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GI - Block Hunt Update Proposals

Discussion in 'Block Hunt' started by Mr_Ant87, May 27, 2019.

  1. @Snvy Thank you so much for such insightful feedback! It's really appreciated

    For starters, I believe that offering the Instant Hide class Smoke Bombs is an interesting way of altering Block Hunt. This is both a cool and unique feature, and a great way to buff Instant Hider. Correct me if I am incorrect; however, I believe that the Smoke Bombs from Sneaky Assassins lasts a mere half-second. With all due respect, I don't believe that this portion of time would be enough to have the class be useful. Half of a second doesn't offer too much time to get out of a sticky situation, and, if the hunter is perspective enough, they will simply be able to relocate the Hider. Nevertheless, I am in total agreement with adding Smoke Bombs or integrating something of the like into Block Hunt.

    Smoke Bombs in Sneaky Assassins lasts more than just half a second - they'd also be useless in Sneaky Assassins if they lasted as short as half a second each.

    I absolutely love this idea. I have personally seen Fastbow being utilized quite a bit in Block Hunt, and is rather hard to report. Any way to counteract this blacklisted modification is a definite plus to me. This could also help against Hiders constantly bow spamming, which would undoubtedly be a welcome addition as well. On a slightly different note, I feel that one arrow every second might be a bit too harsh, yet, in my opinion, this could only be proven by actual gameplay testing.

    The goal is to only combat players using FastBow and not to necessarily affect any legit Hiders who want to utilize their bow. The fastest any legit Hider will shoot their bow is when they're within a few blocks of a Hunter. The cap is 12 arrows because that's how many shots are needed to get a Hyper Axe, and that's allowing some more arrows to spawn back in if some shots are missed.

    I don't mean to come off as rude if I do; however, I utmost entirely disagree with the idea of giving Hiders armour in an attempt to balance the classes out. Especially when considering that Instant Hider has Feather Falling three, abnormal to the rest of the kits. I'm unquestionable bias on this one, as I have always considered Hiders to have no armour, and I feel it would be really weird giving them armour for the first time in Block Hunt history.

    Giving Hiders armor isn't just in an attempt to balance the kits (even though that's a huge reason for it due to how it wouldn't necessarily change gameplay all that much between kits but keep it different enough to encourage people with different strategies to go different kits), but it's also a way to make the underpowered kits better in more situations while also encouraging more people to play them over the current powerful kits. Swapper and Instant Hider are by far the two most under-used kits in the game due to just how nonviable they are practically every situation. Players would want to go Swapper Hider for the best protection against Hunter bow shots and players would want to go Instant Hider for the reduced fall damage/easier get-aways (feather falling 3 leather boots is a really good way to reduce fall damage, but the reduction isn't actually as significant as it sounds like it would be).

    I like the one to five ratio, but I still have a small concern. According to this ratio, if twenty-four players are in a Block Hunt lobby, once the game starts, four will be Hunters and twenty will be Hiders. This is good; however, what happens where there are only twenty-three players in a Block Hunt lobby? Will this ratio round up the Hunters or Hiders side. To be more specific, would the ratio in this specific scenario be three to nineteen, or four to nineteen?

    It would be exactly like the current system just the amount of players required for a Hunter to be needed would be increased by one.

    First and foremost, I don't exactly know if the music note previously stated is a valid character on Mineplex, or merely Minecraft in general. If able, awesome; if not, well, time to reconsider. Also, if the compass Radar Hunter has is going to spin faster near Hiders, shouldn't this be included in the kit description as well? Perhaps a description like 'Hold the compass to use Radar Scanner. The faster the revolution and ticking sound, the closer the hiders are!' would be more accurate.

    You make a really good point there, added

    The Taser somewhat reminds me of the Static Laser sword kill for Mage in Champions, without being able to charge it up. It would be nice to have the maximum range be twenty-one blocks in lieu of twenty, as this would make the Taser be active for a maximum of exactly three seconds instead of about two point eight six. Not a big deal, but it would make the class a bit more mathematically appealing. As stated in the proposal, when hit, the Hider supposedly receives 'blindness & slowness 2 for two seconds.' This isn't very clear. Is the effect blindness two and slowness two, or simply blindness one and slowness 2? Changing gears completely, possibly altering the message that the Hider is given when hit by the Taser from 'You've been tased!' to 'You've been tased by <username>' would be slightly better; however, this a minuscule recommendation. That's all for the Taser class!

    As soon as each particle is spawned into the game, that's when the countdown to disappear will start. Also, it technically is blindness 1 and slowness 2 like you said because blindness only has one level

    Seeing as a game of Block Hunt lasts five minutes, more or less, perhaps integrating an equation for how many gems a killed Hider gets would be a better idea. For a reason why, does a Hider that died one minute before the game ended deserve the same gem reward as a Hider that died three minutes before the game concluded? A possible formula would be y=10-2x, in which the variable 'x' represents the number of minutes played as a Hider and the variable 'y' symbolises the total number of gems earned, rounded down to the nearest whole number. I don't mean to overcomplicate this, but I feel it would be more fair overall.

    I mean, they all technically lost even though some people died later on than others, so it can also be argued that none of them should get extra gems because they all ended up losing regardless

    Thanks again for the amount of effort you put into replying to this, your feedback is really appreciated!
    Posted Jun 2, 2019
  2. Adding on to what @rqil said;

    To make it clear, it will always be rounded up to the highest round number while in between 2 round numbers. So it would be 4 to 18!

    Yep, it does work! It's a unicode character meaning it can be pretty much pasted everywhere. If you use labymod, you would notice that there is a section where there is a huge list of these you can use in chat! Thus there shouldn't be a problem with these.

    Normally this should happen, otherwise it would indeed be annoying!

    At the end of the game you already get a reward for having been X seconds alive. Thus, a hider who died 1 minute before the game ends does get more reward than a hider who died 3 minutes before the end of the game. Other than that, I don't think someone deserves an extra reward for having died last, they still lost.

    That's a good idea, I agree with that!

    It might be fun to use noteblocks, but when several players are hosting a concert while you're trying to focus on the different hiders sounds while hunting, I can tell you it is very much annoying. As a whole noteblocks aren't needed in the game. If you're bored, you can play around with TNTs or do something else, but noteblocks really don't need to be part of the options you have.

    Thanks again for the feedback! :D
    Posted Jun 2, 2019
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  3. It encourages suicide :(
    --- Post updated ---
    Also, Hiders who last longer get more gems for More Time Alive and also can do more fireworks/meows/kills
    --- Post updated ---
    I like the idea to keep animals from looking at hunters as well as hiders
    Posted Jun 2, 2019
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