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Hit registry on Mineplex

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Tavleen007, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. Hit registry in Mineplex has got to be one of, if not the most flawed feature of almost every game I play on Mineplex.

    This is an issue I encounter with literally every game I play on Nano Games, but most noticeable for me in Death Tag. It is an incredibly annoying issue that scales as your ping increases which is why I find it nightmarish to play with as a 250ms player.

    Allow me to explain. Essentially whenever I am chasing someone in Death Tag, I can almost never land hits at a distance a normal 30ms player could. For everyone who did not know, Death Tag features a compass which tells you how far away a player is from you. Usually as a chaser, the usual distance you can hit someone(maximum) is 4.5 blocks as stated on the compass. However, I can never hit someone from this far away. On the contrary I have been chased by players with 11ms ping and they can hit me twice from that distance(3 hits to kill). Furthermore, it isn't like I just try to hit someone and if I fail, no consequences. Something I notice is that, whenever I attack and I should have landed the hit, my momentum breaks, but all I get is critical particles aka the stars that come when you attack someone. Which means all I did was lose distance. It's especially frustrating because Death Tag is a game about keeping as close a distance to other players as possible. Every metre matters because when the other player makes a mistake, it's for you to capitalize. Also Death Tag is all about parkour, jumping from one block to the other so you can understand how when I jump from one block to the player to try to land the hit, if I fail, I'm off the block and fall to the ground where the player is no longer in my reach. The saddest part is that, even when I can hit the player, I still have my momentum broken so I still lose distance. Whereas when other players with 10-40ms hit me they don't suffer this unfair disadvantage. Essentially these players just hold attack button as the chase you and the second you make a mistake, they instantly land the hit because they hold click on you. Their momentum does not break and they can also hit further and exploit the maximum hit distance aka 4.5 blocks - neither of which I can do. Even my arrows are extremely bugged because when I play games like chicken shoot on nano games, all my arrows just bounce off the chickens and I can't kill any. Not to mention I get stuck in blocks, lag back when climbing up stairs, and I have multiple GWEN false bans (>10). I also want to stress how people with less ping can land multiple hits when they get close enough. When I am 2.5-3 blocks away from someone good at chasing, I'm dead. A good player will land 3 hits on me and I'll die instantly. If the roles were reversed, I would be lucky to land 2. This is not a matter about click speed, I can click 13 peak and maintain 11-12 clicks which is higher than most of the players who hit me 3 times from 3 blocks away.

    It's not an issue I have to deal with when playing bedwars on "the other server," so I don't understand why this happens on Mineplex.

    It is one of the most discouraging things ever, knowing that no matter how much I play, how good I get, I can never make the same plays people with lower pings can. I can never hit people 4.5 blocks away. I can never preserve my momentum and I can never land more than 2 hits unless the player is 0.5 blocks away from me.

    I would like to hear you guys' opinions on this. Do you still get horrible hit registry even with low ping?

    I hope there is a way to fix this issue because it's getting harder and harder to stay motivated when playing on Mineplex with the newfound knowledge that only I have this disadvantage since I am one of the only 250ms players in Death Tag.

    PS: I have asked players with 11ms and 30ms and they told me they do not experience what I have mentioned in the post above(even if they do experience it, it is very rare compared to me). I have also asked 2 250ms players, who can relate exactly to what I am talking about.
    Posted Jul 3, 2020,
    Last edited Jul 3, 2020

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