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I need new headphones uhhh

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Orangey, Nov 16, 2020.

  1. So I basically broke my headphones (f) a while ago, I still have no idea how.

    (Ok let's be honest I probably sat on it or something)

    Aight so does anyone know any decent headphones? I don't want to pay like over $100 or anything, and I'm probably going to get them during Black Friday or something.

    Am I looking for something certain?
    Well uh not really, Ill I really need is the "flip mute" thingy were when you flip the mic up it mutes.

    Uh yeah does anyone know any???
    Posted Nov 16, 2020
  2. Most I could find were around the 100 USD range, or higher. As always, the price you pay is the quality you get. The more expensive, the better they're more than likely going to operate. With that being said, I asked one of my friends who has the headphones you're inquiry about and he suggested you might want to look into the "Logitech G332 Gaming" headset. It's about $60-$70 depending on if you get it in a physical location like BestBuy, or order it online via the official Logitech website.

    Best of luck, hope this helps some way.
    Posted Nov 16, 2020
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  3. Looking into this right now lol thx
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 17, 2020
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  4. If you're talking via Discord, you can just make a key bind to mute. I use the HyperX Cloud 2 headset, and it has extremely good sound, packaging, and options inside of the box! However, I mention the Discord key bind mute because it does not have a flip up mute option. It is a little over you $100 budget, but with Black Friday sales nearing I am certain you can get it for less than that.
    Posted Nov 17, 2020
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  5. Hello!

    I've answered this dilemma more than once so I'll just use some of my previous words since they still apply. For the longest time, I used Turtle Beach Force Recon 50x headset. It was my first "real" headset that I ever got, and it lasted me about 3 years. The issue was, it was slightly uncomfortable and the mic stopped working after a few years. Aside from the durability, the headset worked like a charm for the first few years. I can't say I'd recommend it though because, for the price, it wasn't all that great. Currently, I use the Logitech G533 gaming headset. It's only $70, and it has been outstanding! Logitech is one of the most reliable brands you could choose, whether it be mice, headsets, or anything else. Both have the flip mute options.

    The best part about this headset is the mappable button, which helps you trigger certain functions while playing games. The excellent sound quality delivered by Logitech G533 makes it stand out of the crowd of opposing headsets/headphones with an affordable price tag. It's impressive, at least in my opinion, audio reproduction, allows you to enjoy your favorite tracks and gaming, as well. The imaging is ideal enough that you can exactly locate the direct sound coming from, which is an excellent advantage while playing multiplayer games, such as Minecraft! Now, if that price tag sounds a bit too expensive for you, I'd also recommend the Logitech G332, which you can purchase for around $30-40 at Best Buy or similar locations. I'd definitely have to recommend it if it meets your criteria. Hopefully this helped!
    Posted Nov 22, 2020
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  6. Hey,

    If you're looking for a headset within your budget range, I would go with Astro's A10 series or any of the HyperX headsets in that range. Quality wise Astro would be more lifeful for you but comfort wise HyperX will do the trick. Both brands and headsets are extremely good though and fit in your budget.
    Posted Nov 23, 2020
  7. I use a MPOW Bluetooth headset. It does technically have a microphone built in, but it's not physical and it is not amazing quality. However, this headset is $30s, and I normally just use a cheap microphone to the side ($15), which does fine. Also, the headphones do have buttons on the Right side, which as @BPCookies said, you can set up keybinds on discord for muting.
    Posted Nov 26, 2020
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  8. Bruh why do I not get notifications anymore smh
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 26, 2020
  9. Yes, Astros's A10 series works well. Currently, I use sull candy headsets which were abt 20 dollars.
    Posted Nov 27, 2020
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