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How do you beat a hacker?

Discussion in 'Cake Wars' started by YesImAFurry, Jul 3, 2022.

  1. Despite all these tips, the hacker won, and you continued to rage about the game
    Posted Jul 24, 2022
  2. Wdym? I never rage. I'm just looking for advice.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 24, 2022,
    Last edited Jul 27, 2022
  3. Either just report them or call a Mod.
    Posted Jul 28, 2022
  4. "" If you can't beat 'em, join 'em ""

    Posted Aug 1, 2022
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    I have had that saying in my head for years lol
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 1, 2022
  6. Gotta do what you gotta do >:) /j
    Posted Aug 1, 2022
  7. If your playing skywars a way I like to beat hackers is to lure them to bridges and spam blocks then hit them off and make sure to gather snowballs while recording so you can report them and snowball them away or off the map
    Posted Aug 1, 2022
  8. Usually, hackers cannot be beaten in combat and my personal method is to ban them after I have recorded sufficient evidence.

    Jokes aside, here are some of my tips for handling hackers:

    - Record evidence and create a forum report @ mineplex.com/report (Java and Bedrock)

    - Use the #report-players channel in the Mineplex Discord - discord.mineplex.com (Java or Bedrock)

    - Use /report in-game. To do so run that command followed by the offender's IGN (/report [name]) and select your report type (Java only)

    - Use the StaffRequest community. To join, use the command /com request StaffRequest in-game and wait for a community co-lead to approve your join request. Please note that the community is strictly for requesting staff assistance and off-topic messages will result in you being kicked/banned from the community (Java only)

    I hope this helped provide information on how to deal with hackes in the future!
    Posted Aug 3, 2022
  9. Go for the moral victory and report them!
    If they get banned, they won't be able to play here anymore. However, you'll still be able to play. Who's beaten who here?
    Obviously it's impossible to determine why people hack, but let's say they do it for self-pleasure. That goes out the window when they can't actually log onto the server.
    Posted Aug 3, 2022
  10. If they're using reach hacks, retreat and use a bow. You'll pretty much be equal with a hacker using reach unless their reach is that absurd that way, especially over long distances.
    If they're using fly hacks, which is rare since they're not that good for this game, then gear up and get really aggressive. Since flying generally means rushing, they'll show up with leather armor and a wooden sword.
    If someone is bunny hopping, they should arrive completely alone, so if you're in a party you and your friends should be able to circle around them and sacrifice them to the blood god. Or, you know, just kill them.
    If they're using a combination of hacks, abandon all hope and just call the police (/report)
    Posted Aug 6, 2022
  11. can a mod lock this thread the question has deff been answered.
    Posted Aug 6, 2022
  12. pfft
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 13, 2022
  13. Just saying it’s a lil overdew
    Posted Aug 13, 2022,
    Last edited Aug 15, 2022
  14. [​IMG]
    Posted Aug 13, 2022
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