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GI - Block Hunt Update Proposals

Discussion in 'Block Hunt' started by Mr_Ant87, May 27, 2019.

  1. Doesn't appear that anyone has posted this yet, so I guess I'll do the honours.

    Here is GI's proposed changes for Block Hunt! Feel free to share this around as much as you like, we'd like to get as much feedback for these proposals as possible so that we can determine what the community thinks is best for the game. And please note that nothing in the document is final yet, we want to hear what you guys have to say before we set anything in stone.
    Posted May 27, 2019
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  2. Thank you, all feedback is appreciated!
    Posted May 28, 2019
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  3. Heyyo! Everything looks amazing! I agree with all of the updates, and I believe it can improve future gameplay.
    Posted May 28, 2019
  4. Wow! Very cool!
    Posted May 28, 2019
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  5. I know there has been discussion about lowering the hunter’s bow damage from 8 to 6 (from a 3 shot to 4 shot). Just something to add to for possible discussion.
    Posted May 28, 2019
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  6. I like this
    Posted May 28, 2019
  7. I think that most of these ideas are great although tnt hunter currently is op enough with an iron sword and tnt that onehits hiders from a certain range. If they get a tnt bow i think that the damage of it shouldn’t be high and they should get other nerfs e.g. a longer tnt cooldown and weaker tnt. I also think that the taser kit would be a nice addition to the game but i fear it might be unbalanced. Maybe the hunter should get an effect when using the taser. The projectile protection enchantment would be a nice addition to the game and it would probably change the current meta from fighting as chickens to more hiding. This would be further supported by the esp countermeasures. The arrow cooldown also is a good idea but i suggest reducing the cooldown to 0.5-0.7 seconds since it takes approximately 1 second to fully charge a bow and it isn’t easy to knock hunters off a roof like that. This is only my opinion but i hope that it helps with improving the game.
    Posted May 28, 2019
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  8. The armor with enchants that each respective kit would get is what we decided over just a Hunter bow nerf because it would make players consider more strategical playstyles if different kits took less damage from certain stuff like bowing

    Throwing TNT, like you said, can 1-shot players if they're close enough, but there's currently no way to have that happen unless a player using another kit shows the TNT Hunter where the players are or the TNT Hunter gets ridiculously lucky with where they throw the TNT. In that regard, the kit is lacking a lot. The Explosive Arrow is pretty overpowered though, and there's currently discussion going on about replacing that with a more powerful Throwing TNT like you brought up. Skywars Throwing TNT (in its current state) is the ideal option being considered right now because it allows people to both drop the TNT where they are but also throw it with a velocity that would be balanced for Block Hunt. Assuming you haven't read the document since you made this post, Taser Hunter's Taser was changed from giving the Hider slowness/blindess for 5 seconds down to 2 seconds because the Hunter would still maintain visibility of the Hider regardless, so it's silly to make it ridiculously long. The proposed changes of how Hiders utilize their arrows is solely meant to counter fastbow users while also not affecting the general Hider all too much. Anything under 1 second would allow fastbow users to be barely affected by this change. This would still work for legit players because the only time that Hiders are shooting successively with under a second per shot is when they're within a few blocks of a Hunter, so the likelihood of them missing their shots is very low on top of the fact that they can hold up to twelve arrows at one time (enough to go straight to Hyper Axe). Thank you for leaving your thoughts, we appreciate your feedback! :D
    Posted May 28, 2019
  9. In the end we decided going against that but rather nerf arrow damage on the hider kits themselves on a case to case basis. Now, all kits but shockers will receive leather boots with projectile protection at different levels to help resisting against bow shots! We wanted to keep the armour minimal so that melee isn't (much) affected. I hope that works for you!
    Posted May 28, 2019
  10. I like it, one thing though: I have infestor unlocked rn but I'm not sure if I actually have 50 hunter wins. Would I lose infestor if/when this is pushed?

