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How to bring back mineplex

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Its a Kid, Apr 1, 2020.

  1. Hey guys, do you remember when Mineplex was a thing?
    A lot of content has been created for this server, but the server dropped lower and lower and I think that this year, is great opportunity to bring back mineplex.

    Mineplex Pocket edition is quite solid but I want to bring back the Java edition.
    Fortnite dropped very hard, so there is an opportunity that mineplex gains back its hype.

    Why did Mineplex drop ?

    There are many reasons:
    First: Very little, to no gameplay update. Mineplex focused for whatever reasons only ranks and comsetic stuff so it makes it much harder for the players to enjoy the game.
    Back in the days, players where hyped about super smash mobs and the smash crystal was amazing. Later on they made the smash crystals occur very rarely in order to "Balance" the game... So it makes the game boring...

    Solution: Add more things, value fun over competetiveness, add more smash crystals, more items or even add a timer for the smash crystals so players are informed about that. Buff kits regularly. Why removing the infernal horror of the skeletal horse...

    2. TOO MANY MAP UPDATES: Players DONT NEED MAPS, PLAYERS WANT MORE KITS, no kit additions etc. make the game feel repetetive and boring. Maybe add weekly kits or something

    Solution : More Kits game refreshments, less maps. I see tons of potential in the champion series. Adding more items and not just 2 mines, maybe add ultimte abilities for champions such as dragon summon for mages, the brute becomes a giant and smashes enemies, the assassin gets toons of movementspeed and invisiblity and can onehit one target or summon tons of clones, the knight gets a horse , the ranger creates an arrow rain, there is so much you could do. Or a skeleton army by the mage would be fun

    3. Removal of TDM. Name me one reason to remove TDM! JUST ONE! It was the most played game in the champion series, it was short and fun and you could do a lot of fun combinations .

    Solution: bring back TDM it was a very fun gamemode many players enjoyed

    4. Disappointing hype: Mineplex made us really hyped with a certain gamemode called "Clans Alpha " or something and it turned out to be a huge disappointment, a buggy, complicated gamemode that consumed the developers time

    Solution: No more empty promises and value the games equally, or the players who just joined mineplex because of certain games

    5. Remaking the forums, the forums was the source of the amazing ideas. Mineplex does exactly what players DONT want, we dont want new ranks or cosmetics, we want kits, small game addition... why not adding items on smash? Why not try out new things? It always keep the game repetetive. And the Forum remake causes that these amazing Ideas mineplex once had, are gone forever.

    Solution: Listen to the forum ideas, that are amazing.

    6. Comparing itself, Mineplex tries to copy the other server bit by bit, until the players realized something is wrong.

    Solution: Mineplex was unique, and should value its own uniqueness, sadly mineplex tried to copy man things the other server had such as tons of cosmetics, new maps and master builders...

    7. Dumb rules: Saying "ez" and provoking shall be allowed but the expected response such as "hang yourself" isnt? Where is the logic behind this?

    Solution: Allow flaming, there are reasons to flame but no reason to provoke someone to oblivion

    8. Unreasonable balance patches. Remember in SSM, where the cow remains broken, remember that viperstrikes becomes a better alternative to shocking strikes?

    Solution : Make a poll about what kit players hate etc. Create a system of what kits get picked the most, the least and balance around it. Buff unpopular kits.

    9. More disappointing hype: I could remember in 2016, where I was grinding level for my skeletal horse, I became lvl 89 and guess what? The leveling system got removed, all the time, wasted...

    Solution: Make something that randomly enables the level of these kits such as more dmg or extra additions. Or make the level reward you by unlocking you second version such as infernal horror or skeletal horse for example...

