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How to REALLY fix clans.

Discussion in 'Clans' started by 5pd_, Dec 31, 2019.


Do you agree with all of my points

Poll closed Jan 14, 2020.
  1. Yes

  2. Most fo them

  3. I like clans how it is for some reason

  1. So I think we can all agree that clans is in a bad state right now with the assassin and ranger meta, power clans, bugs, and more. In this post I will explain what I think is best for the game and what changes need to be made.

    General Changes:

    Max clans size 9
    1-3 players with 3 allies
    4-6 players with 2 allies
    7-9 players with 1 ally

    -Give the ‘level field’ effect to every player no matter what class(remove level field from knight.)

    -Completely remove smoke bomb and illusion

    -Completely remove water bottles

    -Remove the planting and purchasing of mushrooms(instead have soups cost 100 instead of 200), and add a soup generator block(ender chest) that you can buy for 100k and will produce 1 soup per minute whenever the clan who owns it is online.

    -Remove cooldown on “plant tree”

    -Allow regeneration of terrain in chunks that are not claimed.

    -Allow selling of diorite/granite/andesite in shops.

    -Allow cows to spawn in fields.

    -Evade can be used every 1.5 seconds and has a 10 second cooldown.

    -Shocking strikes no longer shakes your screen.

    -Backstab can only be used every other swing or at intervals of 1 second.

    -Make it so when you mine an ore at fields it goes straight to your inventory(similar to pvp timer mechanics)

    -Nerf longshot/overcharge by reducing the maximum damage by at least 2-3.

    -Allow Stampede to reach a maximum speed level of Speed 3.

    -Change the spawn location of Capture Point to fields and have it drop: 2 complete sets, 2 swords, 2 axes, 2 bows, 1-2 stacks of food, 1-3 rares.

    -Make only 5 servers, 4 hardcore and 1 Casual(this is to prevent dead servers.)

    -Map should reset every 3 months.

    Now for the following changes I am suggesting completely reworking core gameplay mechanics, but I do think that it is for the best.

    -Remove the effect slowness has on abilities.

    -Add a new effect called a stun(like a silence arrow) this effect will negate the use of ANY ability of an opponent for 1.5 seconds, the following abilities will possess this power.

    -Hilt Smash

    -Bulls Charge

    -Pin Down

    -Wolfs Pounce(collision)




    Besieging clans: This is a highly discussed topic and many of us are unhappy of the way it plays out. It is a very hard thing to make balances on one hand when being raided you want to have some chance of defending, though it also can't be too hard where you can't do a raid unless you have a power clan. I suggest that when being raided the people besieging you should be able to open doors and have a 30 second cooldown of “break block”. What “break block” will do is allow you to break 1 block in an enemy claim, so if they are hiding underground you can (slowly) mine to them.

    Final Thoughts. So some of my final thoughts that I think would improve the game as a whole are...

    -More events: When the Charles Witherton raid was added it was a lot of fun, so if you have any ideas for new events make sure to comment them down below.

    -Farming: In the current state of the game, either mushroom farming or mining with a runed pick for cobble is the most effective for getting gold. I recommend buffing the selling price of all farming materials in order to make farming more beneficial.

    -Dailies: In the current game you have to spend 1k gems on a daily. For most players, they have to do a bunch of stuff that they don't want to do just in order to use a daily. I suggest that you make dailies free and so they replenish every 16 hours.

    -Monetization: Before season 3 they was really nothing more than rune amplifiers to purchase for clans. Now you can literally purchase a boss. I do not like this as the only reason I started playing clans is because I loved factions and it wasn't pay to win.

    Thank you for reading all of my suggestions and if you want to add anything else make sure to say it in a response to this post.

    Posted Dec 31, 2019
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  2. I agree with many of the points, although I think this is really worsening assassin much more then I think it should. Although I agree with the class debuffs, but with the stun debuff stacked on top of the sin debuffs, it would make the class almost unplayable. (which honestly might not be that bad since in my opinion assassin is a bad meta) also everyone getting level field as well as capping the clans member count at 9 and ally count at 1 if you have 9 members seems overkill when they can just play level field. (to clarify I think both together would make it worse, not one by itself.)
    Posted Jan 8, 2020
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  3. Hello There!

    I agree with a huge number of these points. Clans is in a terrible state right now and I just find it hard to keep playing. I love the concept of the game as it is so different from your everyday factions server. But now the game seems like pay to win with all the gilded supply drops and boss summon tokens. I also agree that assassin should be nerfed so it isn't the only set that everyone uses. You have these god assassins that just dominate the server so you literally have zero chance. I do feel that removing both smoke bomb and illusion might be overkill, maybe just one of these? Cows should have been in fields a long time ago. Overall my I agree with the three big ones, the pay to win, assassins and power clans dominating the server, and trying the balance the servers with using other classes instead of an assassin set.

