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Halloween Havoc Challenger; tips n tricks

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by MrGerund, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. Hey there, since i've seen a lot of people struggle with HHC, i made a tip/trick dump about it to help you beat it, this should prove useful. I put 50+ hours into HHC and I know that carrying doesn't exist here; equal coordination and knowledgw is required!

    First things first:
    Whatever you do, try your best not to die, doing so requires recovery, which could take risk or resources (ultimate). The less you die, the higher your chances to win. Try to also predict any lagspikes and play around them, as this game has quite a few for a lot if people.

    Don't try to solo queue HHC, it's highly recommended you make a party beforehand, especially with experienced people/people who have already beaten it.


    1 mage, 2 rogue, 1 zerk - may differ to builds with 2 mages or 3 rogues, as long as you got a mage and a rogue without an archer. Decide kits before hopping into game, coordination is important!

    The job of your kit
    Your main job is to heal your teammates, don't try to coordinate your heals by waiting till someone is low on HP as HP indicators on players can have slight delays, just use it whenever it is off cooldown; just spam it. Always try to stay safe and back off while fighting mobs as you take the most damage of any kit, your ranged tools are useful for getting mobs off of you and slowly thinning the hordes out. You give regeneration to anyone who is close to you, so try to stick to your team without jumping in hordes of mobs ofc. Use your ult for revives only. Fire ticks quickly stack ult, use your inferno on large groups to get your ult ready for revives. You always need 1 mage, unless you go 4 rogue.

    Your main job is to soak up damage, trying to always take aggro and manage aggro. if you get stuck inbetween mobs, a flame charge or ground pound will often safe you. Coordinate your abilities well as they disrupt mobs a lot and could knock them into teamamtes, jumping right in front of a teammate in danger or knocking away dangerous mobs can often offer good saves. When playing safe, you can play the least safe out of everyone and you gain the most value out of every bit of HP you regen from a mage. Your ult is still useful for revives, but can also be used in other situations. It's useful to have a beserker due to their tankyness, but they aren't nescecary as positioning with a rogue can do wonders.

    You are mainly the playmaker and clearer, being able to position yourself is very important, recall if your lagspikes last too long as well. Position waves in big hordes to get as much hits off with your swift strike to reduce its cooldown and stack up your ult. Your ult reduces your swift strike cooldown, makes you deal more damage and sets everything on fire, a great clear tool as fire ticks count as cooldown reduction for swift strike AND it stacks up your ultimate. You can play risky, but making mistakes will often result in your death if you can't recall fast enough. You should try to deal the main damage to a boss and rush to parts other teammates cant rush to. Rogues are mandatory to have in any game.

    Excuse me, but don't tell me you're considering this kit. Don't get an archer, ever, rogues can do the same, except better. If your party has already beaten HHC and wants a challenge... sure I guess, but don't use this if you are doing an actual attempt with people who haven't beaten it yet.

    rush it, unless you cant handle the lag, rogues can farm up their ult here as well by positioning themselves to heap up the mob groups and dash reset with swod (aim slightly up and double jump to not get hit)

    Escort mage, clear. Focus skeletons and spiders as they deal massive dmg to mages (mages take more damage than rogues...!!!), Ults shouldn't be used here, only keep them for difficult revives. Rogues can all in and recall when low, always spam recall during lagspikes.

    Run to clocktower, let rogue clear with ult after positioning himself into letting all mobs group up in a long line. If nescecary, safespot on the house with balcony close to the sewer exit.

    : fire ticks reduce the cooldown of rogue's swift strike dash, so hit as many mobs as you can with your ultimate to get quick resets even after ult ends)

    Diffuse creepers using market stalls (get 1 block between you and the creeper so their explosion deals 0 dmg, make sure they are NOT on top of that block), rogue main dmg on gendo, headshots deal more dmg!! mage bait mobs and ignite gendo, zerk can hit as well but has to be careful for sudden creeper spawns. dont die under gendo or theres a big chance you wont recover, once you feel like gendo is easy, you mastered your kit's job here. Rogues slash healing crystals on unreachable spots which arent in range of the lower ones (if they are in range, they will both blow up.

    Note: When a creeper or TNT spawns, always run away from gendo and make sure the threat gets neutralised.

    Note2: Make sure to draw aggro well with beserker/mage to effectively take out mobs, not doing so could get your rogues killed while they try to hit gendo.

    Note3: Standing behind blocks with a cake on top have an even higher creeper defuse rate if the creeper directly opposes you through that block with the cake on top.

