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How to Play Sheep Quest Like A True God(dess) ! ! !

Discussion in 'Sheep Quest' started by Worpp, Oct 20, 2018.

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    This so happens to be the first thread under the Sheep Quest section, so yay to that. However, this guide will be pretty basic on how to play Sheep Quest, as not many people are able to enjoy or understand the game to the fullest. I personally enjoy this game a lot, and it's a personal favorite of mine. I feel it has a lot of potential as well. Continue on if you're interested in learning the game!

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    Sheep Quest is an elegantly simple but complex game, but is very underrated by many. Commonly dubbed a bad game, it truly isn't once you understand it. In fact, it could be comparable to more popular games in terms of competitiveness, due to things such as mid fights, coordinated rushes and attacks, teamwork. etc.

    The game lasts for 5 minutes and has 5 different important locations. There is mid and the four team pens. Mid will always spawn a sheep every 20 seconds. At the beginning of the game, there will be 4 sheep already spawned at mid. You can only carry 3 sheep at a time, however, with slowness 1-3 applied to you based on how much sheep you carry at once. Colored sheep will always try to pathfind their way back to their pens, but white sheep will idle in the location it was dropped. Attacking sheep will do nothing but give knockback to it, perhaps making it useful to sneak a sheep out during a rush. This is just some of the basics of the game.

    General tips:

    - Have everyone at the beginning of the game rush mid. It's important to grab as much sheep as you can to start the game off strong!

    - If you're low on sheep and looking for more, look no further to mid spawns. However, if you do want to look further, raid other team pens. I recommend getting the pens right or left of your team pen. Attempting to get sheep from the pen past mid is overkill. Leeching off of the two side teams is the best way to go, unless they're too strong for your team.

    - When rushing other teams, make sure your team is synchronized and everyone knows whats up. Coordination and teamwork is key in this game, and so much could go wrong without them.

    - Generally, I have archers stay back at pen to watch the sheep from invaders, as well as shoot into the enemy team pens, while Brutes and Beserkers push in onto the other team. At this point, it's like a Cake Wars rush. You must choose how to rush in: center, left, or right. Ideally, Brutes clean up the fights Beserkers start. Once the fight is over, try to grab only one sheep from the enemy pen. It is much more difficult to carry two or three, as the other team is still able to respawn and double jump to catch up and fight again.

    - If you're a team that is constantly getting rushed, put up with them and show who's boss. At the same time, try to capture sheep with one teammate, as most of the people will be fighting will be at your base. But, I really recommend fighting everyone off, until the raids are very tiny (such as one person constantly trying to raid).

    - Keep calm if there's a team beating you. Just focus on getting sheep in small amounts from the neighboring teams.

    - I usually have one archer, two beserkers, and one brute on my team. Archer stays at pen, while the other three work together to steal sheep.

    - When the game is about 30-45 seconds left, have everyone go right back to base (assuming you're winning the match). This will stop enemies from carrying sheep out of the pen, reducing your score.

    - If you're losing and time is scarce, focus on stealing sheep and carrying them far away from their home pens. This will really make enemy scores suffer.

    - Overall, the game is focused on coordinated rushes, which are crucial when you want to steal sheep, dominate mid and keeping players at bay, or simply fighting off huge crowds at your pen. I recommend playing with friends you know, or in a call. This makes the game much easier, and much more enjoyable.

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    There are currently only 3 kits in the game: Beserker, Archer, and Brute. Each of these kits serve different purposes on the playing field, so it becomes important to have a balanced team or teammates that understand their kit main.



    Agile warrior trained in the ways of axe combat.
    Ability: Double jumping (Beserker Jump)

    This kit offers the highest mobility in the game. It allows for a quick double jump that is activated by a double tap of the spacebar (trivia: this used to be activated via axe right click), which then goes into cooldown for 8 seconds. It has moderate damage output as well, making it a really nice kit to start off with.


    - At the beginning of the game, make sure to double jump towards mid right after leaving spawn. This will boost you towards mid faster than any of your other teammates (however, try to be quick about it!). Once you're at mid, you can grab at least one or two sheep and be able to double jump back to your pen. The competitors you fight at mid will be mixed, due to the different options people have to move around.

    - Don't try to get into huge fights. The ones Beserker is able to win easily are ones against a single opponent, and it can be of any kit. Otherwise, you'll find yourself in a difficult situation if you engage in multiple fights at once. If you do get into these types of fights, try using the environment to your advantage. Fall damage is one I love to use.