    Posted Jan 8, 2020
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  4. You kinda forgot about silencing arrow, mage, assassin, and most brutes are useless now that there’s no bottles so you can just run with silencing arrow 4. Or smoke arrow 4 to kill every single knight with combo attack. Bottles are an essential and you can’t just remove them without having to change lots of other things in the game.
    Posted Jan 9, 2020
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  5. Hey,
    These seem like some very interesting ideas that could be great to discuss with more of the clans community. There is a Mineplex Clans Discord that you could join where further discussions could take place and where players could vote on each of your ideas as well!

    Feel free to contact me if you would like an invite to it!
    Posted Jan 9, 2020
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  6. People played clans for multiple seasons without really using water bottles. It really wouldn't be the end of the world, especially if some other things were removed from the game until things were fixed.
    Posted Jan 10, 2020
  7. Heyyy!
    You've highlighted a lot in your forum post and a lot of your suggestions are quite interesting.
    A lot of them being the champion side of things. However, you've put through quite a lot of clans-content improvements. In my opinion we don't need an increase of cobble & mushroom prices instead focusing on other things in the shop like you said selling blocks that can't currently be sold. However, with your idea of putting a 16h cooldown with no gems is quite beneficial to the hacker side of things. Alts could easily log every 16h and feed more gear etc making it easier but with the normal player side of things, we'd see an increase of inactive energy clans. It wouldn't be hard to make a clan and get 16k gold for free every day and keep doing that. Instead of nerfing the daily I do believe we should keep how it is due to the 1k gems conversion how it is since it's quite balanced how it is in my opinion, if any nerfs were to be changed I reckon decreasing the gems it costs very slightly.
    Finally adding onto your clan number decrease is already being discussed and polls have been put out by the CI Team on the Mineplex Official Discord (which you can pm me for the invite if you wish).
    You have taken the time to list a lot of great ideas however, many may need some more feedback!
    Posted Jan 10, 2020
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  8. I love the idea of field's ores going straight into your inventory. I also like the ideas of nerfing Illusion and Smoke bomb.
    Posted Jan 25, 2020
  9. lots of great points! I just wonder how we will be able to actually implement them.

    Clan size:
    -The max clan size is a great idea and I play hcf so maybe we could even have like a 5man map or a duo map or a 10man map one server for each max clan size. This would encourage smaller clans to play and have a chance rather than 1 power clan dominating the server 2 weeks in and killing the game till reset.

    -Map size:
    We should also reduce the map size to 64x64 chunks (like in alpha). I think completely ruining sin might change gameplay too much at once but Illusion should definitely be removed or Illusion glitch fixed. I like smokebomb it adds an interesting way to play and it encourages tanks (brute with takedown) which lead to more interesting and engaging fights. Here is a link to a better explanation of the plan: https://www.mineplex.com/threads/map- size-poll.68180/

    -Level Field:
    This would be stupid because it discourages team fighting. It really just encourages assassin to try and drop someone and run away which I think we can all agree is a meta that has gone on long enough.

    Backstab should be nerfed because a sharp rare allows you to get blinked on a two tapped. Stampede should give speed three again and it was so stupid to nerf tanks when sin was already the meta.

    -Chunk Regen:
    The regen of unclaimed chunks sounds stupid to me, it would probably allow for glitches and people edit wilderness to their advantage. Players are also encouraged to keep wilderness around their bases neat so people will fight there and it will look nice.

    This would totally and immediately kill the sin meta and make sin useless. While this is an interesting idea maybe we don't want to experiment with it just yet because we need a transition period for which we can see what works and what doesn't. Overall this change is too drastic and we don't know how the community would react.

    Fields needs cows so this is good. Capture point is so terrible that poor clans won't even go to it. Capture point at fields would encourage server wide PvP for a much better reward. Fields is never used despite being the center of the map, it should be where most of the action is happening and yet I haven't been to Fields in forever.

    -Dailies should cost gems to prevent cheaters and so someone with a bunch of accounts can't abuse dailies to get money.
    -Micro-Transactions are terrible and I understand that mineplex really needs the money but it truly allows for the domination of a server by one clan because they could get leggie sets in the first week if they wanted to.
    -Farming at fields should be encouraged (again increase activity and decrease amount of base/moat campers and ranger towers.
    - Should be able to sell diorite/granite/andesite because they take away from the cobble you sell when you mine out your base. It slows down beginning stages of the game and could take days to get a full base up because Stone brick is expensive.

    Should definitely be more frequently because then if someone has a bad wipe they aren't waiting a year to play clans again (start fresh on an equal level).

    Thank You, feel free to respond/add. I apologize my space bar is having some issues so if there are random spaces that is why.
    We have so many good ideas to implement its just a matter of actually implementing them or getting someone else to.
    Posted Feb 4, 2020

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