    edit: yeah I just checked and I have 1 hunter win lmfao
    Posted May 28, 2019
  11. Yes you would lose the kit. This has happened to people before in different gamemodes, such as when CTF was released. People who had the achievement abilities lost the ability to get them again, but kits that they had with the abilities they were able to keep. Hope this explained your question!
    Posted May 28, 2019
  12. OMG, that is so unfair, the GI hasn't even considered other possible kit ideas. ;(
    Posted May 28, 2019
  13. They have, and they decided that the Taser kit was the most balanced and a good addition for the game.
    Posted May 28, 2019
  14. I agree with all of these changes except one, and that is changing the Blockiest Block Achievement. Yes, I agree it should be a little more clear on "Hider Wins" rather than just "wins", but I don't think there should be a new achievement. It doesn't take much to win as a Hunter, so making another achievement wouldn't make too much sense. I don't agree that the top hiders in the game should be ignored if all Hiders are killed; they were the best Hiders, so they should be awarded. Hunters would still receive a win, but not receive recognition. Overall, I love these suggestions for Block Hunt and since I have all of the achievements, I'm excited for the Taser Hunter!
    Posted May 28, 2019
  15. The Blockiest Block achievement's functionality would still stay the exact same as is now, just the specification of Hider wins. Hunter wins weren't counted originally, so that's why there's no achievement for it already in place; it only makes sense to include a Hunter achievement as well as Hider wins. As for the the Hiders, they were the "best" Hiders, but dying means they lost the game regardless and they shouldn't deserve to "win" if they lose the game. Block Hunt is one team versus the other: Hiders vs. Hunters, so it only makes sense to have opportunities for both teams to win both visually and in actuality (receiving the stats/winning team gem reward). I appreciate the feedback nonetheless! (I know you're inside of the GI Discord, so feel free to spark any discussion there as well)
    Posted May 29, 2019
  16. Actually, they should make it so last hider does get the win. It just seems fair
    Posted May 29, 2019
  17. You probably would, yes. Again, the achievement kit is supposed to be given to players who masters all aspects of the game. It is thus unfair that people who only hide can access achievements kits whereas hunting is as big of a part as hiding is (it's in the game's name). Though 50 wins isn't hard to get, especially atm with the unbalanced hunters/hiders ratio and the amount of espers we have around.

    We look at all kits ideas and discuss them! You are totally free to suggest anything kit related, having a new kit planned doesn't mean that future ideas won't be looked at!

    Winning as hunter is a lot harder than you think. At the moment, it might be easier than usual for reasons mentioned above (unbalanced player ratio + esp problem) but it should be resolved soon. While you can get a hider win by simply afking during a whole game, to win as a hunter you have to make sure everyone is found and killed, which is simply not something everyone is able to do.

    Best or least worse? It's true that they survived for the longest part, but they still died nonetheless. There is no reason they should get a win if they die. The fact that they received extra rewards (podium rewards + a hider win for the winner) was most likely a bug considering it wasn't intended after the last update which brought hunter wins! Also, I disagree that hunters shouldn't receive that much recognition because again, it requires a lot more for them to win the game rather than a bunch of hiders who didn't even make it through to the end when it's less harder.
    Posted May 29, 2019
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  18. Nicodami it doesn't mean that they won't be looked at, but it does mean they won't be accepted. ;(
    Posted May 29, 2019
  19. This update should definitely improve Block Hunt as a whole! I play Block Hunt often, and I really like these updates. This should hopefully balance the game out!

    I'll be providing feedback in the next few days, I can't provide my feedback instantly! Amazing work, GI, glad to have you apart of Mineplex. :P
    --- Post updated ---
    Yes, you would lose your kit. This has happened before with many other games. It should be simple to grind your wins as a hunter back up, I'm sure you can do it. But in conclusion, yes, you would lose your achievement kit. Sorry!
    Posted Jun 1, 2019
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  20. As a reference to my Block Hunt skill level, I currently have about one hundred wins, both Hider and Hunter. At this time, I don't know exactly how many losses I have, but I would guess about one hundred to two-hundred would be a fair amount. I would consider myself a decent player, but nowhere near the insanely high level of some players. Without further ado, here are my thoughts:

    - Give the Instant Hider kit Smoke Bombs (from the Sneaky Assassins gamemode)

    Using them makes the block/mob disappear (disguise as air then reappear after time is up?) in a cloud of smoke that lasts for the same amount of time as the ones in Sneaky Assassins

    They spawn in with 3 at the beginning of the game

    Each kill on a Hunter yields 1 extra Smoke Bomb (maximum of 3 at one time)

    3-second cooldown in-between uses to prevent accidental spamming

    For starters, I believe that offering the Instant Hide class Smoke Bombs is an interesting way of altering Block Hunt. This is both a cool and unique feature, and a great way to buff Instant Hider. Correct me if I am incorrect; however, I believe that the Smoke Bombs from Sneaky Assassins lasts a mere half-second. With all due respect, I don't believe that this portion of time would be enough to have the class be useful. Half of a second doesn't offer too much time to get out of a sticky situation, and, if the hunter is perspective enough, they will simply be able to relocate the Hider. Nevertheless, I am in total agreement with adding Smoke Bombs or integrating something of the like into Block Hunt.

