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History of Windows 7

Discussion in 'Technology' started by zEddie27, Jun 22, 2022.

  1. This thread will cover 5 beta builds of Windows 7, the 2 official builds and other stories about Windows 7.

    Windows 7 began in summer of 2007, a few months after Windows Vista's release, Windows Vista was heavily criticized for being slow, buggy and crashing. Microsoft decided to work on Windows 7 to fix these issues.

    Build 6469. The Build 6469 different of Windows 7 is very similar to Windows vista, however, in the installer on the bottom left of the screen, the copyright date is changed to 2007 from 2006. The bottom right of the screen shows that the code name of the beta build is "Windows 7". In the desktop Windows 7 is still very similar to windows vista, however the winver changes the NT version from 6.0 to 6.1 There is also a "how to share feedback" option on the desktop and a watermark saying "Windows 7" in the bottom right. If you go into the registry and create a new key, you can unlock a new taskbar in the beta build that is slightly different from vista. It's bigger and the color is slightly gray, two windows from the same application will also group. There is also a hidden boot screen by enabling "No GUI Boot"

    Build 6519. This build is released 2 months after Build 6469. The installer shows a loading animation. The setup process is nearly identical to the previous build. The EULA also identifies this build as "Microsoft PRE-RELEASE Windows 7 Operating system". In the lock screen, it says windows 7 instead of windows vista, and winver also changes the name from vista to windows 7. The side bar is also removed. A new gadget is also added to allow users to rate and give feedback to this beta build of Windows 7. The system tray also have over flow icons similar to the official version. Auto run also has a 10 second timer to do the default action.

    Build 6608. This build is compiled on May 11, 2008. The installer is very similar to the previous build, however it identifies as Windows 7 instead of vista. The show desktop button is now added to the bottom right of the taskbar. There are also a few hidden features that can be unlocked using Bluepill. Using this tool you can unlock more features. Applications in the taskbar are now squares instead of long rectangular strips. There is also an arrow next to the application that shows additional options such as pinning programs to the taskbar.
    The calculator is completely changed and looks nothing like the calculator in the official build of Windows 7, and looks nothing like the calculator in Windows Vista either. There is also a unit conversion built right in. Microsoft paint is also changed, but it looks more like the version in Vista than windows 7. On the left side there are new buttons that give you pens to draw with. The feedback program is removed from the desktop and can be accessed to the start menu. To give feedback you would have to login with Windows ID. There is also a Windows health center in the system tray that seems to be the beta version of Windows 7's Action center

    Build 6780. This build is compiled on November 2008, 11 months before Windows 7 is launched. There are much more visual changes, the setup background screen is used as the default lock screen. The boot animation is changed to a loading bar saying "started windows". paint and word pad are redeisnged with the ribbon interface and the calculator looks slightly more similar to the official build in Windows 7. Libraries are also added into the Windows 7 explorer. You can once again use bluepill to access hidden features. User Account control windows also do not fade the background and instead act as a window that can be freely moved around. The taskbar looks very similar to the official taskbar in Windows 7.

    Build 7000. This is the official beta release candidate of Windows 7. It's still a beta release, but it's available to the general public. This build is very similar to the official release of Windows 7. The default background however is a fish. The different in built themes however use the same sounds. The start menu orb is a bit less colorful than the one in the official release as well. Microsoft also added a lot of features in this build of Windows 7. Such as thumbnail previews and aero snap. Thumbnail previews allowed you to hover your mouse over an application in the taskbar and you would be able to see the thumbnail of the window. You could also drag a window to the left to make it take up the left half side, drag a window to the right half side of the screen to make it take up the right half side of the screen, and drag a window to the top to maximize it.

    Build 7600/RTM/Official release. Windows 7 build 7600 is the official release of Microsoft Windows 7, it's compiled on July 22, 2009. The final and official release of windows 7. This build is not much different from the previous build. The default background is changed to the windows logo with nature. The lock screen and windows installer screen is also changed to a blue background with a leaf. The start orb is changed to represent the windows starting animation when all the orbs come together. The different themes also have different sound effects, the same notes, but different instruments and sounds.

    Windows 7 pre orders and release to the public - Microsoft offered Windows 7 in July 2009 for half the price of what it would be a few months later, so many users pre orderd the windows 7, so they would get the full and official build on October 22, 2009. Then October 22 came, and users got their copy of windows 7, is their hard-earned dollars worth a copy of this operating system, they'll find out.

    Microsoft would also host these Windows 7 house parties to celebrate the release of Windows 7. They even collabed with Burger King to do a Windows 7 whopper burger. This burger would have a bun, 7 patties, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise

    2 weeks after Windows 7's release it skyrockets in market share, doubling windows vista's release after just 2 weeks. Because of experience after working with vista, software developers and driver developers could make drivers and code their software to work on windows 7 without crashses or bsod.