    10. Achievement kits: Some Achievements motivated players to boost them in an unfair level by ghosting, crossteaming etc. just to get these kits, why not make an option that you could buy them for lot of gems like 20k

    Solutions: make achievement kits for 20k gems

    11. Lack of community interaciton. I remember when mineplex had those tiny polls that rewarded you for answering them, I liked it a lot but now they feel impactless, mineplex never listened to their players. Mineplex should bring more votes about what stuff the players want updated, what kits should be added that were suggested, what games they should work on. +

    Make Polls and regular updates, maybe one update every 2 weeks

    So if Mineplex becomes unique and fun again, more content creators are getting attracted, and their fans too,..
    Posted Apr 1, 2020
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  2. I have a lot to say about these ideas you posted but firstly, I'd like to touch upon your argument that Mineplex isn't updating frequently. If you look at the Update Changelogs on the forums, Mineplex has been updating a good amount in the span of a month. Also just recently, Mineplex made a fun addition to their lobbies for April fools day. I do understand your point of the lack of updates, but it is safe to assume that the leadership team has a lot of updates coming in the near future, so hopefully we just have to be patient with what will be added in the future. Now to your ideas.

    If you value fun over competitiveness, the balance of the game will be completely broken, and people will not satisfy the game at all. There are games that are meant to be competitive rather than casual(Ex. Champions, Bridges, SG, etc.), and valuing the fun over competitiveness would shatter the competitiveness of those games, and completely cause controversy for competitive leagues. If you ever want to play fun games, you can always play Casual games like Draw my thing, Master builders, or Nano games. There is a reason why they made that specific change for SSM: People were annoyed with how little counterplay there was to some of the smash crystals there were in SSM, especially for those that never got the smash crystals. Buffing kits randomly creates power creep(updates to a game introduce more powerful units or abilities, leaving the older ones underpowered) which can easily destroy someone's satisfaction for a game. Rather the solution is to nerf the kits that are overpowered, so that those kits don't stay broken for a while. The balance of the game is very essential to assure the best gameplay experience for the community. If Champions domination buffed a lot of abilities on overkill, then the game wouldn't be as competitive, and eventually not fun for those playing the game casually.

    For your second idea, I think it would be nice to add more gameplay updates, but there is nothing wrong with updates for both platforms(Map and gameplay). Just recently Mineplex posted 2 gameplay changes for 2 different games, and I am assuming Mineplex is going to do some more gameplay changes for other games that haven't had an update in a long time. While I do support your idea, the way you are suggesting this brings back the idea of power creep, and something like adding new abilities in Champions would be fine, as long as the balance is somewhat even with the other abilities. This easily connects with your idea in #8. If you join the Mineplex Discord , they have polls asking the community about certain updates if they are good/bad, so your solution has already been implemented. The abilities are difficult to balance all in Champions, which is why they have a GI team, so it's easier said than done to achieve this. As for your idea with adding ultimates, I am sure this will break the game's competitiveness, which has been a key part of its interest of the past few years.

    Now onto your third idea: TDM had a lack of support if you checked the Champions lobbies on Mineplex. I played a lot of Champions domination, especially because of how active the community was in DOM than in TDM. While it might have been a fun game, Dom had more interest with the competitiveness it had. Ask almost anyone that is an expert in Champions why TDM was removed, and they will tell you that it was due to lack of support, just like any game that was removed on Mineplex. You are always welcome though to play the game in someone's mps, which has TDM.

    Onto #4. It's a complicated subject, and I personally don't play a lot of clans. A good amount of those issues were related with Champions bugs though, and it's Alpha release was much different than what they released officially. I don[t really have a lot to say about this idea because I am not a big expert about clans, but maybe you could add more detail about this idea.

    As for #5, I am currently listening to your forum idea, and I am sure the Ideas team and the whole community is looking at your idea right now. Mineplex supports ideas that are suggested from their own community, so your solution is already happening at this moment. They have separate sections on the forums for idea discussions.

    For #6, your solution is kind of vague in terms of saying to make Mineplex unique like it was in the past. Everyone gets from others at one point. Artists steal other artists ideas and reform it to a better idea. Many of these ideas come from either LT(Leadership team) or from the help of those that want to suggest new ideas. Master builders is a common concept from almost any server in Minecraft, so technically everyone is borrowing it from the original person who created it. I am not going to say a lot about this because this will bring discussion especially into other servers, so feel free to PM me if you want to discuss more about your idea with this.