    - Take away the Infinity enchantment on Hider bows

    - Make all Hiders start with 12 arrows - gaining one new arrow per second (in an attempt to combat players using Fastbow)

    I absolutely love this idea. I have personally seen Fastbow being utilized quite a bit in Block Hunt, and is rather hard to report. Any way to counteract this blacklisted modification is a definite plus to me. This could also help against Hiders constantly bow spamming, which would undoubtedly be a welcome addition as well. On a slightly different note, I feel that one arrow every second might be a bit too harsh, yet, in my opinion, this could only be proven by actual gameplay testing.

    - Make Swapper Hider receive leather boots with the Projectile Protection 2 enchantment

    - Make Instant Hider receive leather boots with Projectile Protection 1 and Feather Falling 3 enchantments

    - Make Infestor Hider receive leather boots with the Projectile Protection 1 enchantment

    Note that Shocking Hider should not receive any extra armor

    I don't mean to come off as rude if I do; however, I utmost entirely disagree with the idea of giving Hiders armour in an attempt to balance the classes out. Especially when considering that Instant Hider has Feather Falling three, abnormal to the rest of the kits. I'm unquestionable bias on this one, as I have always considered Hiders to have no armour, and I feel it would be really weird giving them armour for the first time in Block Hunt history.

    Make the compass that Radar Hunters have spin

    Minimum rate of 1 revolution per 15 seconds

    Maximum rate of 1 revolution per 0.1 seconds (or whatever the fastest rate the tick speed allows for)

    In-between rate is determined by distance to player (farther away = slower revolution rate/closer = quicker revolution rate)

    In my eyes, this is an excellent idea. Too often have I personally been in a situation where I cannot use the Radar Hunter class to its full potential because I cannot play with volume, whether that be because I am in a public area or simply because my wireless headphones died. This could also make the gamemode more friendly to players that have hearing problems or complications. I am unable to fathom any reason why not to implement this. Unquestionably a brilliant idea.

    - Disable the ability for Hunters to throw TNT before the gates disappear

    - Disable the ability for Hunters to leap before the gates disappear

    I'll keep this one relatively short and sweet. I see absolutely no problem with disabling Hunters' mechanics; however, in order to keep all classes consistent, it would make sense to disable Radar Hunters' compass as well as, if it's added, Taser Class' taser.

    - Make the ratio of Hiders to Hunters one Hunter for every 5 Hiders

    I like the one to five ratio, but I still have a small concern. According to this ratio, if twenty-four players are in a Block Hunt lobby, once the game starts, four will be Hunters and twenty will be Hiders. This is good; however, what happens where there are only twenty-three players in a Block Hunt lobby? Will this ratio round up the Hunters or Hiders side. To be more specific, would the ratio in this specific scenario be three to nineteen, or four to nineteen?

    - Change the kit description of Radar Hunter to “♫ Sounds up! ♫ Hold the compass to use Radar Scanner. The faster the ticking sound, the closer the hiders are!”

    First and foremost, I don't exactly know if the music note previously stated is a valid character on Mineplex, or merely Minecraft in general. If able, awesome; if not, well, time to reconsider. Also, if the compass Radar Hunter has is going to spin faster near Hiders, shouldn't this be included in the kit description as well? Perhaps a description like 'Hold the compass to use Radar Scanner. The faster the revolution and ticking sound, the closer the hiders are!' would be more accurate.

