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Guide to getting the Death Bomber Achievement (In Depth)

Discussion in 'The Bridges' started by jackkarle, Nov 8, 2019.


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  1. I made this as the Death Bomber Achievement is frequently talked about, and I would like to provide this to help advance players so that the bridges community can overall improve, as well as assist players so that they no longer need to request assistance from the forums for this one achievement.

    I have to explain myself quite a bit here so that players genuinely understand the reasoning behind some of my tips, so this might be a little bit hard to read as I interrupt myself and go on different tangents often, but hopefully that provides assurance and detail in return. FYI my typical and known ign is jackkarle and I have over 2000 wins of experience, I'm not just some random named MrWaffles745, that ign is temporary :P Scroll to the bottom for additional information if you don't want to read this (you should though)

    There are strategies and tactics that you can use to make it easier for yourself, like getting easy kills of unaware players in caves. Skybasing or camping can also help you, as in a sense that gives the player an urgency to be aggressive and try to kill you as soon as possible, as otherwise they know you'll continue to camp. Where as using bomber as a normal bridges player (typically as a more stacked player as the kit gives an advantage in the preparation stage), the power of your bombs and often superiority in gear intimidate the player, and they will continue to run, with no chance of your bombs being able to catch up. When players are more aggressive, they are less careful, and in those circumstances killing people with bombs is far easier, however when a player is intimidated it becomes much harder.

    In Depth Guide for getting the achievement
    The best way to get it in my opinion is select a weak map in regards to ores, but not a void map (Part of this strategy is skybasing and there are far to many destructors on void maps, and too many people fall in void to have a decent chance of getting 5 kills) My reccomendation is jungles, as it is a good deepwater map with not a whole bunch of ores but enough where players get enough to feel like they can be aggressive. In jungles there are many of hiding places (which can be useful), it is very decent for camping, and has Lilly pads just incase (useful if you're a skilled player, also gives players the option to go under ur sky base and then build up, which seems like a hindrance but is actually an advantage if you're bomber) Icelands, Highcliff Shore, Desolation, and Warring Reborn are also quite good, those maps are in order of Icelands being the next best, and warring reborn being the least next best. Seasons can also suitable if you're going against inexperienced players, however on a sky map altered tactics are required and you'll have no chance against decent to good players.

    What you want to do for this strategy, preferably for jungles, is after bridges spawn attack an adjacent team and attack their weaker and less aware players. You shouldn't just try to bomb their stacked players on the surface, what I would suggest is building up on a tree to hide and then waiting for the opportunity, or seizing the moment when those stacked players on that team are preoccupied (fighting somewhere else, don't act like u can sneak past them into the cave without them seeing you because you also have to get out alive). Kill the players you can on the surface or in the cave, don't be afraid to use your weapon to kill them, prioritize staying alive. Additionally, there is a second cave that often has a player there after bridges spawn, which you can easily force to the bottom to trap and bomb them, unless it is mined or bombed out, but once you find that out you can place your bets on just bombing them where they are and keeping them from getting up. If you make a player stuck in a sense, and then throw a bomb, many players will either just except their fate of the bomb or panic away from the threat of fall damage or water damage and run into your bombs. You can utilize this by hitting a player into the water, and then placing a bomb where you expect them to try to get up. This makes jungles important, because if it were a void or not deepwater map they would just fall into the void or be able to place blocks to retreat in another direction, making it hard to predict where to throw the bomb. After doing this to one team, you're best bet is to make a sky base and camp there, or make a sky base and then camp in a hiding spot near it so you can still throw bombs onto the island and other players. (the sky base bottom blocks must be 3-4 blocks below height limit, that way players cannot build far above you, the sky base should also be very small) When there are still other teams than just you and the player(s) attacking you, you want to restrain your bombs and bait them into a position where you can bomb behind them (hopefully without them noticing) so that they are somewhat stuck or delayed, then immediately throw a bomb towards/slightly behind them, to put them into panic and hopefully kill them at that point. When it is just you and the last remaining team, don't feel afraid to spam bombs, as you are their last remaining objective, and any bomb you throw at them could end up in a kill or provide some advantage.

    If you would like me to go in further detail for something specific, just feel free to comment, or add my discord (jackkarle#0372). I'll be more likely to respond on discord I never check this anymore. I can also just help you with the achievements if you need, I'd be willing to gather friends to help you.
    --- Post updated ---
    At one point I pointed out that you needed to prioritize staying alive, however it was probably lost in the abyss of this long post. So now that you can read this here PRIORITIZE STAYING ALIVE. You don't need to play extremely risky to get this achievement, if you keep dying you won't enjoy trying to get it. Enjoy getting wins as a bomber meanwhile attempting the achievement, that way you gain proper experience and develop good habits, plus you get the benefits of exp, shards, and being victorious. You don't have to get a certain amount of kills right off of the start to have a chance of winning, it will raise your odds but you can never tell what will happen, you can also kill yourself with your own tnt at the end, only demanding 4 kills on opponents to win.

    Another note on something I missed earlier: Especially on jungles an Icelands, gear isn't really required, you can do this strategy with a stone axe and wood for blocks. What I would recommend getting at the very least is 3-4 stacks of blocks and a stone or iron axe. Gear can help you, but don't over stack yourself, as it will intimidate players.

    And I hate to say it but getting your teammates to leave or team killing them will likely help you, if you're playing with friends and want to try getting the achievement, you could ask them to join a bridges lobby with you and then leave. some teammates may be able to help you but using this strategy it isn't worth gathering friends as it will be unlikely that they actually assist you.
    Posted Nov 8, 2019,
    Last edited Nov 20, 2019
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  2. Good guide. Very helpful.
    Posted Nov 29, 2019
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  3. The way I learnt was by rushing a team that is still mining, or spamming tnt at mid of Iceland :3, the strategies you suggested are actually quite good and used often. Most frustrating aspect of it is that skybases are usually attacked near the end of the game when most players are dead.
    Posted Nov 29, 2019
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  4. Yeah thats why u do it after rushing teams, but on many maps there are still quite a few players that will be still alive to attack a sky base. Just don't make it too far away, above ground works pretty well instead of far away above the void or water, as it doesn't need to be quite as intense as other practical sky bases.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 29, 2019
  5. Hey there!

    I don't play Bridges much, but thank you for making this guide. I'm sure it'll help out many Bridges players wanting to get all of the achievements, or this one in particular. I'm sure you put a lot of effort into this guide and I hope some people use it to their advantage.

    Thanks again. Have a fantastic rest of your day!

    Posted Nov 29, 2019
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