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How to Revive Mineplex.

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by le Brownie, Sep 26, 2021.

  1. Dear People.


    before I get into this I want to say that (when I say "Mineplex" I speak for both the server (mostly the Java server) and the forums) - Also i suggest you get comfy because you're in for a lot of reading... It's 1,487 words & 7,908 Characters long, but that doesnt matter that much.
    also, when I say things like "you" or "you're" / "your" Im mostly talking about admins, moderators, developers, Etc.

    Mineplex is really starting to lose its players.. its really really starting to worry me and I dont like it. Im a banner maker here and I dont want mineplex to go.. but I guess theres not much you can do about the number of players who play mineplex dropping, but there are some things you can do and Im really really begging that changes be made and things turned around so that mineplex can be revived and come back to a general sense of popularity.

    Haters gonna say this is cringe but i dont really care, I have a special place in my heart for this community, I've made so many friends here that I care and love about, and not just that, I also loved the games in the actual Mineplex server, they were really fun to play and I had so many good times playing them with my friends, that I met here. I guess I cant really do anything about it because Im just a member, But that is why I make this thread, Im expressing my feels so hard right now.. I really really dont want to see the Forums (And the server itself) just completely depreciate to the point where there are No players left and everything just dies.

    Okay, so.. what can we do? What is there to do that could at least Somewhat attract players and restore the lost amount of players..? like I said Im just a member here, I cant do anything - I cant make changes - I can only just speak out, and that's what Im really trying to do here. I am no developer, I do not know or am good with code. I simply can suggest ideas here that I'm very confident will work. so dont respond with "Ok big man!! gimme some sample code right now, lets see what you know what your talking about!1!1"

    Please, Moderators, don't brush this off your shoulders and lock the thread, hear me out in all of this.

    My Suggestions.

    • Better Advertisement.
    If the server is announced and advertised in a more wide-spread method then It will also help much to attract players.

    • Hub design update / revamp.

    I think personally that the entire map of the Mineplex hub is great and all, but personally I think it lacks size. I think the server would benefit if the map was re-done in this way: Keep the Islands theme, The current mineplex hub map is a bunch of floating islands, each holding their own unique purpose, its great but I think that the Main island (the one you spawn at and select you games & rewards / Etc.) would be bigger, more there - everywhere, more to explore, more scenery and creativity. This is good because if a new player joins it will most likely interest the player and make them want to come back another time and play again - for they like the scenery. Or even they might invite their friends :)

    • Direct your current focus more towards Fixing bugs / glitches / exploits.

    I think it's safe to say that mineplex has a good bit of its glitches, and bugs, whether it's in a game or just generally around wherever (like the hub). I suppose a Bug or a glitch that doesnt effect gameplay isnt 'bad'.. such as ender pearl glitching into the floor. But if there's a bunch of these 'harmless' bugs or glitches everywhere then that will add an atmosphere to the server that says 'This server has low maintenance' - or 'the mods are lazy, look at this!' and just generally uncared for. - Etc.

    • Make your next focus: Add popular game modes that are amongst other servers (without copying). Or add new creative gamemodes never made before.
    I think mineplex is nice for mini games, take for instance some of the ones that are in Nano-games. They're really fun. Or arcade games, new ideas for those kind of games can be found in the New game Discussion - Category here on the forums, but I think its pretty obvious how the server's popularity / quality would improve if new games would be added, the more there is the more fun / possibilities for fun there will be. My main idea though for this bullet point is SKYBLOCK.. You know I dont think people are quite comfortable with the idea of skyblock being added to Java mineplex, as I've seen in multiple "add skyblock" threads here on the forums, they just dont seem ok with the idea, but that's no reason to forgot about the idea of skyblock being added.

    You know, there was once a popular man who went by the name of Oscar Wilde, he once said something that was very true and also very wise.. take a look.


    Maybe people might think it's not a good idea, but for what reason?? because it was bad on Bedrock edition, or something? - that's no reason to not think about adding it, you know, like what Oscar said:

    If something is worth having - it's worth waiting for.
    if skyblock has at least a Potential or chance of being good
    (which it has been, Very much, on other popular servers)
    Then it's worth going for, giving a try, and doing your absolute
    best at it. Something great can be achieved if your best of efforts
    are put forth into it.

