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Gladiators [Nano] - Winter Wonderland

Discussion in 'Build Showcase' started by ItzSkat3r, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Posted Aug 6, 2019
  2. heyyy

    id like to say that the map has potential, but it still needs a lot of work in order to make it acceptable for gameplay, as well as aesthetic. even though this is just my opinion and feedback about the map, i think it will help a lot:

    Since gameplay should be more important, i'll start with it:
    - Way too many obstacles. There are just way too many things going around the playable area, from way too many trees and the hill that takes a lot of space, it would be a pain to fight in that small area, judging by the screenshots, however, the map seems relatably small and could be expanded a bit more.
    - Ice may not be the best block for the floor. personally, i think ice would be annoying to walk or fight around since it could mess up running and some other stuff. i'd use the glass over the ice, but i can see how that could be considered a unique gameplay!
    - The map is not symmetrical. i meann, when making a map, you should make sure map is symmetrical on both sides so the gameplay could be as fair as possible. With that being said, i know trees don't have to be on same spots, but i'd suggest making both sides more similar to each other.
    - The watch area is way too small. Since there will be a lot of people in the game most of the time area, where people could watch fights, must be big enough so all people could enjoy watching them. with that being said, the thing that you've made there is not ideal since people would be going into each others' skins, maybe putting green data points above the 'cave' or whatever (on snow), or making a whole new watching area.
    - Remove fences. I think its safe to say that nobody really likes fighting around the fences. although bridge would be totally fine, fences make very bad gameplay, so id suggest just removing them. it wont affect the style of the build that much, and it'll be easier for everyone.

    I feel like this map needs a lot of work when it comes to the aesthetic side of it:
    - Trees aren't very appealing to watch. I understand that this is a winter theme map, however, maybe making a spruce tree (of course custom one)? i'd also suggest using worldedit to change type of log, the one that has all sides the same. (The command is //replace <block> 17:13 for spruce wood)
    - Map is lacking details and colors. On these types of themes, you could build a lot of things, such as small house mostly made out of spruce logs (to match the trees and theme itself), spruce trees, mountains (possibly) etc. With that being said, just having a hill around the map will not cut it. For NANO maps, it's expected to put a lot of effort into them, since they're very easy to make. For terrain, id suggest worldedit and/or voxelsniper, since they're both very good (although voxel might be more professional when it comes to terrain). Also, don't be afraid when trying to use new type of block palette! For this gametype, block material doesn't matter, what matters is it's color. With that being said, maybe try to shade a hill a bit and maybe try to make the terrain look more natural?
    - Hills in the playable area don't look very good with dirt as a foundation. Dirt shouldn't be a big priority for the block palette in this map, especially for foundation and stuff. Try using another block since snow and dirt don't go well together.
    - A waterfall? Maybe making a waterfall instead of a river that comes and goes nowhere lol. the waterfall would be a nice addition and great decoration for the map.
    - The cave (watching area) seems very bland. From here, all i could see are just data points, and nothing else. Making the cave bigger like i already mentioned before, but also decorating it would make the map have a nice touch to everything!

    Yeah, it may seem like there are a lot of 'major issues' with the map, that really isn't the case. Most of these things wouldn't require much effort except some aesthetic fixes, so, even if there are a lot of things that have to be done, you could still submit the map and might even get live! I hope that at least few of these criticisms helped with the map and spotting the issues. And i wish the best of luck gamer!
    Posted Aug 6, 2019
  3. The map could be better;

    Firstly, it's not symmetrical. Maps would look better if they're symmetrical, in my opinion.
    Secondly, you should try not using ice; it'd make people slip n' slide around too much. (Try using light blue glass blocks instead)
    Thirdly, you should make the spectator area a little bigger, so people aren't going inside of each other while trying to watch fights.
    Fourth, there's too much things in the way; try removing a tree on one side (tying in with my first point)
    Posted Aug 6, 2019,
    Last edited Aug 6, 2019
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  4. Look right; both people above have already stated reasons as to why the map isn't as best as it could be...
    All you gotta do dude is remove the rocks, keep the trees and make the trunks thinner(reducing the amount of obstacles). Try to add more detail ontop of the mountains as well, such as add rocks and trees up there too!

    While you're at it make the map symmetrical(easy .//flip job with World edit my dude).

    One other thing; I think this map looks too similar to Sugimaru park. Just my personal opinion.
    Posted Aug 7, 2019

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