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I draw at midnight

Discussion in 'Arts & Banner Showcase' started by TheArrow'sShadow, Mar 27, 2021.

  1. Hello hello!
    Yes- it is 2am, and no- I don't sleep shush

    Anyway I didn't do any requests this week- I will start next week- but I did do a quick piece like two days ago and I totally forgot the share so here we are now haha

    I've been wanting to do somthing like this for forever now, and ever time I play turf I get reminded of it, but as soon as I log off my brain totally forgets so its amazing I ever finished it. Basically I wanted to draw the paper doll displayed in the upper left corner of my screen. I don't know why, I was just really inspired by it I guess

    Aaaaaaaanyway here we go enjoy!

    The actual art:


    And the reference (ignore the horrible quality it was super zoomed in)

    Posted Mar 27, 2021
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  2. Heya Arrow! This is another amazing piece and it seems to me that you just continue to improve with every piece that you share! - It has been super incredible and inspiring to watch you grow as an Artist and I think you do a phenomenal job in every piece you share. In this piece I really like the background. I think the blue is such a pretty color and in my opinion, it compliments the hair on your skin. My favorite thing about this piece is probably the bow and the positioning of your character! I think it looks very clean and it does indeed remind me of Turf Wars. Great job, and keep up the amazing work! I look forward to seeing more Art from you moving forward.
    Posted Mar 27, 2021
  3. Woah! Ive really been wanting to get into drawing online, and go all out and order a pen and all that, but currently my only issue with drawing is knowing what to draw because theres so many things to draw! I like to draw scenic stufff like houses and abandoned buildings stuff like that, but id like to do more of it online rather than paper haha so this is far beyond anything I can do, very cool!
    Posted Mar 27, 2021
  4. Like all of your pieces, this is stunning, your art amazes me every time I come across it. It's interesting that some of your best work happens at such a late hour, I am personally fast asleep by that time as I prefer waking up early mornings. That's usually when most of my productive work takes place. Anyway, I'm glad you remembered to create and share this piece, I'm keen to see more soon!
    Posted Mar 27, 2021
  5. Man, you never seem to disappoint. I love what you did with this piece of art, especially since one of my favorite colors happens to be blue! The fact that you based it off of a Minecraft character is just mindblowing. I can't wait to see what else you have to offer.
    Posted Mar 27, 2021
  6. This is amazing!!! I love seeing what inspires artists and I think it’s super cool you were able to create such good artwork from your Minecraft skin. I love how accurate your drawing is to your skin, every little detail is there. You really went above and beyond with this piece! I cant wait to see what else you share!
    Posted Mar 27, 2021
  7. Wow, I don't understand how you do it! That looks so good! I'm so jealous of your drawing skills. The way you managed to change the blocky look of a Minecraft character to look so realistic blows my mind!
    Posted Mar 27, 2021
  8. I played with you for a few hours yesterday, pretty good at it just like drawing

    We should team up one day!
    Posted Mar 27, 2021
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  9. Hey there, it's Cuba here! I'm impressed by your piece of art, beautiful I have to say. Keep it up!
    Posted Mar 27, 2021
  10. Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it :D

    Hey there! It's cool that you're trying to get into digital art! In my opinion it's a great experience and overall very therapeutic haha
    Let me know if you every have questions or need tips and tricks!

    I do not understand how morning people like you can function haha
    I suppose technically I am a morning person, because I'm up SO late that it turns into the morning so I still get to watch the sunrise, even though that's when I start to realllly get tired.

    Blue is one of the best colors and no one can change my mind haha
    Glad you liked it!

    Thank you! I'm glad people like my little doodles haha

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :D

    Yeah it was fun playing with and against you! I'd be down to hang out again!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 28, 2021
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  11. Woah, this is a really nice drawing and it's even better that you turned it into a real cartoon drawing from a minecraft character - even the bow! I specifically love how you've drawn the hair and the face, it gives it a lot of character to the drawing. Also you drew this at 12am?!?! That's impressive in itself :') Good job!!
    Posted Mar 28, 2021
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  12. Hey Shadow,

    Every time I come across your artwork it's just so impressive, I don't know how you do it! The ripped jeans, the chain, and how the character and bow are arranged just look spectacular! Personally, the character sure portrays a handsome and stunning individual. Hope to see more, cheers!
    Posted Mar 28, 2021
  13. Arrow, your art is so amazing. As someone who likes to doodle here and there, I have my moments of drawing at 2am as well. Keep up the amazing work :)
    Posted Mar 28, 2021
  14. Awesome art!

    Your art is so detailed and well colored and it looks very nice, I'm personally not very good at art but I can definitely see that a good amount of work and time has went into this, keep up the art-work, I can't wait to see more!
    Posted Mar 28, 2021,
    Last edited Mar 28, 2021
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  15. 12-3 am = best inspiration/motivation hours :D

    Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

    2am is the bestttt :D

    Thank you! There will definitely be more haha
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 29, 2021
  16. Daaang, Go off arrow!

    Every time I look at your character, I get modified Green Arrow vibes and I love it! Looking good man! Keep up the fantastic work as always! <3-<3
    Posted Mar 29, 2021
  17. Honestly might be one of my favorite works of yours by far. You did such an amazing job with the anatomy, pose, coloring, etc; it's extremely pleasing to look at! And also the fact that you made this look so good at 12 am is beyond me, usually I'd be too tired to even pick up a pencil. Just shows how talented you are and how far you've come, keep the artwork coming!
    Posted Mar 29, 2021
  18. Drawing art at 3 am hopefully no demons (gone wrong)
    Posted Mar 29, 2021
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  19. I love this! I really like how you did the subtle details in the arms, it really brought it all together. I like how simple it it but it also has so much depth.
    Posted Mar 30, 2021
  20. Thank you haha <3

    Thanks! I'm actually surprised it turned out so well because legs are hard to draw ;-;
    I'm also the worst insomniac ever, so night time stuffs happen quite often haha

    *is a demon*

    Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :D
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 31, 2021
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