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I replied to QOTD 24, but thought my ideas needed a separate thread

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by TheDiamondKittyGaming, Feb 25, 2019.


Which ideas do you like (multiple choice)

  1. Idea 1 (TP to Faction space)

  2. Idea 2 (Special Treasure Boxes)

  3. Idea 3 (Furniture packs)

  4. Idea 4 (Ability to place signs)

  5. Idea 5 (Comment on Comments)

  6. Idea 6 (2 free housing slots without having a rank)

  7. Idea 7 (Being able to delete houses)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. My reply to QOTD 24:
    TP to available Faction Space on factions, special treasure boxes on Survival (that give enchanted stuff and diamond things), more furniture packs (for lower prices) and the ability to place signs on CH
    (This is for bedrock and java BTW)
    Oh also what do you guys think about being able to comment on comments on threads (Like on yt)? It would have a "View Replies" like YT too, so there wasn't too much to read.
    Also!!! Do you like the idea of having two free house slots (without a rank) and the ability to delete houses on CH
    Also, what does it take to do qotws like @GuardianInASuit and @FabianTuck ?
    Posted Feb 25, 2019

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