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How could Mineplex Java become popular again?

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by EssemCSH, Sep 27, 2022.

  1. I'm curious to know what the player's opinions are on this topic. What do you believe it would take for Mineplex's concurrent playercount to start rising and continue into the thousands? Any changes or additions to the server? Anything specific? Do you believe it is possible?

    I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Mineplex used to be my favourite server, and I'm sad to see it in the state that it is. Mineplex Java btw.
    Posted Sep 27, 2022
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  2. I think that with the release of the new Beta infrastructure, the player count will naturally increase. It's just a matter of time now! As well, with Season 7 of clans preparing to release, that will bring in a huge influx of players, including older YouTubers whose fans would subsequently join. I think it's definitely possible for MP to make a comeback, but simple releases aren't enough. If it can be capitalize upon with events and updates to keep games fresh, I think Mineplex can regain a steady player count in the high hundreds to low thousands on Java!
    Posted Sep 27, 2022
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  3. It may just be because I've never personally been a fan of clans, but I have my doubts about it having any significant impact.

    Events and more frequent updates are definitely essential to reach a state of growth. But I also believe it might be necessary to bring on some new "heavy-hitter" gamemodes. I believe the landscape of multiplayer and the demand of the players has changed drastically from what it used to be. I believe what Mineplex needs is its own unique gamemode at the same level of development as hypickle skyblock, that is unlike any other gamemode on any other server. Something new that no other server provides, that has hundreds of hours of available gameplay. For example, an MMO, but centred around a unique concept - not skyblock, cause the demand for that has been filled, something unique, for example - custom world generation, but with floating islands instead of the regular overworld; with a main story that you follow (and other side-stories and quests), and designated places like cities and so on, that you can reach by exploring the open skies and the islands you come across; maybe you use mounts to fly to new islands.

    Or you could make a whole new competetive gamemode like bedwars and many others alike. But the gamemode in and of itself isn't the only thing that's important to achieve success, you need to put systems in place for communities to form around these games. Incentivise people to play them.

    I don't think a minigame like deathrun fits the new landscape of minecraft multiplayer. There's not much demand for those types of games anymore. Even on hypickle, not many people play the old minigames in the arcade; the only ones with decent playercounts are the ones released this year, and a few old reliables.

    As for clans, even with the new season, I don't think it's a gamemode that will attract a lot of of new players. It's not a particularly beginner friendly game.

    Now, Mineplex is far from what it once was in terms of playercount, but the name "Mineplex" is still a 'household' name that the multiplayer community still recognizes and respects to this day. I believe Mineplex needs to make a few sacrifices to make place for a new "blockbuster" of a game, bigger than any game they have made before, enough to garner the attention of the multiplayer community, and then the youtubers that will initiate the growth of the server.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 27, 2022
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  4. And this point, and I hate to say it, I'm over 90% it can't come back from this, and even if it could, they wouldn't try. It's just too far gone now, I mean, it can barely crack 400-500 players at peak time. There might have been a chance to save it in 2019, or 20, or maybe even 2021 to the point where it could maintain player counts in the low four digits (which would've been fine by the way), but they never really put in the effort needed to bring about or sustain such a resurgence.

    There actually have been several major "booms" in the number of players over the past few years during things like holiday events and Covid, but this server has famously lacked any real staying power or stamina, and those always fizzle out in no time.

    If you ask me, there's still plenty of fun to be had on Mineplex, there just aren't enough people that want to have it, and that's not gonna change. We just got a new permanent game unlike anything Mineplex had seen before on Java, and even though it is pretty enjoyable, it only brought in a few dozen concurrent players max. A brand new game was probably the most significant addition Mineplex could've made, and in 2022, that's all it was capable of.

