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How to counter small hit box SSM kits

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by pokyvessel52506, Nov 17, 2019.


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  1. So there are a lot of people that suffer in SSM because of small hit box kits. This is how to counter them. I will be listing the counters from best to worst.

    1. Radius moves:
    Radius moves deal damage to any player in a RADIUS. This means that no matter how small or how big they will deal damage. Even though usually each kit has only 1 or even 0 this is a great counter to small hit box kits.

    2. The void:
    I didn’t know what to call this so I just called it the void. If you can manage to hit a small hit box kit they take MAJOR knock back. If you can manage a few hits they will probably be knocked in the void (or lava or water).

    3. No armor:
    I think most of you know this but small hit box kits have almost NO armor. It might take up to 4-6 hits but remember a lot of kits take about 10 hits to kill.

    4. melee moves:
    It might hard to hit the small hit box kits with wolf strike, slime slam, etc. but they do more damage than radius moves and deal more knock back. If you can use a radius move then a melee move they will probably be down to half health or lower.

    The small hit box kits:
    I know most of you know them already but the most annoying ones are CHICKEN and WOLF.

    I hope this helped!
    Posted Nov 17, 2019
  2. This isn't as easy as it seems, for example, if you were to attempt to hit chicken into the void, the chicken will simply fly its way back or double jump its way back since chicken's double jump is drastically different than other kits and it has a good amount of double jumps before losing energy. As for the wolf kit, it can use wolf pounce to avoid falling into the void, this is all about timing so you can realistically hit any person into the void but you have to do it at the right time.

    I agree with these kits having less armor & chicken as well as wolf being the two strongest small hitbox kits which is what I will focus on, however, I don't quite understand the way you used radius in your guide, maybe you can emphasize on that a little more. I'll add in a bit of how I counter small hitbox kits from my experience which is to simply never avoid melee hitting them. If you have a chicken and wolf in your game then you need to consistently melee hit them in addition to using your abilities, don't run away all the time although there are times where you might need to retreat. You have to train yourself to not avoid chicken & wolf simply because they're using the kit, most times I've seen myself getting killed by them if I'm not melee hitting them in addition to using my abilities. There's a misconception that it is almost impossible to hit chicken or wolf but I can guarantee you that it is more than possible and is pretty easy once you get the hang of it, it all comes down to skill and timing in my opinion but I hope you make use of my two cents!
    Posted Nov 17, 2019
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