    Skyblock is Also important because its a very popular survival game among minecraft, and if players see that This server...Mineplex... has that Game they love (skyblock), then they'll be destined to give it a go. And if they like it then they will most likely come back and over time come to enjoy mineplex :)

    • Work on developing a better Anti-cheat.
    Last time I played mineplex (the server) there was a pretty big problem with hackers / people who used cheats in-game, You would encounter a lot of them throughout gameplay and it made things quite unenjoyable and annoying.. People complained a lot. It has been a long long time since I've played minecraft, let alone Mineplex, so I dont know if this problem has been fixed that much or not but if it hasnt then theres no reason for my advice in this bullet point to not be found helpful.

    A server without very little amount of hackers due to a well made anti-cheat is highly valued by players. And if mineplex is like then / becomes like that then such positive opinions by players will be made about the Server.

    • Lag.
    Lagging in the server doesnt always mean..ITS THE SERVER..it could just be your WIFI connection being somewhat unstable, or bad, for other reasons. But Im very confident that Mineplex has it's own, self-causing lag. Maybe its because the game modes dont have enough amount of GB, or memory, or dedicated hosting inside of the bungee server. Im not sure how it all works - But whatever the cause of the lag, It can be fixed, and if it cannot be 100% fixed it can atleast be helped, or somewhat fixed so that there's less lag then there is now.

    A lag-free server plays a very important role in being part of the list of servers that a player likes to play on. If something is laggy, it's hard to use / play on, so if it's lag free and smooth then gameplay will be nice and very enjoyable - hence making players want to play on the server more.

    If all these thing scan be fixed or improved then Im sure that the server will become a MUCH, Much better place and regain a TON of players. But not only the server, the forums as well. Because players will go to the forums and make an account for lots of reasons.
    1. to make a thread.
    2. report something / somebody.
    3. Create an account for a Verified title.
    4. Looking to make friends / just to chat.
    And this is great because once they do that they might return to the forums again and decide to customize their profile and just fit in / become a member :)
    So, this is quite a lot of words. I hope you read them all, I look forward to seeing what the replies will be like, I beg no hate. I also beg that the Devs / Mods dont just brush this thread off their shoulders and decline the offer of indulging themselves into the fulfillment of my advice.

    If efforts will not be made... im afraid this server will continue to accelerate further into the condition it's already in. Also - Its not really fair for me, here, pleading my heart out, begging that this server not die, because its the one of the few things that keep my life happy, to be faced with replies from Moderators / members pointing out the flaws in my suggestions with an argumentative attitude whereas they do nothing about my advice...

    Good day.
    Posted Sep 26, 2021,
    Last edited Oct 1, 2021
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  2. Java has an anticheat dev but he doesn’t do anything, Gwen isn’t improving.

    Bedrock is the one that needs a better anticheat.
    Posted Sep 26, 2021
  3. wow! First I want to say this is a very well put together post where I don't see bashing I just see your opinion being stated in a respectful way. As for commenting on your points individually so you hear it from my perspective.

    Hub design and better advertisement
    I 100% agree we need better advertisement whether that's a bigger social media presence, or content creators creating more content (which is hard with player base going down). I am in full support of that. I will say that our Social Media team is working on fixes to get the server more out there and hopefully those goes according to plan so we can get the server out there more and increase players. As for a hub design. Honestly I don't think we need one I think the hub is fine where it's at except maybe some more parkours or more things to do in the hubs. However, a whole hub revamp isn't necessary

    Fixing bugs
    While yes I think this should 100% be a heavy focus of our QA team and developers to fix bugs I don't think it needs to be top priority right now. We are losing players fast and it's not because of bugs. It's because of lack of updates and newer type games. I do think bugs needs to be focused on (which they are behind the scenes) however it should not be our main priority at this moment in time.

    Game updates / new games
    YES! In my opinion this needs to be our number 1 priority right now to bring back players and keep the ones we have now. We have to work on pushing more updates out faster to games that haven't gotten any in a while, and potentially add new games. I disagree with Skyblock at this current time because it's a massive game that would 100% have a ton of bugs and require more and more dev time as the days go by. However, I do think heavy focus needs to be put towards game updates. I know the dev team is working hard, but the updates have to come out faster whether that's hiring more people or speeding up the process of release.

    Anti cheat
    Ah yes the beloved anti-cheat GWEN. I can say that it is public knowledge there is a better version of Gwen on the way but no time for arrival unfortunately. Gwen V2 in a sense will be significantly better at banning hackers and should help clean up the hacker problem quite a bit whenever it is released which could be anytime.

