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In Discussion Get rid of the number next to the warnings tab if it's already expired

Discussion in 'Website Feedback' started by Rvka, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. It kind of bothers me that there's a number on the warnings tab even though all of my warnings are expired (it makes me feel like I have active punishments even though I don't). I would like it to only show active warnings to decrease confusion.

    Posted Jan 13, 2020
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  2. Hi,

    I can fully understand your desire to have this changed (I also wouldn't take issue with it if it were to be changed), however, I would expect that a change may require some extra development time which could be inconvenient. In addition, being fully aware as to whether or not a player has a punishment history is quite useful for forum staff as well.
    Posted Jan 16, 2020
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  3. I disagree with removing the warnings tab because the warnings tab is similar to /phistory in-game. People may earn a warning and forget about it. However, the trainee application requires you to state all your punishments so it would be an inconvenience to not be able to access your punishment history on the forums.
    Posted Jan 16, 2020
  4. They don't want the tab removed, they want the number removed/changed to their active warnings. We would never remove this tab.

    Same can be said to you a bit. This would only change the fact that the number won't count all warnings, but instead count active warnings. Same would be seen by forums staff, but we can easily fix this with the thing below.

    So, I wouldn't mind it entirely showing active warnings in that number, but wouldn't that confuse people? Another idea I had was to just have your active number of warnings in (#) and your total right next to it in [#]. We can probably put a note at the top of the warnings tab saying what those parentheses mean to make it further be clearer. This would ultimately be the best of both worlds and not mess up a forum staff's work and is better for the person viewing their own warnings.
    Posted Jan 16, 2020
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  5. No, I just meant the number should show as zero if the warning isn't active to the player, if you went to the tab the warning would still be there
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 16, 2020
  6. +1 I have a warning from when we were testing the site before it got released to the public and almost every time I see it I get confused as to when I got a warning because when I see it I think of it as if it was a notification. I feel like having both like Marzie said and just having it explain what the different parentheses mean may be better though as you can easily keep track of everything.
    Posted Jan 18, 2020
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