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Not Planned Have application messages include the link to your application

Discussion in 'Website Feedback' started by MachoPiggies, Nov 10, 2019.


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  1. This may have been suggested before. So when you've applied for something on Mineplex whether it be trainee, reinstatement, resignation, build team, ideas team, map tester team etc. you will get a message like this.

    Now my idea is short. I think it'd be a good idea to include a link to the application in this message sent to users. This would allow users to see their application and be able to read it before any judgements are made on it and cancel it if they need to. There really isn't much I can say about this idea. I'd love to hear your feedback

    Posted Nov 10, 2019,
    Last edited Nov 10, 2019
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  2. Hey!

    I personally don't think this is needed. My main reason being, they can view their application under the application hub on the main forums and then clicking "Trainee Application - Java" or "Trainee Application - Bedrock" etc and then view it through there! c:
    Posted Nov 10, 2019
  3. Heyo!

    I think this is a nice little change, and it really wouldn't be harmful at all. It can be annoying to scroll down to the applications hub to see your applications, so a direct link could be a lot faster and overall beneficial. While people could argue that this really wouldn't help, it would just be a nice QoL change to the website. On that note, have a nice day!
    Posted Nov 10, 2019
  4. Heyo!

    I think this would be a great idea! I think this would work well for many of the applicants, myself included. This is due to the fact that it is easy to lose the website to see your applications, normally at the start of my application I have to go back to mineplex.com/application to see what the link to see my application is! Overall, I think this would be useful.
    Posted Nov 10, 2019

  5. You have a point, but it can be awkward to get to, and for new players who are sending applications, they will probably have absolutely no idea how to get to them like I only leant how to find my submitted applications without waiting for a commend a couple of days ago. Mineplex can't rely on players just knowing how to get to convoluted parts of the site without prior teaching or assistance. Even in the email that's sent to you, you get sent to the message that you have received which does not contain a link, so you'll have to go exploring for it.

    Thanks for your feedback! Yes @TooMuchXMas4You I forgot to say, this suggestion is a quality of life suggestion, it isn't a massive change.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 10, 2019
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  6. I think this would be a nice feature for applicants. Although submitted applications can be found under the Application Hub with relative ease (as Kyuine said), having another way of accessing one's own application would be a convenient addition and I would not mind seeing it added. It would also allow players to quickly check back on their application if they are not familiar with the forums, and it may also save players several clicks from reviewing their submission. Overall, I do not have any issues with this idea and it will probably make a great QoL feature for users.
    Posted Nov 10, 2019
  7. This is a two second change which could be implemented in the time it takes you to make Kraft Mac & Cheese. As mentioned by people above, you can check it through your Application Hub. But, for a QoL change that would be so easy to implement and yet also really useful, there's no reason it shouldn't be done.

    You have a massive, plump +1 from me, friend.

    Thanks for the suggestion.
    - Fallen
    Posted Nov 10, 2019
  8. Hey there!

    I noticed many people have already provided feedback for this idea, so my response is not very necessary. I feel as if this is not a very important change, but a small QoL change that could definitely be fine to add. I see no harm in adding it and I think it would serve to be a convenient addition for people who want a fast way to get a link to their application.

    Thanks for suggesting it, as I could definitely see it being implemented.

    Posted Nov 10, 2019
  9. I think this would be a pretty harmless and convenient addition. It's not exactly needed, but it would be more pleasing for the applicants and I don't think that adding the application link could hurt. +1 from me, dawg.
    Posted Nov 10, 2019
  10. We could have it be directed to the general application section, not so sure about your direct application. It's essentially a copy/paste message that is sent per application you submit, so we may not be able to directly link your app as it may take manual effort. Since it is a bot that generates the replies instead of a macro, I'll look into the bot more and see what can be done.

    This idea is semi similar to this.
    Posted Nov 10, 2019
  11. hihi!

    If it is possible, I would totally say lets go for it! I think its a nice, small QoL change that, while is not entirely needed, would totally be nice to have. However, I totally do not think that we should prioritize this, mainly because it is not too hard as it is to go to the applications hub to find your application you just sent in. The forums, in my opinion, are relatively user-friendly, so while, yes, this could make it easier than before, I do not think it is entirely needed.
    Posted Nov 10, 2019
  12. I like it. As Marzie said it's an automated message and I don't think we can make each message link to the specific application. I'll at least look into it. However, what could be done and what I'll try to see if we can implement to the Trainee applications is a link to the Trainee application subforum. I can definitely tell you that "just go to the applications hub" escapes a lot of our applicants. We've had cases where people were waiting for a response to an application that we responded to many weeks/months ago.
    --- Post updated ---
    We've added a link to the subforum for applications in the automated confirmation message when you send in a Trainee application for Java & Bedrock. That's the best we can do with the tools that we're given by XenForo, but hopefully it should serve the same purpose.

    The confirmation message would then now look like this:
    Posted Nov 12, 2019
  13. Islendingurinn has pretty much answered the question and him being a recruiter makes it even better then hear from him.

    Yes I do agree with your idea but again XenForo comes with certain limited tools. I’m not entirely sure whether this is possible or not but since I am a FM I do know that one part of where we work does have a system where in the automated message required links are automatically put. I’m not going to reveal where this happens though however I do think it could be possible but of course that’s totally up to Wanderer.
    Posted Nov 12, 2019

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