    Huge ISSUE. While Windows 7 is extremely successful there is a huge issue, counterfeit and piracy. People would grab ISO files online, burn it to a DVD and sell these DVD's on eBay, they would also add the booklet and manual. This was a huge issue as many people were falling for these scams, and it wouldn't be until 3 months later when Microsoft blocked the product key. Many users would see a "You may be a victim of software counterfeiting". Many people who fell for these scams were confused until they realized they purchased a counterfeit copy of Windows 7. Luckily eBay and amazon both have buyer protection, but that still wouldn't solve their issue, so they would have to contact Microsoft support, and Microsoft tech support would give you a link to purchase an authentic copy of Windows 7. Now the cool thing about this version is that it's called the "get genuine online kit". The get genuine online kit is the same thing as the other release of windows 7, however it comes with an authentic product key. The holograms on the DVD were also a bit cooler. The get genuine online kit was just a short way of saying "Thank you for fixing your counterfeit copy of Windows 7!"

    There's nothing much that happens between this April 2010-January 2011

    On Febuary 2011, Microsoft releases Service pack 1 for windows 7. This is the first and final service pack windows 7 received. This update includes security patches, stability updates, bug fixes . It fixes 64 bit compatibilty issues, windows media player issues, fake low battery issues, printer issues, internet explorer 8 crashes, poor read and write performances, hdmi audio performance, network performance

    Let's fast foward to october 2012. Microsoft releases Windows 8, but no one wants to use it, because of its start menu.

    November 2013, Windows 8.1 is no better than Windows 8.

    July 2015. Microsoft releases Windows 10, but windows 10 adds a lot of useless features and telemetry that people are not comfortable with. Because of this people stick with Windows 7 and 8.1

    September 2015. Intel releases 6th gen intels and their modern chipset motherboards. people want to use windows 7 but they get an error. "A required CD/DVD device driver is missing". luckily to fix this issue alll you needed to do was slipstream USB and NVMe drivers. Manufacturers like GIGABYTE and MSI made their own software to do this.

    Then in May 2016. Microsoft forces millions of computers to downgrade to Windows 10. Whether you wanted to downgrade or not, Microsoft forced users running windows 7 and 8.1 to downgrade, even pirated users. 3 Florida men sued Microsoft $10,000 because of this

    In 2017, Intel releases their 7th gen intels, and AMD releases Ryzen. People still were using Windows 7. Manufacturers like GIGABYTE and MSI still allowed you to use their software to slipstream USB and NVMe drivers into a USB to get windows 7 installed. Microsoft was not happy about this, Microsoft wanted their users using Windows 7, so they decided to start blocking updates. They would put this message saying "your pc uses a processor that is designed for the latest version of windows because of this you will not recieve updates" however your cpu and operating system do not affect compatibility with updates. Microsoft only did this to try and get their users to downgrade to windows 10, however this issue is easy to fix, all you'd have to do is install wufuc and you would get updates unblocked. Nvidia, AMD, and intel all provided drivers for windows 7, it was still 100% usable on modern hardware, so microsoft couldn't do anything but wait for users to downgrade.

    Eventually in late 2018, Windows 10 passed windows 7 in market share, but windows 7 still held a very high market share of nearly 37%

    then the day came, January 14, 2020. On this day MIcrosoft dropped support for windows 7, but windows 7 still had a market share of 25%. which is huge. Despite the efforts of youtubers and microsoft themself trying to scare you into using windows 10, it wouldn't work, us windows 7 users stuck with windows 7. Microsoft even put a full screen message telling you that your pc is out of support.

    Here we are today, Windows 7 still has a market share of rougly 12.62% this is over 2 and a half years after windows 7's end of life. That right there, is the full history of Microsoft Windows 7. Thank you for reading
    Posted Jun 22, 2022
  2. Interesting
    Posted Jun 23, 2022
    zEddie27 likes this.
  3. I was hoping you'd mention the legendary time in 2014 when Vinesauce Joel "destroyed" it.
    Posted Jun 23, 2022
  4. As others have put it above…this was an interesting read! I can seriously say that I know a bit more about Windows 7 now and it’s awesome that you know that much. Cool thread, thanks for sharing! :potato:
    Posted Jun 24, 2022
    zEddie27 likes this.
  5. Wasn't very nice of Microsoft to (at least attempt to) force people away from Windows 7 in that premature way. Not at all a business aficionado but it looks weird technologically speaking...
    Posted Jun 24, 2022
    zEddie27 likes this.
  6. Massive respect for Windows 7 for still being able to hold on among its OS competitors. But this also tells us in some way that Windows fails to create Operating Systems that make people happy. I have always heard of complaints about every other Windows OS except for Windows 7.
    Posted Jun 24, 2022
  7. This is an amazing thread. Can you do one on Windows Longhorn?
    Posted Jun 24, 2022
    zEddie27 likes this.

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