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How I Would Remake the Survival Games Kits

Discussion in 'Survival Games' started by Bossitiveplays, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. Before I start, I would like to say that this only is based on how I would remake the Kits. I have been around this corner of the server for quite a while and even though we got a rebalance, I still feel that there is still room for improvement, and I want to broadcast my opinion though most likely nobody that can change the game around will apply any of my ideas. Regardless, I still want to voice in my opinion. Any features you see that are already part of the game is me agreeing with their existence in the game.

    - Axe Thrower: Grants the ability to throw your axe. 0.5s cooldown. <-- There needs to be a cooldown on this skill. The idea of axe throwing is perfect with this kit and very unique.
    - Axe Proficiency: Deal +1 damage with an axe. <-- Completely agree with this.
    --> Make it so that axes that hit your opponent can be picked up immediately. Not sure if this is a bug because if you miss your axe you can pick it up immediately.
    --> Axes that are thrown/hit your opponent cannot be picked up by anybody else for at least 3s upon landing.

    - Hilt Smash: Right-Click with your sword/axe on an opponent within 2 blocks to use hilt smash inflicting slowness 1 for 3s and dealing 4 damage. 10s cooldown. <-- Not sure if this matches Hilt Smash. I think it's pretty close and I agree with how this skill is built.
    - Iron Clad: Take -0.5 damage every hit. <-- Completely agree with this.

    - Arrow Collector: Get 1 arrow every 20s. Max 3. <-- Completely agree with this.
    - Bow Collector: Get your bow after 1.5 minutes. <-- Completely agree with this.
    - Quick Shot: Left-Click bow to fire an arrow. 30s cooldown.
    - Longshot: Every 4 blocks your arrow travels deals 1 extra damage. Max 16. <-- I strongly believe this is a much better alternative to barrage for two reasons which are because barrage requires little skill to use and longshot requires more skill to use but is more rewarding at the same time.

    - Brute: Deal 20% more knockback and take -20% knockback. <-- The 5% difference is necessary because now it will actually make a difference when fighting.
    - Ground Pound: Right-Click with your sword/axe to knock opponents upwards within 4 blocks. 10s cooldown. <-- Not sure if the cooldown is right. Whatever the cooldown was before is what I mean.

    - Bomb Collector: Get 1 TNT every 20s. Max 3. <-- Bomber needs to be recognized more as one of the kits on Survival Games and adding this will be a good push.
    -Explosive Arrow: Left-Click your bow to charge up 1 explosive arrow. 10s cooldown. When fired, upon landing the arrow explodes damaging and knocking opponents within 6 blocks. <-- 10s cooldown seems fair enough and the arrow is still the same.

    - Beastmaster: Gain 1 wolf every 30s. Max 1. <-- Nothing wrong with this.
    - Cub Tackle: Right-Click sword/axe to make your wolf leap in the direction of where you clicked. 8s Cooldown. <-- This is fine.
    - Call for Arms: If attacked, your wolf teleports to you. 30s cooldown.
    --> Boost the movement speed of the wolf to the equivalent of a wolf with speed 3.
    --> Have the wolf attack the enemy you're attacking as well as if the enemy attacked you.
    --> Increase the velocity of the leap.

    - Backtab: Deal +2 damage and -100% knockback when attacking behind opponents. <-- This makes getting backstab hits easier when attacking opponents that are looting, quickly kills opponents that try to run away, and make more like how it was supposed to be!
    - Assassin's Eye: Right-Click your map to reveal all of the player's locations to you for 5s. 40s cooldown. <-- Completely agree with this.
    - Untraceable: Players cannot see your Gamertag except within 8 blocks, compasses cannot track you, and other assassins cannot trace you with their Assassin's Eye skill. <-- This makes the Assassin kit more sneaky.
    --> Fall damage reduction doesn't belong with this kit.

    - Summon Undead: Every kill you get drops their loot and summons an undead skeleton. Skeletons have 1000 health. <-- It's just easier for enemies that you kill to drop all their loot and just summon a skeleton that deals 4 damage.
    - Call for Arms: If attacked, all skeletons teleport around you (Within 1 block). 30s cooldown.

    - Blade Vortex: Right-Click sword/axe to pull opponents within 4 blocks towards you dealing 3 damage. 15s cooldown. <-- Completely agree with this.
    - Cleave: Opponents within 3 blocks of the opponent you attack take 75% of the damage. <-- Completely agree with this.
    - Cannibalism: Receive regeneration 2 for 4s when you kill an opponent. <-- Regeneration 1 for 5s is nearly pointless so either making this perk the equivalent of a stew or just flat out removing this are better options.

    - Horseman: Get 1 horse every 30s. Max 1. <-- Completely agree with this.
    - Cavalry: Take 1 less damage while on horseback. <-- When I have used horseman it is very tough to fight opponents because you have less range than the opponent you're fighting.

    And that is everything. If you actually read this far. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! And pleaseeeeeeee tell me what you thought about this. What parts you agreed with, what parts you didn't. Tell me it all and I will be looking at all the comments.
    Posted Sep 16, 2019

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