    Lag has always been an issue at Mineplex in the past couple years and it's being attempted to be resolved as far as I know so hopefully that can get somewhat better at time goes on. I know a lot of lag issues really honestly does depend on internet connection of users (not trying to blame users but 90% of lag is from that). We haven't had any major server downtime except a couple months back so hopefully it stays that way and the lag will decrease as time goes on when versions get updated, etc

    Overall I'm extremely happy to see community members like you posting things like this and trying to make your opinions and thoughts clear and to see you bring all these issues up in a respectful manner is even better. Hopefully you agree with some of my stances. Overall Mineplex will make a return (at least I believe so) it will just take time because so many things have been lacked upon for a while that we finally hit "karma" however I full heartily believe it will return eventually. Thanks for the thread it was a wonderful read :)
    Posted Sep 26, 2021
  4. This was an extremely well put together post! Hope some more people can see this would love to see the rest of the communities opinion on this entire situation we're dealing with.
    Posted Sep 26, 2021
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  5. I've read over all this and Im very happy to see your opinion here, thanks
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 26, 2021
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  6. I agree with most of this, however

    Mineplex lost alot of players last time it tried to switch away the main lobby theme, I've seen the alternate lobbies tried- and they look amazing!! but most players don't want to abandon the original(-ish) lobby. I feel like changing it would be amazing, but idk if many people would agree

    but otherwise I have a little bit to add, cause I agree the server isn't going in the best direction right now-

    forget about popular gamemodes on other servers, Mineplex needs to make something unique to Mineplex, not done before, something that draws in players, something a player can't find anywhere else so they have to play Mineplex to play that gamemode! Mineplex can do it, I know they can, Mineplex was one of the first arcade server wasn't it? so whats stopping it from succeeding and continuing? did it lose it's ability to be the first and be creative??

    I enjoy mineplex as a whole, but it doesn't seem the most solid rn, I agree something needs to happen, not sure what would exactly tho
    Posted Sep 26, 2021
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  7. Yes, slash, you're 100% right, as I said in a part of the article I posted that one of the ways to revive mineplex is to uniquely create new gamemodes :)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 26, 2021
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  8. That was very well said Brownie, even though I am not a Java player (despite my java rank and all) I just don't play pc version very well. Much of what you said is felt in Bedrock, maybe to different degrees and maybe in different areas in comparison to Java... but, we all whether Java or Bedrock, want to see the success of Mineplex and to me that comes with the willingness to hear from their members and what they believe could work or what they are most frustrated with. It is just a shame it has to first be seriously looked at when the member numbers are depleting verses when the numbers were just taking a dip downwards, but then it is never looked at that is a lasting trend and failure to make a correction then doesn't happen until it gets to a state of despair. But, the never say never mentality and moving in that direction will keep Mineplex afloat and probably has for many years.
    I do agree a game that it unique to Mineplex is also the route to take. I believe that there are many player idea's that have been posted many times to Mineplex to consider as a new game option for them that would be the golden key to bringing in many new players and old players also. Many players have not left because of Mineplex itself, they liked it here, but they were tired of the lag, the cheats, and somewhat boredom of the same old thing and nothing new enough to trigger a major change of heart to not leave.
    There is hope, there always has been for Mineplex it is just the willingness to see that your community of players Bedrock with Java together want's to see the success of this server. We are always separated into separate identities when really we are one just with 2 separate branches to the same base home Mineplex... maybe seeing us as a whole vs completely separate will help unify us and I believe we need that also. There are ways to make us be similar but yet different it just needs more tweaking.
    As I said, as well as yourself and others, that a new game, unique to Mineplex is the direction to go. That you do have a player base that have put out wonderful ideas to the developers to consider. Maybe that is the answer, if it can be made to work and that would mean a collaboration between the players who have the direction of a great game and the developers working together... sort of a mentoring/apprentice kind of program where you hit on the young minds at work with creating a new game but with having them (the player team, let's say) do the leg work with it being overseen by the developer teams... they gain free help who will learn from the experience and developers gain time to work on some of the other project tweaking that needs to happen. Why not utilize the minds and hearts of the player base you have that wants to see Mineplex succeed. Put out an application for idea's for a new game and it's creation to Mineplex with a application that if your idea is chosen a team of the top 5 ideas will be teamed together to work and create the winning new game programing with the assist of the developers letting them know what wont work and what correction needs to be made... hell, why not! Just a thought, and it would be a win win collaboration.
    We all want to see the same thing, whether Java or Bedrock... it's called success and it's called a continued future as Mineplex.
    Posted Sep 27, 2021
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  9. I agree with everything said here, I do believe also that there will be changes made soon with the amount of players ask for them. I really think its awesome you took the time to write up all these suggestions and bugs that you see wrong with the sever.
    Posted Sep 27, 2021
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  10. Umm...
    I have a 1 hour long video of a hacker winning every single game in a nano server and gw3n didn't do anything
    The problem is that java's anticheat bans no one, and Bedrock's bans ( or kicks) too many people
    Posted Sep 27, 2021
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  11. this could seriously work!!! I also think adding new games and your better anti-cheat idea would HUGELY increase the amount of players! Good job, so well written!!
    Posted Sep 27, 2021
  12. Well, everyone's gotta spill their guts out like this at some point, even if they know it likely (probably, definitely...) won't make any sort of difference. A bold stance, Mineplex needs more zealots like us. The thing is I'm not sure if Mineplex has the resources or personnel to pull off anything major anymore. If they wanted to pull off a miracle, they'd need triple the staff (at least, in all positions) and a small fortune that far surpasses what dwindling Immortal subscriptions can provide. Remember-NOTHING GETS DONE WITHOUT PEOPLE TO DO IT AND MONEY TO BACK THEM. Well, the big stuff anyway.