    For #7, there is a clear difference in those two phrases. Check out the rulebook (www.mineplex.com/rules ) on why those two are easily distinguishable, looking at the severity of those sentences. ez or L has less of an effect as to saying a thread like "hang yourself". Allowing flaming would cause more toxicity in the community and make the quality of the community worse, not to say that people are already toxic outside of public chat on Mineplex.

    For Idea #9, I don't really favor the idea of buffing kits in a level selector because this is only effective in PvE game modes(Halloween Horror and Christmas game on Mineplex), and this easily unbalances the game for those that play the game casually, and for those that might be new to the community. This ends up being a play more to win scenario, where it isn't actually practice makes perfect, but rather the advantage over playing a lot of games(getting new abilities).

    For #10, Achievement kits are meant to be very difficult to get. This easily changes the value of the Immortal rank, because its double gems perk will easily cause an advantage for those that want achievement kits. An achievement kit is meant to show that you are an expert in the game, rather than someone who owns a lot of gems. If this idea would be implemented, higher leveled players and people like me would be able to get many achievement kits.

    For #11, I will literally say the same response I gave with #8. On the Mineplex discord, they have. channel where they post polls about updates or feedback on certain changes. There was a recent poll about the achievement kit in SG, and the community gave feedback on it, causing the adjustment of the kit. In addition, carl the creeper occasionally has polls about updates.

    I wrote a lot here, so feel free to PM me if you have any concerns about my feedback. Hope I gave good feedback though.
    Posted Apr 1, 2020
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  3. Good feedback but ever asked why Mineplex dropped so hard?

    I mean, the other server which name I aint allowed to say focuses fun over competetiveness. The issue is, that mineplex should be casual because many mineplex were causual. Playing for fun and also trusted the leadership team. Are you wondering why people stopped talking about League of Legends? Because this game went too competetive. Mineplex is not an e-sport or something. It should be fun and broken and chaotic things make the game interesting. Ever wondered why Fortnite WAS hyped back then? They released tons of unbalanced stuff which were FUN

    If Mineplex would try out new fun stuff, this server will expand like they did with the old times. I remember where the smashcrystals were hyped.

    If SSM stays the same, no one plays it, simple... it was so fun and a lot of potential is gone, the only kits I see are these "OP-Crap" kits such as spider. I mean the snowman needs some love as well.

    And who cares for balance? If a game gets chaotic and unbalanced, this is where games get fun. League of Legends for example isnt fun anymore because they just listen to the competetive crap. This is why these games drops. You can also look at google trends. Fortnite also dropped really hard, because they update their game less regularly than they used too...

    TDM was fun, TDM was short. Only short, sweet games.

    Adding ultimate abilities into different classes would make the game even more FUN. No matter how broken the stuff is. Minecraft pvp is ded, so mineplex must value fun over competetiveness because no one is interested in these stuff.

    Why does no one creates content for mineplex? Because mineplex is competetive ->leads to repetetive game, -> boring server.

    They should Update their games more regularly maybe 1 update every 2 weeks or something.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 1, 2020
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  4. Who cares for balance? Ask everyone on the community of Mineplex if balance matters to make a game fun. Clans had to remove illusion and smoke bomb because of the issues it had, and you are saying that the game would be more fun if they kept that in place. The achievement kit in SG had to be reworked since people were complaining about the kit. If you went buffed the achievement kit in Cake Wars, I am sure people would not enjoy the game. This doesn't make the game fair, which in turn doesn't create counter play, just gameplay of the same stuff. If you think about it, an unbalanced game will stay repetitive because the people will want to play the broken kit all the time. Your logic is kind of saying that hacking would be fine, because it would make the game more fun. While I understand the logic a bit, if you look at any game in the gaming industry, clearly the competitiveness of it is the reason why the game sustains. There are tons of reasons why competitive games are preferred more than casual games. You might have your opinion, but I am speaking in behalf of the PvP community of Mineplex. Even if you mention other servers other than Mineplex, their sustainability is more due to the combat games than the casual games. You might be true that more games on Mineplex are casual, but a majority of the community on Mineplex prefers games that are competitive. Making things overpowered only work in PvE game modes, not in PvP game modes. You think it would be fun to play with a broken kit? It isn't fun, and ask anyone in the community how they would react if they went overkill on a certain kit.

