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Official General Website Info 4 Public Beta

Discussion in 'Website Feedback' started by Wanderer, Sep 12, 2018.

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  1. Hey people!

    As we have now headed into the public beta release of this website I would simply like to list down that everything you see on the site right now is not final.
    A lot of design aspects are still unfinished, and a lot of things will be changed over time as we all test and gain experience working with this new site. What you get is a public beta, with most main features being implemented and a fair share of bug fixing having been done on the current features and design aspects.

    Some of the things that will still be worked on and changed in the near future are:

    - Profiles (profile posts, profile user sections)
    - Emails (store and forum related)
    - Games pages
    - Play Now page
    - Link Character page
    - Store and every page related to the store
    - Leaderboards
    - etc.

    So don't jump the boat because some of the aforementioned pages don't look as pretty as the other pages just yet -- there's much more to come ;)

    Of course, we appreciate anyone willing to take the time to report any bugs with the website or its features here or pose us any suggestions. I personally will make sure to go over every suggestion to the best of my ability and consider where it stands in terms of being implementable and fitting into the current ideas we have for this website.

    Do note that sadly not all ideas will be able to make it in, even if they're really cool, and big feature requests are unlikely to be completed in the near future but may definitely still be considered moving into post full release.

    All of that said, thank you all for sticking with us and I hope you all enjoy the new website!
    Posted Sep 12, 2018
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