    - Upon death, a TNT Hunter drops a fully-functional bomb; This only happens occasionally, and it should happen every time to give TNT Hunter an extra feature
    - TNT Hunters should have the functionality of Throwing TNT changed from how it currently is to that of how it is in Skywars:

    Right-clicking the TNT will drop it on the ground where the Hunter is standing

    Left-clicking the TNT will throw it into the air with the same velocity as it currently is in Skywars (with the reduced velocity)

    With TNT Hunter being arguably the worst class, I think that this could spice it up and throw it back into gameplay more. Perhaps updating the kit description as well to complement these change. Besides that, I'm loving this one!

    - New Hunter achievement kit: Taser Hunter

    NPC Zombie Item: Stone sword

    Kit description: “Stun the running Hiders to catch up to them with this powerful taser!”

    Has golden chestplate and boots and chain helmet and leggings

    Hotbar items: Stone Sword and exact same bow as other Hunters

    An achievement kit for the Hider Team already exists, so it would make sense to add an achievement class for Hunters. Plus, it makes it so both teams have exactly four classes to choose from. The only minor problem I see with it is its armour. Half gold and half chain doesn't exactly feel like it belongs in Block Hunt in comparison to other Hunter classes which wear full iron, full gold, and full chain. Under normal circumstances, I would say to have this class don full leather, but that might be too underwhelming for the abilities that the Taser class offers. Will touch more on this next response.

    Right-clicking the sword fires the taser:

    Fires a line of yellow firework particles in the direction the player is looking

    Particles travel at 7 blocks per second

    Particles linger for 2 seconds in the path shot then decay

    Maximum range is 20 blocks

    If the head of the line comes within 0.25 blocks of a Hider, the taser successfully hits

    A burst of lightning cloud particles and a ding sound plays when contact is made

    The Hider receives blindness & slowness 2 for two seconds

    The hit Hider in chat is told “You’ve been tased!””

    If the Taser hits a block or goes 20 blocks without hitting a target Hider, the taser fails to hit and then vanishes with a sad puff of smoke

    Cooldown for Taser is 15 seconds

    The Taser somewhat reminds me of the Static Laser sword kill for Mage in Champions, without being able to charge it up. It would be nice to have the maximum range be twenty-one blocks in lieu of twenty, as this would make the Taser be active for a maximum of exactly three seconds instead of about two point eight six. Not a big deal, but it would make the class a bit more mathematically appealing. As stated in the proposal, when hit, the Hider supposedly receives 'blindness & slowness 2 for two seconds.' This isn't very clear. Is the effect blindness two and slowness two, or simply blindness one and slowness 2? Changing gears completely, possibly altering the message that the Hider is given when hit by the Taser from 'You've been tased!' to 'You've been tased by <username>' would be slightly better; however, this a minuscule recommendation. That's all for the Taser class!

    - Update “The Blockiest Block” achievement to specify that it’s only Hider wins

    - Add an additional achievement called “Block Hunter” with the condition “Earn 50 Hunter wins”

    Note that Infestor Hider should require this achievement as well

    Current Hunter wins in stats should carry over to be achievement progress if possible

    - Add a Hunter wins leaderboard ingame and on the website

    Love these ideas and I see relatively no improvements to them, accept it would be really, really appreciated if previous Hunter wins could be carried over to the achievement progress, it would make getting the new Block Hunter achievement a lot easier for players that have played Block Hunt quite a bit in the past.

    - If every Hider dies, it should say that the Hunters team won the game rather than listing the top 3 Hiders

    - Relating to the last point, the last Hiders to die should not receive winning rewards

    - Change Hunter participation rewards from 8 gems to 10 gems

    - Change the amount of gems a Hunter gets per kill from 1 gem to 5 gems

    - Give the original Hunters (ones that queued for the team and got on it and every Hider that gets moved unwillingly to the Hunters team) 10 gems for Winning Team if every Hider dies

    Note that Hiders that die and become Hunters should not receive this reward upon a Hunter win

    It is obviously unfair that the last Hider to die wins; it would be more sensible for the game to state that the Hunters won the game. Would also be cool to have the Hunter with the most kills have their win effect played after the game is finished. Hunter gem rewards are relatively low, so increasing them is, by all means, a good idea. It is also reasonably fair for killed Hiders to receive the same rewards as starting Hunters, and I will further reiterate this in the next response.