    Face it, at this point, most people just see Mineplex as a "stick in the mud" or a "has been", which are labels that have been firmly cemented due to years of poor management and fading relevance. That opinion would be virtually impossible to sway, and with the fact we have a single developer and only see a handful of noteworthy updates each year, doing so is impossible. Essem's right here, people know Mineplex well and good-just-not in a good way. I'm convinced the higher-ups' motto has got to be "milk it dry, let it die", as that's the course of action they've taken for years now, and it's one that demands basically nothing from them while also guaranteeing the server's demise.
    Posted Sep 27, 2022
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  5. I'm afraid this might be true. I just don't want to believe it.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 27, 2022
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  6. As simple as it sounds, I think updates will improve the player base. If updates can't fix Mineplexes player base then, to be honest, I don't know what can, maybe more YouTubers, streamers, events, etc. I believe Mineplex has soo much potential however it's not being used efficiently, Mineplex is essentially being left for dead. :mineplex:
    Posted Sep 27, 2022
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  7. Improve the server, yes. That infrastructure update on the horizon is long overdue and will surely be a delight for all those who have waited for it. However, there's nothing about it that would really help rope in new players, and nothing they do nowadays seems to succeed at that.
    Posted Sep 27, 2022
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  8. I don’t think java will get shut down but if it does that would be amazing for bedrock with the attention it would get.
    Posted Sep 27, 2022
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  9. Honestly you guys haven't taken the L of the year. Have you seen the bedrock server? A year ago we could reach well over 10k concurrent players at once, now 5k is impossible. The player count is usually 0-3000 now with it currently being around 800. The server has had no updates in 14 months, aside from a few maps and a recycled gamemode with no improvements which nobody wants. Oh, not to forget the scam rank haha. We're well on our way to joining you guys in the low 100s player count, only then will we be able to relate for once
    Posted Sep 28, 2022
  10. Isn’t the lower player count kind of due to school starting up? As soon as school started the player count dropped dramatically. I know with it starting up I haven’t been able to play that much either. Hopefully during summer it might reel some more back on Mineplex. Might seem like a far thought though.
    Posted Sep 28, 2022
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  11. No. The player count was just as low during the summer. It's because there is no updates and lots of game-breaking bugs as of recent. The disconnect bug is still an issue as far as I know. All of this has led to players quitting, but sure you could say its partly because of school too
    Posted Sep 28, 2022
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  12. The Bedrock and Java teams are mostly separate, though neither tends to do that much on their respective platforms, especially Bedrock. (I'm referring to the higher-ups, not mods and stuff.)
    Posted Sep 28, 2022
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  13. I want to agree with this, but I can't, and here's why.
    Since the peak of the server, millions more people have downloaded Minecraft. The games popularity is still quite strong and the decline of Mineplex matched that of the game as a whole. Mineplex simply did not resurge like Minecraft did because the support wasn't there.

    Look at the peak of Mineplex, youtubers were making videos on the server constantly. ParkerGames is who got me interested in playing on Mineplex, doing my own silly survival games challenges and having lots of fun with my friends.
    ClanYT on Mineplex Clans made addictive bite sized videos about a game I'm extremely passionate about and I still rewatch them today,
    The biggest Youtubers at the time were playing on Mineplex, so were their audience.
    Now - No influencers give the server any notice and therefore, the players have simply stopped coming.

    I see the revival of Mineplex Java as a possible, but difficult outcome to achieve.
    If players see large Youtubers back on the server, making content and having fun on it, they will come.
    The server just needs the exposure back, perhaps investing in some community run social media accounts with the effort of maintaining hype and discussion around specific gamemodes, on platforms with large install bases such as tiktok and instagram, the server can begin to rebuild it's image.

    That's just my cup of tea, but maybe i'm full of it. Let me know.
    Posted Sep 28, 2022
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  14. Mineplex's own social media is either a joke or totally extinct, and no content creator with the objective of, well, getting attention, would bother with Mineplex videos. Mineplex used to have its own team of certified content producers (I'm not sure if they were paid to do so or not), with people like ParkerGames, MicroGuardian, and Samito frequently posting Mineplex content and giving the server a presence on YouTube, but they threw all that out the window. Nowadays they'll just give YT rank to anyone that meets a handful of requirements even if they've never posted a Mineplex video in their life, nor are they required to (I don't believe) once they have it.

    Even Mineplex knows they can't expect "their" YouTubers to make videos on them since they aren't good for those people's channels and frankly, they might not be good for the server either. It's hard to paint Mineplex 2022 in a good light due to the Java server's obvious negligence and lack of players and the Bedrock one having similar issues as well as glitches out the wazoo. In fact, the only Mineplex videos I've seen get good views in decent years are the ones bashing it or discussing its downfall in an educational sense.