    Making OP updates to a game to make a game more "fun" won't bring back the "old days" of Mineplex. The second law of thermodynamics states "...that the total entropy of an isolated system can never decrease over time, and is constant if and only if all processes are reversible...The increase in entropy accounts for the irreversibility of natural processes, and the asymmetry between future and past". In short, in nature we tend to create more disorder(For example, our universe in the past was much less disordered than it is now, and it will take a lot of energy to even reverse it to what it was). I am trying making an analogy of this with games in general. It doesn't matter what the game is, but games will eventually decay with evolution, and many other reasons. We have much of a smaller player base as we had in the past because Minecraft as a whole was becoming stale for people, and new games were coming out during that time. While minor parts could be of server issues, a majority of it is due to the game aspect.

    I never said to not make updates with the games. I am fine with updates being implemented on games, but the issue you are making here is the balance of it. Making a new ability, but making it more OP than another will create power creep, as I said in my last post. We don't want power creep to be another issue on the list of fixes to be made. Power creep has proven to be a major issue amongst a lot of games.

    If you think about it, a good amount of the community still plays Mineplex because if its combat games and how competitive they are. Look at the competitive leagues on Mineplex, and how long they have been active for. Then there are casual people, who only took the game for fun for a bit of time. Games like Champions Domination, Bridges, and Cake Wars managed to thrive because of its competitiveness.

    Overall, I am not pretty much in fond of this logic of fun over competitiveness. If you have any concerns always PM me, this will be my last response to this idea. Sorry if I might feel aggressive in the feedback, I just want to show why this logic doesn't work.
    Posted Apr 1, 2020
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  5. In my opinion these aren't really the reasons. Why would people want a game to be broken, bugs to be abused and just die all the time by them. Mineplex just got a big hit twice from one of their biggest competitors frankly. Mineplex will have to release a different game like their "competitor" did that people enjoy. Progress is what people keeps intererested and interaction with other people in the community thats all i know.
    Posted Apr 1, 2020
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  6. Mineplex is going into a right direction but they need to release more kits, to add a reason to play on this server. The amount of kits is very tiny, I think Mineplex should add more kits. Once you had 100k gems... wooow. All kits unlocked, there is no further reason to play except these Archievment crap.

    The other concern of mineplex is their Anti-Cheat and how buggy and outdated the games are. If gamemodes don´t get refreshed, they get boring, alright?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 1, 2020
  7. I get what you say that it would enforce the meta, if they buff kits too strong. Mineplex should consider making everything overpowered.

    Mineplex does not work as a tournament game and every kit should be treated with an equal amount of love, yet in SSM there is still a huge gap between skeleton and snowgolem. The Snowgolem has a weak ultimate, deals little damage his smash feels less rewarding. While the skeleton is really busted, spammy , highly mobile and for free. The gap is not closed yet. Instead, they should rework the snow golem and make him interesting by making an ultimate that freezes every player for 7 seconds or something instead of impactless sentry guns.

    The logic Fun > Competetiveness work with servers that are going to die, this is the main reason how fortnite died... This game lacks in regular update scedule due to overwork. This is how fortnite dropped. They could release a weapon every 2 weeks or something. And not every month. The same goes for mineplex. Mineplex lacks very much in gameplay updates and I am really sure that the old forums that they deleted had really fun and interesting suggestions that mineplex could implement. And at the time, all the developers where active, now many developers left and one admit moved to another server.

    Mineplex feels dry, boring, left in the dust. I remember Wizards which was PERFECT this gamemode. Holy crap had soo much potential too extend much further. Champions too. Everything. I remember the sky fighting game with the elytras which was FUN. Even black plasma studios made an animation about that

    We don´t need competetiveness, we need fun because fun attracts content creators who make content about fun servers and this in return would attract more players.

