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Giveaway Rules

Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by Mineplex, Feb 3, 2017.

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  1. Giveaway Rules

    -Do not create fake giveaways
    This means if you promise to give away a prize and it is not given out or you cannot provide proof that the winner has received the prize you will be forum banned. If the original poster’s IP comes up the same as the winner’s IP both accounts will be permanently forum banned.

    -No advertising your server/website/YouTube channel
    You may not link your YouTube channel, server, or website whatsoever in your giveaway.

    -Do not set a requirement for the giveaway to end other than a date
    You may not create a goal to reach before you end your giveaway such as “once this thread gets 300 likes the giveaway will end”. However you can create a date which your giveaway will end by such as “I will pick a winner on February 1st”.

    -Do not run multiple giveaways at the same time, instead compile them into one thread
    If you have multiple giveaways open at the same time (more than 1 giveaway within 30 days of another and/or running giveaways at the same time as another) they will be merged into one thread with one time for when they end (soonest end date will be chosen). You should also be messaged/notified that threads were merged and that the date was moved of one or more giveaways.

    -You may only giveaway Mineplex related prizes
    This means you cannot be giving away prizes unrelated to Mineplex such as Minecraft accounts or Paypal money. However, you may give away art. The art can be but is not limited to banners, avatars, logos, posters, character drawing/sketches etc as long the art is appropriate and it's not copied/traced from somewhere or someone else.

    -All giveaways must end after one month
    You can host your giveaway for any duration but the maximum duration is one month.

    -Do not redirect your giveaway elsewhere
    This means you must host all your giveaways here on the forums itself. You may not redirect the giveaway to your wall / Youtube channel/video / etc. All the giveaway details and requirements should be indicated in the giveaway forum post clearly.

    Breaking these rules could result in your giveaway being deleted, your likes being reset, or your account being permanently forum banned. If you have any questions regarding the rules or giveaways in general please PM any forum staff.
    Posted Feb 3, 2017,
    Last edited by a Moderator Sep 13, 2022
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