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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Yuputka, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Hello to all members of the Mineplex community.
    I am Yuputka.

    Minecraft has been one of my pastimes for when I have not been having a great deal of important things to do in life. In regards to multiplayer, I take delight in engaging myself in a variety of games. Unfortunately, there has been a great deal of concern about the safety of the Internet, even more so these days considering how many predators out there take advantage of the vulnerable. I am utterly disgusted about the fact that it is mostly children under the age of eighteen years who are the biggest targets of exploitation.

    I am well aware that the majority of Mineplex users are under the age of eighteen years. Today, I have come to Mineplex to partake in ensuring that the server is a place where people have the right to feel and be safe from any potential harm. There have been a myriad of rules that have been disregarded by a vast number of individuals throughout the duration of the server's existence. I, myself, will disclose all these rule-breakers to the Mineplex staff team, who will then deal with these people appropriately.

    These atrocious behaviors must be stopped at once.
    Posted Oct 10, 2018
  2. Hey Yuputka. I must definitely agree with you regarding the dangers that are everywhere on the Internet nowadays. It is commendable that you report every inappropriate act on Mineplex, I just hope there are more people like you who care about the experiences of other players by reporting rule breakers.

    Talking about the rules, it must be mentioned that the current rules have been perfected throughout the history of the Mineplex server to deal with all kinds of acts that hurt other players' experiences. In the rules document you are able to see that discrimination, revealing personal information, racism, ***ual harassment and all similar heavy violations are not tolerated and those who break these rules are punished with mutes of severity two and above (1-30 days minimum or permanent). I have faith in these rules and the Mineplex staff team and I am glad to very rarely witness such happenings on the server.

    On a brighter note, if you ever need company in-game, feel free to send me a friend request and I'll gladly join. Otherwise, happy Mineplexing. :mineplex:
    Posted Oct 10, 2018
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