    I am not talking about buffing one kit. I am talking about refreshing everything, buffing and nerfing stuff. Make the game heating by making things overpowered etc. I remember when a German youtuber named "Unge" played soo much SSM on mineplex. I remember when Captain Sparklez or even dan TDM played on mineplex. Now no one does. If mineplex would create interesting game modes, players could make fan animations of it, montages , funny moments. All these factors attract new players.

    We don´t need pros, we need casuals because these keep games fresh. I used to be a competetive tryhard. It sucks. A tryhard does not enjoy games .
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 1, 2020
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  8. Sure you can lecture the mp committee on how to run a server and a business better than themselves
    Posted Apr 1, 2020
  9. It doesn't matter how many kits you have... In order for someone to play there just need to be more stuff to unlock achievements etc. Gems are super easy to obtain
    Posted Apr 2, 2020
  10. I'm not going to respond to every note here because there are already a list of responses above. I am going to selectively respond to some of the concerns that I know the most about, or need to clarify.

    "Players DONT NEED MAPS, PLAYERS WANT MORE KITS" Players definitely would prefer to have both map updates and content updates. Luckily, these are handled by completely separate teams that work independently and can both work at the same time. Maps are created by the community and the Build team. The Build team works on their own projects, and has absolutely no influence on what is being developed, as game content is handled by the Development team. Progress on one can happen simultaneously as progress on the other, and an increase in map updates does not in any way influence game content.

    "TDM was the most played game in the champion series" Champions Domination is for sure the most popular gamemode in the champions series. Do you have evidence that TDM was more popular?

    Clans has a huge playerbase that is extremely dedicated to the game, calling it "disappointing" is simply a negative opinion.

    "these amazing Ideas mineplex once had, are gone forever." The Community Management and Ideas Team spent months sorting through and documenting all the old ideas that existed on our Enjin platform. The ideas are gone to the public, but they were valued highly and noted down to be further discussed and reviewed. It's been approaching two years since our switch, and I would personally never go back. It looks like this is your first post since back in 2018, so I can understand why Xenforo might still be new and less desirable to you, but I urge you to give it a chance.

    Your number 7 titled "Dumb Rules" is implying that death wishes is an appropriate response to someone being slightly rude and trying to get under your skin. That's a huge yikes from me, not the appropriate response whatsoever. The best response would be to ignore it, because people that sent phrases like "ez" are only trying to get a reaction out of you.

    "Make a poll about what kit players hate etc. Create a system of what kits get picked the most, the least and balance around it. Buff unpopular kits." this happens all the time, most of these types of changes are discussed in the Game Insights Discord. A kit was changed just last week that was disliked by the community, and more changes are coming.

    "why not make an option that you could buy them for lot of gems like 20k" I highly disagree, the entire point of the achievement kit is to demonstrate your excellence with the game.

    "tiny polls that rewarded you for answering them" we have polls on our Discord server often, it sounds like you might be interested in joining. Here's the link - discord.mineplex.com
    I don't think you should need to be motivated by rewards when the poll only benefits the community and lets you easily express your opinion. That should be motivation enough.

    "If gamemodes don't get refreshed, they get boring, alright?" I would argue that this is an opinion that the community is actually pretty divided on. If you only play one game selectively and we introduce an update that you don't 100% agree with, you might stop playing. There's something to be said for consistency in a game that was created well in the first place. On the one hand, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. On the other hand, changes spice up gameplay. I don't think you can for sure say the community is unanimously on one side or another with this issue.

    "We don't need competetiveness, we need fun" this is also a topic that is going to divide the community. There is a huge portion of the community that values competion over light hearted basic games. I value your opinion, but you cannot extend this to making statements on behalf of the entire community.