    Fact: There used to be an exploit where recalling inside of Gendo chuncked his HP, this got patched however, meaning you really gotta follow the tips and guidelines listed above.

    Go slow and back off while hitting them, clear just over half and get to the cart, if someone dies, watch closely who has aggro and who doesnt, as the one without aggro often can revive freely without someone having to ult.

    Note: if you feel like speedrunning HH, you can kill the lava snake here, but that's besides the point, please don't rush this part in HHC if your team hasn't beaten it yet.

    Clear, dont go too quick, rogue can get levers after enemies have fallen down, the others can clean up while the rogue proceeds to the puzzles.

    (Get a carry) look up "lights out solver" and get to as few blocks left as possible. (button puzzle). Simon says is purely memory so its assigning the right person, same for pumpkin shooting except it requires aim and waitibg for pumpkins to spawn for a direct hit. Light beam puzzle is easy if you work from end to beginning, jump from stair to stair.

    Get your carry to do this one, or your shady rogue who says he "knows" the solution and proceeds to beat it in 20 seconds, before the cart even arrives.

    Take it slow, take out witches on the ground swiftly, but back off while hitting anything else. Rogue may attempt to clear when mobs have grouped up in a spot where the rogue's dash can cut through.

    Note: Beserker may activate his ult here freely to easily push the cart to the end, essentially skipping this entire section.

    Let debuffs such as poison and slowness run out before you start, then, let rogues practice by double jumping up and performing the parkour without triggering the lava, the parkour trigger is the shadow on the third platform, so make sure not to touch it until everyoen is ready. Don't spend too long practicing as the lava snake shares time with the parkour.

    Next up: pray someone makes it. Be careful on second jump, if someone else makes it, wait 5 secs before jumping yourself to delay your revive timer if you do die.

    At the middle, the person who made it should revive 1 person and then continue, the revived person should stay and revive the others.

    Note: Let everyone prepare themselves mentally here please, this sectionwill shut down most runs, after this you're in for a more relaxed experience.

    Lava snake
    Knock pigmen and large magma cubes into lava or water, when low yourself, jump into water as well. When possible, hit the lava snake in the head, but it should be pretty easy to chunck him down with rogues and beserkers constantly hitting its tail, just keep yourself focussed and don't throw.

    Open trapdoors and let mobs fall down, then try to clear, avoid creepers at all times. Igniting hay should only be done when you're sure you won't die. Dont be wreckless.

    Next ship
    rogues and beserker(s) climb the clouds and clear the skeletons, mage stays at the lower ship to heal, attack from range and revive people who fall down. Try not to get hit to death here anf stay on the clouds as a rogue/beserker untill it is safe, as falling down is the safest death here due to the respawn at mage.

    Final ship
    Clear mobs and stick together while getting some high ground, knock mobs off of the ship where possible. Open trapdoors to let the prince fall in, then go to bottom floor to whack him to death, stick together here and don't touch the redstone.

    If someone dies an ult is almost mandatory, rogue ult is pretty obsolete at this point, same for rogue dash as it often gets thrm into trouble.

    Note: Jumping down the ship right before the cutsscend will still kill you, i tested this during a HH speedrun. You won't be revivable, Np.

    Pumpkin king
    Always keep running from him as mage or beserker, hit the flame shirld with projectiles, rogues should mainly juump and swift strike through the blazes though. It is best if rogues take aggro as they can jump onto the pillars where the pumpkin king cant hit them, do move on the pillars at all times though to avoid any creepers or minions. Get to the other pillar if TNT or large threats are being ditched out and have your team help knock the king out. Rogues are your strongest force at this fight.

    Note: regeneration crystals sometimes spawn, you can just take these out

    Aand that should be all, let me know if i forgot anything or if anything isn't clear.
    I also offer help woth beating HHC (no guarantees i'll succeed as i need everyone to do their job), so feel free to DM "MrTwinkelz" on java or "MrGerund#3060" on discord if you want me to help.

    Cheers and good luck!
    Posted Oct 20, 2020,
    Last edited Oct 27, 2020
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  2. Id like to add a tip: dont die.

    Other than that great thread man, i didnt even know about the creeper stall thing.
    Posted Oct 20, 2020
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  3. Not a bad Guide, personally did it with 1 rogue 1 mage 2 zerks the 2 times I bothered to complete it. Didn't know that if you had a block between you and creeper it did 0 damage when blowing up.
    Posted Oct 20, 2020
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  4. Edit made!
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