chest-islands) without a Rune of Holding (unless cakes have already rot).
    They're too valuable to lose carelessly.

    Cake Islands can contain very valuable and game-changing items (such as the KB sword). Don't underestimate them!

    Your cake should always first be covered with endstone, with a layer of wool above it. Through the game, replace the endstone with obsidian.
    Unless the game appears to be an "easy win--" use your brain about whether or not it's necessary, it's really dependent on individual circumstance

    If you chase a player across a bridge, they'll likely turn around and knock out off once they reach an island. Be wary!
    This is a strategy that you can use too! And it's very, very effective.

    When Cake Rot is <5 minutes away, it's more beneficial to stack up on diamond armor, enchants, pearls, and gaps, unless there is a high likelihood that you can eat the enemy's cake rapidly. If there are multiple enemy teams who still have cakes, just stack up.

    Enderpearls and Golden Apples are critical for your success once cakes have rot.

    I'm sure there are more tips to be said, but my reply is already getting quite large so I think I'll end it there. Good luck to you and your buddy at making it to the LB!
    Posted Apr 3, 2020
  11. wow thanks for all the great info!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 6, 2020
  12. Update: We have since gotten frosting kit and both made it onto the daily wins leaderboard twice! Thanks for all the tips guys!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 6, 2020
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  13. Unlike a few other posts I've seen on this thread, my opinion is to not rely on the Frosting Kit, because when it either gets removed or nerfed, you will need it more than when you started using it. I'm not saying to not use Frosting at all, but on must-do occasions you may.

    A general PvP idea is to strafe against new players. Be sure to buy traps as well, and to rush obsidian if the CW lobby you are in has experienced players. ALWAYS capture side beacons FIRST, capture mid beacons after you have captured at least 2 side beacons, as that is my strategy, it works like a charm. Also, try not to lose your mid beacon or side beacons.

    Hope this helped, Infui.
    Posted Apr 6, 2020
  14. Another one is rushing unexposed cakes. Often when people rush mid first thing in game their cake will be left exposed. You can just run across the bridge they built and quickly eat their cake. Keep if mind that if they’re good players they might retaliate by rushing your base and attempting to eat your cake, so after you finished stack up on decent iron gears to prepare for the chance of an counter-attack.
    Yes. The over-covering of cake is also a big mistake. As someone who joins random party often my teammate will either make the cover for the cake unnecessarily tall or big. Big means that they can burrow in without you noticing and tall means they can drop on top of the cake cover and tunnel down.
    Posted Apr 6, 2020
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  15. Another one is to NEVER build walls around the base.
    1. It doesn’t help with defense because enderpearls can be used to teleport over the wall
    2. It’s a big waste of time and resources
    A lot of my teammate do this and I’ll often lose the game because they don’t back me up when I go out to do stuff.
    Posted Apr 6, 2020
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  16. I just got on CW2 lifetime leaderboard myself actually, I’d be glad to give some tips that worked for me and could help you improve.

    Builder - great for rushing as not only does it allow you to bridge faster, but it also requires to buy less blocks at the start of the game. It also has great pvp usage if you’re good with it, whether it be suffocating someone and knocking them off a bridge or just hit them a bunch while they’re trying to break free. You can also use it to block someone trying to eat your cake if they’ve opened it. Those are just a few common uses of this kit. The utility this kit offers is often underestimated and it’s a great kit overall.
    Archer - generally better for defense, if you have a teammate that isn’t very good at pvp, you may want to have them run archer. They can defend effectively from a distance using this kit even if they’re bad at pvp, aiming a bow and fighting with a sword are two totally different skills.
    Warrior - gives no advantage in a 1 on 1 fight, unlike the other three. Only useful if you’re gonna be fighting multiple people. It would require you to either outpvp your opponent or have a gear advantage. If you win, it would just give you some hearts back so you’d be in a better position to fight whoever you must next. Overall, I’d say it’s the worst kit under most circumstances and wouldn’t recommend it.
    Frosting - definitely the best pick if you’re a good pvper, particularly with a rod. The snowballs function as a rod in combat, they can start and continue combos. They also give slowness, which can hinder your opponent’s ability to fight back. Basic uses of this kit are engaging fights with it or using it to knock someone off a bridge. Using it like a rod mid fight requires much more skill, if you mess it up it may cost you the fight. Great kit for a skilled pvper, if you’re not though, you may want a different kit.

    Starting the game
    There’s a few things to keep in mind at the start of the game. Generally you want to rush the side beacon and then to mid from there, though that won’t always be the best option. You want to get to mid as fast as you can, that means buying the least amount of blocks required to get there. Remember that there are teams next to you, if you leave your cake open and lose it at the start of the game, it drastically decreases any chance you had of winning. Now onto what to do at the start. Usually you have one person defending and one person rushing. The defender gets endstone immediately and covers the cake with it. They’ll have 3 blocks left over, which you should put in the chest. Many people waste them which is a mistake, if your cake gets opened, you’d have to buy more which is a waste of resources. The defender shouldn’t have his back turned to the cake, they need to be paying attention to what’s going on so they can see possible attacks coming and communicate them. The rushers job is to go to the side beacon, capture it, then go to mid as fast as possible. This can be sped up if you use builder kit, or if the defender comes to capture the side so you can go straight to mid. Make sure you’re aware of what’s going on before both players leave base especially if your cake is open. If you want to be safe, just have your defender focus on endstone while you capture the side then go to mid. Remember though, that’s not always what you should do. If the team at your beacon rushes it and has no cake defense, it would be better to try to kill the one rushing to the beacon and try to get their cake. Or if the team next to you is rushing, you may need to help defend and try to get their cake if they’ve left it open. Now say you’ve just captured mid, what you do next also depends on circumstances. If others are rushing mid or looking like they might, stay at mid and defend it. When it seems like no one is pressuring mid, go back to your base and help the defender get stars and emeralds. You both get resources while standing on the gen, so you can upgrade twice as quickly this way.