    Overall, I'm concerned about the fact that you are making statements assuming the rest of the community would agree with you, when you are instead sharing your opinions. You have some ideas embedded in this long post that likely deserve their own posts in the proper sections so they can get attention and discussion from the related community. I urge you to sort through your ideas and further develop those that matter most to you so we can address them head on and get you some direct feedback. Additionally, based on the way some of your statements are worded, it seems like you haven't been very involved in the goings on of the server in awhile. When was the last time you were actively playing on the server? If you have not been on recently, I urge you to experience the server in its current state so you can have the most effective feedback for us as to what you feel truly needs to be the focus. I'm sorry you're feeling frustrated with our decisions in the recent years, but I encourage you to look at the server from a new 2020 perspective instead of comparing it back to 2015 when our popularity was at its peak. Hopefully you are alright with the fact that I have not addressed every concern, let me know if I can help further with anything!
    Posted Apr 2, 2020
  11. Hi,

    I've taken some time to thoroughly read and felt compelled to provide detailed responses to each individual point.

    It's not really fair to compare Mineplex's production and development habits for ranks/cosmetics versus gameplay updates. Mineplex's Production team actively develops new ranks/cosmetics because those are the monetizable content that Mineplex produces; they have to prioritize new ranks/cosmetics, to a certain degree, because without them the network risks failing to secure funding. New gameplay updates, on the other hand, are largely brainstormed from the network's Game Insights teams before being reviewed for implementation by Production. These gameplay updates are always the fruit of numerous hours spent deliberating how to-- or even whether they should-- adjust aspects of the game at hand, typically by players that have spent hundreds or even thousands of hours playing it. Gameplay updates are rare because they require such careful deliberation and extensive testing, whereas ranks/cosmetics are updated frequently since they're the main source of income for the network. Additionally, prioritizing one over the other doesn't necessarily speed up the process because they're concurrently developed by different teams with different purposes. I don't foresee these development habits changing in the future.

    New kits are developed by either Game Insights or Production, and really only implemented when Leadership wants to bolster interest in a particular game. Much like general gameplay updates, these updates require careful deliberation and have an extensive development process. Adding new kits every week would be basically impossible and kit rosters would rapidly become saturated to the point of unpleasantness. I can say with great certainty this won't become a routine development pattern.

    Maps are developed entirely separately from kits and gameplay updates since they're sourced from the namesake Build team. Since Builders are able to produce maps in such great volume, I see no reason to limit the amount of them since I do, actually, enjoy coming online and seeing new map updates. It's a fresh coat of paint, and it's really quite nice.

    (I'm aware this isn't strictly pertinent to the topic at hand, but I feel like the last thing Champions needs is ultimate abilities. The game is designed to be skill-supplemented PvP with different objectives, and "Ultimate Abilities" doesn't fit into that category.)

    Champions Team Deathmatch (TDM) was killed off after an extended period of garnering a paltry player population. Frankly, I'm glad that Mineplex isn't expending resources to host it anymore since those servers are being used elsewhere for more popular games like Cake Wars or Nano Games.

    When games are retired from the main selection, Leadership rarely-- if ever-- brings them back. If you'd like to access TDM, you're more than welcome to do so via MPS.

    In many respects the Clans project did live up to the hype; for months-- years, even-- after its release the Clans network garnered thousands of daily users. Today, Clans attracts significantly fewer users, but it's still very much alive. Furthermore, Mineplex was very upfront about how many bugs Clans contained in its early days; it was an audacious project which they started virtually from scratch. Clans continues to refine gameplay by reducing bugs, ensuring effective oversight, and introducing new content.

    I strongly disagree that Clans was an empty promise, and I don't think Mineplex has ever oversold the community on upcoming content.

    Redeveloping the network's forums is, in my opinion, one of the greatest updates the network has introduced. The Enjin forums were slow, wrought with bugs, and didn't scale well across screens of different sizes. The new forums are literally better in every way, and they allow Mineplex to integrate content from its many platforms (Java, Bedrock, Discord). I do agree it's unfortunate we aren't able to go back to posts made on the old forums, but it's a sacrifice I'm more than willing to make so we can have this amazing new website.

    I don't think it's fair, though, for you to say that Minepelx doesn't listen to the community's ideas when we literally have a subforum and an entire subteam dedicated to processing community ideas on behalf of Production just to make sure all ideas are at least heard. That said, just because someone's ideas is heard doesn't mean it will be implemented; new content and content adjustments are decisions that Production takes very seriously, and always have a strong rationale behind whether or not the ideas are ever implemented.