    When I say there's still fun to be had, I mean things like Death Run or Cake Wars or the holiday games never get old in small doses, but good luck convincing the masses of that, or even finding someone who's willing to try to do so.
    Posted Sep 28, 2022
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  15. I more or less 100% agree with this. Mineplex needs a mix of regular updates (fixing and making the old games feel fresh first, then making new games that appeal more to the current state of multiplayer minecraft) AND social media exposure - lots and lots of it...
    The first part is solely reliant on the speed of development, and I feel like the second part will increase naturally as the server grows.

    The server needs some restructuring though. The games should be structured in a way that creates communities around them, like bedwars or skyblock on hypickle, or even housing. Perhaps the lobbies should be structured differently - maybe Mineplex would benefit from having specific lobbies for larger games. They need to make players want to stay, to come back the next day, to connect with a certain community that plays a certain game, to want to get better at a certain game, to want to grind a certain game. Most players on hypickle do not play all the games or even a great variety of the games on the server. Most players have one or a few games they enjoy playing. Communities form around these games, and a lot of people stay solely for this.

    Okay, it's still impossible to bring Mineplex back without something new and ground-breaking. I believe what Mineplex needs is ONE unique game that is unlike anything any other server has, that can manage to maintain an impressive player-retention rate and has hundreds if not thousands of potential hours of gameplay. The game will initially be a success for the players that already play on the server, it's a game that appeals to nearly any type of player, and from there on out it would steadily and singlehandedly increase the player-count of Mineplex - and in turn revive the other games on the server.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 28, 2022
  16. I'm not sure developers would go about this. I feel like creating a new game that is "nothing like what any other server has" requires a great deal of creativity. I think it's much easier to put a game on the network that is similar to and based off another game that another server already has, however I don't think this always brings new players in.

    I think the two most crucial things that Mineplex needs to work on are:
    1) Transparency about whats being worked on. Timmi has been pretty good, since I see him interacting pretty regularly in the discord. I don't see much coming from Alex. I think if we had a better idea of how long he needed to review Timmi's updates before pushing them to be implemented, I think the community could potentially trust him a little more. I think Alex's reputation for pushing updates quickly isn't great, and I don't mean that as an insult, but that's what I've noticed others saying. We know that the beta network is being worked on, and that clans season 7 is too, but we have no idea about when either of these will be finished. I don't want or expect Alex to say "I'm going to finish update x by this date", because that means other will expect that to be done by a certain date and then people get mad that it's not which is obviously bad, but if we simply heard from Alex more often about what he was doing I think this would help restore potentially lost trust between Alex and the community.

    2) Updating old games. I think old games need bigger updates. I'd seriously like to see SSM updated, and then some other games after that. I'm willing to be patient, but I at the end of the day I don't know if Timmi is allowed to pick "updating SSM as a project" if he wants to do it, or if Alex picks and chooses what Timmi is or isn't going to work on. Regardless of how that works, I think SSM and probably arcade need to be updated because the perception that games "are gathering dust" probably doesn't sit well this many, so I think this would help, but I don't know if this alone is going to bring new players. This is why the new game like you mentioned above may bring in new players, which would be a good goal.

    I didn't include anything about Social Media. I don't think SM can really do anything to help right now. The point was made that Content Creators don't post/post very little Mineplex content and they aren't huge creators so this doesn't really help bring in players. I think if more of the viewers are people that don't regularly play Mineplex, that is that audience Creators need to aim for, and not only should those people be people that don't play Mineplex often, but they need to be people who are willing to give it a chance for a first time or people that are returning. I also think nostalgia isn't particularly helpful in this regard. If a former players sees a video from a creator and chooses to return, I don't think it's good if the say "Wow I came back for this one thing, but it seems like not much has really changed around here".

    Another point/ 3) I think hiring more developers could help, it's probably the point here that I'm most optimistic about. I don't know if Alex is still looking at hiring more devs, but regardless of if he is or isn't, I think have more devs is crucial in getting more players on java. Also, if Timmi could at some point push his own updates I think would be good, but I don't know if Alex is thinking about that or not.
    Posted Sep 28, 2022
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  17. I've been developing plugins in minecraft as a hobby for a few years now, and I'm currently going through a java masterclass course to improve my coding standards as well as another course on databases and backend systems. I'm only 19 and just finished school, and I don't want to go to university yet, so I'm planning on applying for some junior java developer jobs. It'll be around the start of 2023, January or February, and I've been eyeing the plugin-developer job-opening on the jobs page for some time now for this very reason. Mineplex holds a special place in my heart, and I would hate to see it go. I would love to help bring it back as a competitor in the multiplayer scene, and I have some ideas I believe could directly affect that.