    I’ll start by talking about what to do with stars, getting resource gen first is almost always the way to go, though you may have to get protection first. If you’re unable to hold mid and it keeps getting taken while your base and side beacon are constantly under pressure, you may not have the time to save stars for gen. Get protection to give you the edge in pvp so you can get ahead early on. Generally though, you upgrade Gen 1 -> Sharp and Prot 1 -> Sharp and Prot 2-> after that depends on the situation, you might want haste, but think before you buy. If the other teams have all lost their cakes, haste won’t help as much as other upgrades might. Use your best judgement at this point. Now on to emeralds. Unless you’re confident that the game is an easy win, save emeralds for obsidian. Don’t buy diamond gear, runes, etc. until you have full obsidian. Only things you might want to buy before obsidian would be traps (particularly tnt if you don’t have obsidian) or ender pearls. Use ender pearls wisely, usually to get an unsuspecting team’s cake or to defend your own if you can’t get there in time without the pearl. Tnt trap is also very useful and very underrated as well. I’ve been saved by tnt traps so many times where I would have surely lost my cake otherwise. I wouldn’t recommend getting bear trap until you have obsidian though. Tnt trap is great early game because that’s when your cake is most likely to be opened. Bear trap is better after you’ve got obsidian, because it reveals players trying to get your cake while giving you time to get back to base. After you have obsidian and both traps is when you can buy other things with emeralds more freely. Don’t go out with too much diamond gear without a rune, if you lose diamond armor, it’s a lot of wasted resources. If you want to go out and attack or capture beacons, usually best to get a diamond sword and a pearl or two. DO NOT LOSE RESOURCES. Especially in the early game, while you have mid and side(s). This is when resources are most important and get you way ahead of the other teams. I often see people leaving their base carelessly and even if they don’t lose their cake, their gen will get full and loads of resources go to waste. Try your best to avoid this, particularly in the early game. SHARE RESOURCES, YOUR TEAMMATE NEEDS THEM TOO. Don’t hog everything for yourself, keep resources in the chest. When taking from the chest, keep in mind not to take more than you need. Also, be sure not to die with resources on you, as those will go to waste as well unless you have a rune. You will also want to get cake islands when you can. They usually have an item and resources. You can give the emeralds to your defender who might be saving for obby, which really speeds it up early game. Some items, such as knockback swords are extremely valuable. I’d suggest not going out with one unless you have a rune and if you come across one put it in your ender chest right away or give it to your teammate if he has a rune.

    Who to attack and when
    Attacking the teams next to you is usually a good start, since those are the teams that will usually be pressuring you. As I stated before, always attack if you have a good chance to, such as if they left their cake open and there’s already a bridge to their base. You may also want to look at tab and determine which team(s) would be the greatest threat to you. Even if you can’t attack them, you can pressure them by capturing their beacons. Pay attention to who’s next to them and who’s pressuring them. If you’ve determined that a team is a threat to you, it may be best not to attack a team that’s pressuring them as even though you’re eliminating a team, it may not be beneficial to you in the long run. Just think of who you’re attacking and how it would affect the other teams, and use your judgement to decide whether to attack or not. Just because you can get a team’s cake doesn’t always mean you should.

    Cake defense
    At the start of the game, the first thing the defender should buy is endstone. The best layer to put over it would be either wool or wood. Personally, I prefer wood since most players don’t carry an axe regularly. When you have 40 emeralds, replace the endstone with obsidian. Two layers of obsidian is often unneeded and just a waste of emeralds. Also, be sure not to make your defense bigger than two layers. Big defenses are bad defenses.

    What you can do while behind
    You may find yourself in a situation where it takes you a lot of time to deal with the team next to you. By the time you’ve finished, another team might be getting stacked. Take any opportunities to go to their base and get their cake. If you get to their base but can’t get their cake in time, just get their resources and put them in your ender chest as quickly as possible. Remember, all islands have generators and if no one is there then there’s a good chance they have a lot of resources in them. You can also just focus on getting mid and side beacons while the team(s) that seems ahead are distracted while catch up.

    Cake rot
    In some games, you just won’t be able to finish everyone before cake rot. When you see that cakes rot in 5 minutes, focus on stacking up. That means getting full diamond, platforms, bow/arrows, blocks, and pearls and gapples. When cake rot comes, stay with your teammate and you both need to be especially careful not to die, for obvious reasons. If there are multiple teams other than yourselves, it’s usually best to let them fight it out. If you lose one of your players and another team still has both, your chances of winning that 2v1 are usually slim. Be careful when it comes to which fights you take, if another team is stronger and/or better, it might be unwise to fight them head on.

    EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Whether it’s just saying “inc” when players are attacking your base, letting your teammate know when to attack a base (such as if both players are away from it), or discussing strategies, communication is a must. It’s still a team game, and working together is essential.

    Wow that turned out to be way longer than I thought, anyway hope you find this useful and good luck!
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
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