    The point is it's hard to imagine anything big happening due to production constraints under the current conditions and a lack of interest from leadership and players (MOST players) alike. So just enjoy Mineplex while it lasts. There's still the routine Halloween and Christmas updates coming up, and those are always fun!
    Posted Sep 27, 2021
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  13. I disagree. Even if Mineplex came out with a new game that was only inspired from a game on a server such as Hypixel, people won't play it. They're not going to go to a server with 300 players to wait for a spin-off game to start when they could just play the original without bugs, lag, and wait times. With that said, Mineplex does need to come out with new game(s), theres really no other way the server player count will increase. For this reason, the new game should be either almost entirely a new concept, or something that isn't on any large servers currently.

    I have heard the lag on Mineplex stems from two main factors. First, the code is outdated. More importantly, the massive database has not be cleaned up. The vast majority of the database is made up of accounts that have played only a few games. Obviously, these accounts require space to store and I would think removing a lot of these would help improve the lag.

    Anticheat (GWEN)
    Gwen is truly not as bad as most people think it is. The anticheat itself is certainly a lot better than Hypixel's anticheat. Just like the rest of the server, Gwen simply lacks updates. The reason you don't run into flyers and bhoppers on Hypixel as much is because their anticheat is updated very frequently, which patches these exploits. There is two major reasons it is so common to see someone using fly, aura, and speed on Mineplex.

    1. The player count. Having such a low player count just increases your chance of running into a cheater. For example, if there is 50 players playing cakewars, and only 3 of them are blatant cheating that means 6% of the players are cheating. This is a pretty low percentage of cheaters, it just seems high because you are running into the same player every game (Since there are only 3-10 cakewar lobbys).
    2. As mentioned before, the anticheat is not updated as much as Hypixel's. This allows old or new clients to be developed using the same exploits and they won't even get patched. So yes more time needs to be put into GWEN, but it certainly shouldn't and doesn't need to be completely recoded. It just needs updates.
    Posted Sep 27, 2021
  14. Advertisement isn't a good option considering priority access
    Posted Sep 27, 2021
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  15. Solution: get more Timmi's.
    (Also stan our Irish king Oscar Wilde)
    Posted Sep 29, 2021
  16. Cool thread, largely repeating what others have said for ages with no super new thoughts though. Here are my thoughts, not representative of the server's thoughts.
    In order to have good advertisements: you need new content, the current selection of games & server content has been over done by previous content creators, leaving nothing new to show to the audience, maybe stuff like MPS modifiers/similar may help a bit with that, but that's just down to a major lack of content. You also need to provide a better ecosystem for content creators: if there's no demand/reward for creators, they don't come.

    It doesn't lack size, it's big enough: Hypixel's lobbies are really small and this isn't an issue. The main issue is the confusion of where games are: since games are currently the same npc & in the same layout, it's difficult to figure out where games are for newer players (Even I end up searching for a game for 20/30s before finding the npc). The hub needs a redesign, but I think you've gotten the wrong parts to update, make it easier for people to find things, don't make it bigger: the longer it takes to walk to a game, the less people can be bothered to do that after each game.

