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Hunter kit disappeared

Discussion in 'Block Hunt' started by Kingpin6603, Aug 31, 2020.


Why Hunter kits disappeared

  1. This is because

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  2. I encountered the same problem

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  1. I was playing blockhunt and starting today nobody could switch kits mid game as a hunter as the mobs displaying the kits were Gone
    Posted Aug 31, 2020
  2. It is a known issue and will be fixed.
    Posted Aug 31, 2020
  3. Hey again!

    I've already answered another thread you made where you reported a similar issue. That thread can be found here: https://www.mineplex.com/threads/hunter-kit-disappeared.155808/#post-539266. Below is the response I gave on that thread:

    The above response is also applicable to this thread. If you have any further questions, please PM me!

    Thread Locked | Concern Addressed
    Posted Sep 1, 2020
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