    And by unique game, I'm thinking more in line with - a custom minigame creator that lets players create their own minigames, with their own maps, and their own rules and objectives - when it's finished you can open your minigame to public play (sort of similar to hypickle housing, but players can literally make fully fledged minigames). Imagine a minigame creation tool, inside Mineplex, that lets any player create their own minigame as if it were no different from any other minigame already on the server. The quality of the minigames created by the players could even outdo the pre-existing minigames on the server, and these minigames could also easily outperform other games on the server.
    ^ This is an idea I came up with just a couple of days ago, so it has a long way to go, but I'm 100% certain this is possible to create, and I'm going to be working on it as a side project for the next few months whilst going through the courses.

    I just briefly touched on the idea above, but I would love to know whether I've completely lost it or if this is an actual good idea. (Btw, most of the minigame creation would happen through an intricate menu system. And also, to illustrate how intricate I want to make this - I want any player, given they spend enough time in the game creation menus and exercises due diligence in putting their minigame together, to be able to make a COMPLETE replica of hypickle bedwars that functions identically to the original with no issues. There will also be possibilities for stat-tracking, custom achievements, even custom kits - although this can be a bit tricky because it could quickly turn into p2w, but this can be overcome)

    Okay, I just started ranting and didn't stop and no one asked but thank you for listening. And again, it's possible, it's just VERY complicated to put together (the plugin), but I reckon I could do it in anywhere between 3-6 months depending on how much time I'm able to put into it. (3-6 months given I work full-time every day. It is big project very complicate)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 28, 2022
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  18. How can Mineplex revive itself?

    By making new stuff, not reviving nolstalgia trends from 2015 that ide off in about a week or two. Content creators should focus on what can all still be done on Mineplex: Even the MPS minigames, which have been the same for 5 years, can literally be transforfmed and made novel and fun again through game variations (that's what I spent time doing on Mineplex MPSes for example), and interacting with the community to bring these games to life.

    Unfortunately what we are missing today is experimentation, and if it happens it is small scale and quickly goes unnoticed. And in order to get your original games out there advertised, you well, surely need better code to make the games playable

    However, I actually don't think Mineplex has any plans to really "blow up" again, I think that secretly many admins are fine with the status quo of a smaller Mineplex and no longer really seek to have tens of thousands of players in their servers anymore. I think this because I am very sure the admins and Defek7 know what needs to be done to get Mineplex up again, but Mineplex Java has become a sort of nichè community for much older people whose main purpose isn't even playing games anymore but rather interact with friends. If anything, Mineplex java is a closed ecosystem at the moment where new players are completely overrun by the age, experience and alas also edgyness of the "old guys". In 2015, there were also big kids but most of the playerbase was still new players and even the many popular figures were new players younger than 90% of people on Java today.

    Quite simply, I think Mineplex Java will much more likely keep farming the same closed ecosystem of returning old players (like myself) rather than open up the gates and gather immense amount of new players: The gaming world has undeniably changed in 7 years time and a lot of external broader cultural factors (new trendy games, new ways to game, etc...) that lie outside of Mineplex have contributed to less new players... and so have the goals, plans and aspirations of the owners.

    It is very unlikely we will ever have a return to 2015 or even 2017 Mineplex, simply because the entire gaming world has changed and Mineplex isn't going to attempt to shift it back to itself. It takes a lot of risk, people and most of all money and investment to make such change. And to break through in the gaming world is much, much harder than it was in 2013 because of how much has been added and done since then.
    Posted Sep 28, 2022
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  19. I feel that when the beta infrastructure released, Along with Clans S7 it would help. And IF more developers are hired with more frequent updates every week, 2 weeks, a month, AND Have some advertisement? AND have some content creators come record for an episode or two? Mineplex could definitely revive. I'm talking 2-5k atleast & counting if it is consistent. (It will be a process but it can be done)
    Posted Sep 28, 2022
  20. It all depends on in what direction MP goes after Beta update, it all depends tbh currently not much is known for the advertisment plans when Beta releases. do i ever see it going back to 10k+ players no not really but i can see it holding a steady 2-5k playerbase if it is done properly
    Posted Sep 28, 2022

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