    - Working with another kit makes Beserker really effective. Having Archer backup can make up for the moderate damage Beserker is able to output, making fights a lot easier. It's the same story when working with Brute as well. In addition, a nice movement combo is exclusive to the Brute-Beserker pairing. Brute is able to throw both sheep and teammates. With this in mind, Brute is able to give Beserker a nice small boost, which then Beserker can kick off of that with it's double jump. This results in an effective strategy that can take you just about anywhere on the map.


    2000 Gems
    Highly trained with a bow, probably an elf or something...
    Abilities: Receive an arrow every 2 seconds, max of 5 arrows at once. Charge your bow to use Barrage.

    Arguably the most annoying kit in the game. This makes this kit a key tool in winning a game. Although it offers the lowest amount of melee damage in the game, its ranged attacks are insane. Depending on the map, arrows can even fly close to another team's pen! It takes about 3 seconds to fully charge an empty bow with Barrage, which will shoot 5 arrows with a moderate spread. Each arrow does 1.5 hearts of damage, amounting to 7.5 hearts of total damage. With a bow that is pulled back partially, it will deal 1 heart per arrow.


    - Archer is best when it is defending the pen. Having it be put out into a melee battle is a bad idea. Never have the Archer sitting right outside of the spawn either. Have them positioned right in center back of the pen. Reason? Archer will not have enough time to get down into the pen during a rush and will be at a health disadvantage (fall damage from dropping in), and/or will be slowed down by a lot (fall damage or canceling it with water, which slows you down the most). In addition, you really don't need that much range, sitting in pen is enough.

    - Keep shooting into mid prior to when a sheep spawns! This will discourage anyone from going into the arrow rain, allowing for your teammates to get a better chance at the sheep.

    - If your teammates are about to rush a team, shoot arrows towards the enemy pen. The arrows will be able to reach the enemy pens just fine, and will give your team an edge at fighting during the rush.

    - If a team is rushing you, then shoot arrows at the offenders. If they're getting really close, put away the bow and pull out the wimpy wooden sword! The bow will not be able to be charged quick enough to do much in a melee battle.

    - If you're caught in a 1v1 situation, use your wooden sword. However, if they're at a good distance away and are giving you dirty looks, bow spam them. It puts them at a huge health disadvantage, and pretty much guarantees a kill.

    - Archer is really a support class, so make sure to help teammates by damaging opponents with your bow!

    5000 Gems
    Strong enough to throw things around!
    Ability: Throw Sheep/Teammates

    This kit has the highest melee damage in the game, which is really nice on top of their special ability to throw things. You can only throw sheep and teammates, but not anyone else. This is really beneficial in moving quickly. Many people get pretty confused on how to activate and use the ability. Simply, you hold your saddle (in slot 2) and hover your mouse over a sheep or teammate. Pushing your drop item key (default key: Q) on the saddle allows you to throw whatever you have on your head, allowing for quick captures, unexpected rushes, or recoveries.


    - This kit is really nice fighting opponents with. If you're really good at fighting, 2v1s (maybe even 3v1s!) will be a breeze.

    - As mentioned previously, you can get a really fast start by throwing your Beserker ahead to mid. After doing this, you can also throw your other teammates as well. Once you're at mid, your strategy can diverge from here. You can choose to stop other opponents from carrying sheep, or help throw sheep back for your team.

    - I personally feel that Brute should fight alongside with Beserker; they're a really nice pair when fighting or rushing.

    - Brute also makes a nice defender as well, so it's important that Brute is helping with home pen fights.

    - Really not much to say about this kit, but it's quite an important one in the game!

    °°°·.°·..·°¯°·._.· . ·._.·°¯°·.·° .·°°°

    This is my first guide I've ever made, so some things may have been out of place or something. Congrats if you made it up to here, you should have a better understanding and idea of what Sheep Quest is about. Overall, the real challenge lies in how well you work with your team. Other than that, it's a super fun game to play, and I recommend everyone try it out! Let me know about any other tips you may have or anything I can improve on!


    GI - IT - Map Tester
    Posted Oct 20, 2018
  2. Whoa! You spent a lot of time on this. It looks pretty good, and could definitely help noob sheep questers like me. Thanks & have a nice day!
    Posted Oct 20, 2018
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  3. Very well put thread! I’m a big fan of sheep quest myself. Although I don’t play sheep quest much anymore, it’s always been a game I’ve enjoyed playing. Hopefully your thread draws more attention to this wonderful game :D
    Posted Oct 20, 2018
    Worpp likes this.
  4. +1 because it's not ***ist.
    Posted Oct 20, 2018
    Worpp likes this.
  5. Hey there! Thank you for taking your time and energy into making this thread. This is a very extensive and detailed guide, summing up just about every aspect of sheep quest, and would be very helpful to anyone thinking about trying sheep quest for the first time. Have a good rest of your evening!
    Posted Oct 20, 2018
    Worpp likes this.

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