    If Mineplex knows what the Minecraft multiplayer community wants, what's wrong with giving it to them? While I agree that Mineplex should value its own identity over the identity of competing networks, I disagree with allegations that Mineplex just blatantly copies them. Mineplex has introduced their own versions of games that are universally popular within the Minecraft multiplayer community, but never without their own take on the concept with unique features and gameplay. I do believe that the network on Mineplex is original and exclusive to the network, and that I can't easily find it elsewhere.

    If you'll reference Mineplex's public Rules document, you'll find that all network policies are rationalized and justified. If you have a question or objection to any of them, I would highly suggest contacting a member of the network's Rules Committee; you can find their contact information within the Rules document as well.

    Just to address the example you provided, phrases such as "ez" may anger the recipient but aren't inherently malignant. Telling an individual to hang themselves or otherwise inflict self-harm, on the other hand, is blatantly malignant and is never acceptable-- least of all within a game where it may impress upon any children present.

    I've already told you about the process behind gameplay changes and how seriously all parties involve take said process, so I'll just say that I would rather have Game Insights decide what is and isn't broken in a game instead of players who are likely tilted after losing a match/game-- likely due to their own (lack of) skill.

    Just my two cents, though. I know numerous members of the community and staff team would disagree with me.

    Kit leveling was removed with good reasoning since it created statistic despondencies between players that likely already suffered from a large difference in skill and proficiency in the game. I can certainly understand you being upset because your hard work leveling up was nullified, but I don't think providing players that have put in a large amount of time (and, by extension, have garnered considerable skill) with more powerful and/or alternative versions of a kit is a good solution.

    Boosting statistics or dishonestly obtaining achievements is punishable by the network's Rules Committee, so I consider this point fairly mute. I would hate for Achievement kits to be made purchasable; achievement kits are a great reward for demonstrating mastery in a game and provide a somewhat-exclusive gameplay experience. Making achievement kits purchasable would only be to the network's detriment, and I'd hate to see this implemented.

    Mineplex has an entire Senior Moderator team dedicated to Community Management which also has numerous community/staff subteams charged with various forms of interacting with and hearing the community, so I consider it extremely unfair to say that Mineplex doesn't interact with its community. If you ever feel like you aren't being heard, you should reach out to a member of Community Management; I'm confident they would do everything within their power to ease your concerns and make your voice heard.


    I doubt I've really changed your mind on any of the points you published in this thread, but I hope my response provides you with a sense of perspective as far as why things are the way they are and equipped you with the knowledge/resources to use the appropriate channels to request the changes you wish to see. Please don't hesitate to contact either myself or any of the parties I referenced in my response if you have any further questions or concerns.

    Posted Apr 2, 2020
  12. I am sorry for my misconsception. I just stated what I saw what is happening to Mineplex.
    My Issue was the lack of frequent updates and extending the wasted potential Mineplex ever had. On the old Forums there were a lot of amazing kits and I am pretty sure, when I was playing Mineplex, TDM was very amazing at the time. Short, fun and interactive gameplay. All what Mineplex need is an eyecatching game for content creators. I want the old days back. Mineplex defined my youth... or is a big passion of my youth
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 4, 2020,
    Last edited Apr 4, 2020
  13. Mineplex is called Lagplex by other servers. This is why people stopped playing! Also, the GWEN anticheat system is very weak. Other servers have much better systems to protect players from hackers. These are the reasons. Mineplex itself without lag is AMAZING. The games rule.
    Posted Apr 6, 2020
  14. As much as some people may dislike Mineplex I think that it's really good, fun, interactive server to be a part of. Also, Mineplex may have built up a reputation to cause the nickname Lagplex, but us as a community, don't know what staff are doing behind the scenes. And I think that they are doing as much as they can at all times, to resolve issues that players might have. I would also like to add that, Mineplex has improved their lag and anti-cheat issues greatly over the years, and I think players that may have left Mineplex for that reason solely, might be quite surprised as to how much it has improved.
    Posted Apr 6, 2020
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