    - Hunters that get onto the team by dying as a Hider should get 5 gems as a reward for staying to the end of the game despite dying (no winning team reward should be given out to these people because they technically lost)

    Seeing as a game of Block Hunt lasts five minutes, more or less, perhaps integrating an equation for how many gems a killed Hider gets would be a better idea. For a reason why, does a Hider that died one minute before the game ended deserve the same gem reward as a Hider that died three minutes before the game concluded? A possible formula would be y=10-2x, in which the variable 'x' represents the number of minutes played as a Hider and the variable 'y' symbolises the total number of gems earned, rounded down to the nearest whole number. I don't mean to overcomplicate this, but I feel it would be more fair overall.

    - Allow interaction with all variants of doors, trapdoors, and fence gates

    - Decrease water damage down to 1 heart (2 health points) of true damage per second

    - Make the sound of a Hunter leaping audible for Hiders in the area around the leaper

    Would be extremely interesting to see how adding the ability to interact with the environment would effect gameplay. This could possibly create new hiding spots, create distractions for Hunters or utilise changeable blocks to stop a Hider or Hunter from running. Water damage is astronomically annoying, and I am one-hundred percent all for lowing the damage. Too often do I personally find myself accidentally slipping off a block and taking a whole lot of damage from it simply due to a tiny mistake. Great overall addition. Synonymous to a Hiders' ability to hear the explosion of a TNT Hunters' explosives and a Radar Hunters' compass, I highly agree with having the leap of a Leaper Hunter be able to be heard by players as well. If the newfound Taser class is to have a sound, I would recommend having Hiders be able to hear it as well.

    - Odd bug where Solidified Hiders sometimes have a hitbox around then when f3+b is pressed

    - Currently, any hacker using “MobESP” hacks can detect any hider, regardless of if they are infester or not, regardless of what state they are in. A possible way to stop this from happening is to:

    Apply the ...Cloak(...) condition as much as possible.

    This will cause the hiders to vanish from the tab list. Try to fix that.

    At least try to apply it to: infested Infestors, solidified Hiders, and Hiders riding animals

    Initial thoughts on the topic: -unapproved link- . The only way to be truly undetectable from ESP hackers lies in the cloak condition, which uses the spigot Player.hidePlayer(...) method, which truly makes them invisible - not just effects which a client can still detect.

    Potentially reuse the same method Illusion in Champions works where a player can turn completely invisible and have a decoy spawn and be in tab as well to show that they’re still inside of the game

    I do not know too much about the various Block Hunt specified hacks, glitches, bugs and exploits, but I am all for attempting to patch them. As long as implementing these changes helps against rule-breakers, I'm all for it. Sorry for the length of this paragraph, I simply didn't have too much to say.

    - When the game chooses a Hider to join the Hunter team, prioritize picks based on who queued Hunter in a previous game in the same lobby; leaving/rejoining the lobby should get rid of the prioritization said player receives

    - Automatically disable all particles in the game, but allow players to use them if they re-equip them inside of the game lobby

    - Remove the afk kick system for Hiders during a game - if said Hider was afk for the time required for a kick when teleported back to the lobby, the kick countdown should begin

    - Make water and ladders re-appear normally after being blown up by a TNT Hunter (currently they stay blown up until the game ends)

    - Make it so when Hunters choose a new kit in-game their default kit isn’t set

    - Make the animals around the map not look at Hiders

    I am enthused with all of these changes, but could it also be a good idea to have animals also not look at Hunters as well? This might make hiding as an animal a bit easier as one then isn't forced to look at Hunters occasionally to avoid suspicion. Not going to lie, I haven't put too much thought into this suggestion, so unless it's really good in your opinion, don't take it to heart.

    - Remove the ability for players to play music on noteblocks

    I heavily disagree with this. Once in a while, if the game gets boring, it's fun to play a couple of notes on the noteblocks. I'm aware that players are currently unable to interact with other decoration-related blocks and changing them to be unusable would standardise all of the blocks, but I don't know if it's super necessary, and, again, it's quite fun to use them.

    Alright, that's it for now! I apologise for any mistakes in this post, but some errors are bound to happen when one creates something of the length, especially when it comes to me! Anyhow, if anything was unclear in this response or if anyone would like me to reiterate a point I made, please, feel free to respond to this thread or dm/pm myself, I will respond as soon as I am reasonably able. Thanks for reading this, I know it's quite long, and keep up the good work, GI! c;
    Posted Jun 2, 2019
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