    This is already being prioritized before new content, as players joining an unstable server (especially on 1.17). tend to just go elsewhere. Staff don't have anything to do with bug fixes, so people that say stuff like this, for this reason, are uninformed on how the server works.


    This is where I have the biggest issue currently. Skyblock on Mineplex isn't a good idea, not because "hypixel did it first" or because "we'd be a clone". But simply because: a long term MMO type game requires constant developer attention: a good example is clans: clans has a lot of room to change & become a lot bigger, but it's not getting attention from developers. A long term mode needs this constant attention to cater for both newer players and the longer term players: Hypixel really struggles, with a team of 20+ developers to keep up with the content, how would Mineplex... with 1 active developer on Java, keep up with skyblock? It's not sustainable, currently: I don't feel it's worth risking reputation damage when we cannot keep up with the demands such a gamemode come with.


    To an extent, this can help. However: eventually, players will bypass the anticheat and it becomes a massive challenge to really do much. It's genuinely down to Mojang to fix the account issue, servers can only really help a bit in stopping people from cheating. Until a better solution is made, simply improving the anticheat enough to remove the super blatant cheaters is probably the best option: rather than sinking money into an endless improvement cycle. Hypixel syncs a few hundred thousand a years into watchdog, with little improvement to the numbers of cheaters.


    Mainly through ddos attacks slowing things down, but also due to the host being absolutely awful. I agree on this one, but the games could also be optimized to run a bit better, which is currently happening.


    People are very unlikely to make forum accounts, modern players use discord, not forums. It's instant, allows for constructive talks etc. I honestly think the forums are a very "2014 thing" and wont go anywhere, even if the server increases a load. I think we should start super focusing on the discord & improving bot features: rather than spending time on the forums & improving it, as long as it works for its core functions (appeals, reports etc), I don't really see a major reason to continue improving them, when most people use discord.

    as for the title, people really don't care about titles currently, that system is a complete mess
    Posted Sep 29, 2021
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  17. Super well-written thread, time to leave my two cents! I won't go into insane detail, so feel free to read the main points I have. If you have anything you want to ask me to elaborate on then lmk. :D


    Not until the server improves. Content hasn't changed enough to advertise it again like we used to in the past. Until there is a substantial change, then no. Advertisement of things that are popular, however, is a good idea, like our event games. HH is coming up so...

    Hub Update

    Every time the main hub is changed players get mad it's not the OG hub and it's reverted. However, I think that nowadays a lot of people agree the hub needs an overhaul, as that way we would be able to get all of the NPCs in for MIN, for example, as well as make something more trendy in general. Once again, Mineplex is the same as it was all these years ago so a big change imo is welcome, while keeping certain nostalgic elements like the tree.

    Be excited for seasonal hubs, though, the build team does a great job!

    Directing current focus more towards fixing bugs

    With the addition of Timmi onto the development team he is focusing on bugs, multiple of his updates were filled with bug fixes. Bedrock is lacking but we do only have one front-end person that has been there for a hot minute. Timmi will work on Bedrock eventually but while he is on Java I don't think all he should work on are bugs, he has been assigned to content updates anyways. Keep in mind that even if an update isn't a massive bugfix update, certain bugs are still fixed while new content comes.

    We just need more development time, not only from Timmi. Man is working super hard right now and we just need the same energy from the other members of the dev team.

    Add Popular Gamemodes

    I would looooove Skyblock to come on Mineplex, any grindy game other than Clans would work really well on the server. Grindy games are a huge trend at the moment and if Mineplex took advantage of that I know it wouldn't be for nothing. However, there are other priorities at the moment and it's best we focus on them. Also, even without bringing in new games, expanding on the popular ones definitely helps!

    As I mentioned above, we really just need more dev time from other members of the team - as well as better leadership.


    This is happening, Bedrock needs more love in this department, though. I believe konsolas is exclusively Java


    A lot of this is related to backend and we don't really have someone that works with it actively to solve the issues. Quick fixes or restarts every time something huge happens is merely a little plaster and does nothing else. We get DDOSd way too much so you'd think something would be done to help aid it by now.
    Posted Sep 29, 2021
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  18. Konsolas doesn’t do anything because “he is in college” according to Dutty unless I’m just imagining things.

    I would like seeing someone work on the Anticheat for bedrock and end up in GWEN false kicking people every game.
    Posted Sep 29, 2021
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  19. It already does thwt though
    Posted Sep 29, 2021
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  20. I’m talking someone updating it and making it worse than it is now.
    Posted Sep 29, 2021
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